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  • Anil Menon, CEO

    Anil Menon, CEO

  • Recent dramatic advances in technology have moulded our expectations as citizens and clients. To compete in this environment, CIO’s, IT managers and Government look out for an innovative partner who foresees technology changes and can integrate generations of technology with flexibility and quality. This calls for a fundamentally unique method of delivering services, application software and systems integration. With a talented workforce leveraging Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, Security, IoT and Bots, CMS Computers has been living up to these expectations, geared to help clients and the Government transform to a Digital business. Headquartered in Mumbai, CMS Computers Limited is a Systems Integrator with specialized practices in IT and iot. Innovation being the agenda, CMS Computers builds top notch products and services and integrates the same with heterogenous technologies helping CIO’s, cxo’s and City administrators to connect technology with their flexible organization, seamlessly helping clients across complexities of traditional infrastructure, digital business Infrastructure and generations of software and hardware.

  • CMS Computers: Towards A Smart Nation

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  • 20 Most Recommended Smart City Solution Providers - 2018

    Since the conceptualization of ‘smart city’ in India, the need of definitional boundaries to guide cities for the mission is being largely felt. Mostly people recognize and associate smart city with the connectivity between modern solutions with the potential to change the way the cities function involving huge amount of data from various sources. These data when involved smartly, brings in the strategic components of area-based development namely, retrofitting, redevelopment, Greenfield development along with pan-city development. The pan city development encompasses vital city infrastructure effecting productivity and quality of life of citizens. Application of smart solutions involves technology, information and data to make infrastructure and services better through innovative waste, water, and electric management along with other amenities. Catalyzing this initiative will certainly require the collaboration of all city stakeholders.

    The smart city solution vendors and providers hold equal stakes of the smart-city layout along with Urban Local Bodies and citizens. The sub-domains of smart city mission need accurate experience and other data availability. The ICT interventions for e-governance, data exchange, and analysis of real-time data in transformative digital services support the outcome-oriented projects of tracking, maintenance, integrated sensors, automating basic amenities, identifying malfunctions and saving energy resources. The M2M solutions, technology and business domains all are aligned for smart city concept. Opting for an apt smart technology service provider allows the city stakeholders to manage resources, seamless connectivity and other factors in better way. The business circle, years of experience and expert’s views are some of the other pivotal aspects on which the decisions can be made. Considering these and observing the trends as well, CIO Insider has come up with a list of “20 Most Recommended Smart City Solution Providers 2018”. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and the CIO Insider editorial team has closely scrutinized these companies addressing the above features. We believe that the listing given by us will bring in a better clarity thereby enabling the smart city mission stakeholders to take decisions that will sustain the test of time.

20 Most Recommended Smart City Solution Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Accelerite: From Simply Acquiring Data to Creating Deep Operational and Business Insights accelerite Dean Hamilton,, SVP & GM Expertise revolves around cloud lifecycle management, unified endpoint management, IoT, Recovery as a Service (RaaS), Data Analytics, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), and business continuity.
Amnex Infotechnologies: Cross-Domain Visualization with Data Science, IoT and Communication amnex-infotechnologies Tapan Gosaliya, Co-founder & Director Designs solutions leveraging RFID, GPS, GSM, GIS technologies for solid waste management, automated parking management, BIM and smart streetlight.
Asti Infotech: Serving Diverse Customer Needs based on Machine-to-Machine Communication asti-infotech Sunity Choudhary, Co-founder & COO Enables customizable business solutions based on GPS, RFID, Bluetooth and NFC technologies.
CIMCON Lighting: Smart Lighting Controls for the Brighter Streets of India cimcon-lighting Anil Agrawal , CEO A provider of software powered lighting controllers and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Smart City lighting management solution.
CMS Computers: Towards A SmartNation cms-computers Anil Menon, CEO Avails solutions for e-governance, energy management, media & broadcasting, surveillance & workforce and transportation & traffic management.
Efftronics Systems: Tapping into the Potential of Futuristic Technology efftronics-systems Rama Krishna Dasari, CEO Designs smart city solutions that cater smart street lighting, energy & water conservation, command control center, smart environment and transportation.
Endless Robotics: Introducing the Intelligent Norm in Decorative Painting endless robotics Srikar Reddy, Co-founder & CEO Delivers Product as a Service (PaaS), based around painting & finishing works for builders, real estate developers and construction firms.
ESRI India: Making India's Smart City Vision Come Alive with GIS esri india Agendra Kumar, President A provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions & applications in land management, utilities, infrastructure, disaster management, telecommunications, transportation, defence and natural resources.
Greenifyi: Balancing Nature & Urban Life with Recyclable Buildings Super Fast Construction greenifyi Anish Chopra, Co-founder & CEO Provides fast & reduced cost construction of buildings, by replacing Concrete-Brick-Mortar with Prefabricated Recyclable Steel Technology, an ideal construction solution for Smart Cities
Inspira Enterprise: Quality Excellence Models to Put the 'Smartness' in Diverse Businesses inspira-enterprise Dhirendra Shrivastava, Vice President Provides comprehensive range of smart city solutions comprised of e-governance, building efficient systems and smart healthcare.
Inspur: Strategically Inducing the Evolution of Server Virtualization in India inspur-technologies M C Reddy , National Partner Manager The portfolio comprises security administration, urban management, traffic management, emergency responses, disaster warning and safety production monitoring solutions.
iRAM Technologies: Enabling IoT Architecture Based Smart Parking Solutions iram-technologies Vishal Mehra, Director Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Builds smart solutions for home automation, street lighting and parking.
Kaizen Infotech Solutions: Troubleshooting Organization' Collaboration Woes kaizen-infotech-solutions Narendra Rao, Director Offers mobile application for e-governance and citizen services focused on cashless, paperless, user friendly operations.
KS Infosystems: Leaving Digital Foot prints While Helping to Build a Smart Government ks-infosystems Rohit Khattar, CEO Expertise revolves around government solutions, residential solutions, waste management, revenue collection, telecom revenue assurance and agriculture modernization.
L&T: Helping Engineer a Smarter World larsen-and-toubro R. Srinivasan, EVP & Head-Smart World & Communication With in-house Research & Development, builds smart services enclosing environment, community engagement, employee engagement, green portfolio and sustaibility updates & reports.
MapmyIndia mapmyindia Vishal Pandey , Vice President Renders solutions for location-based visualization & analytics, vehicle tracking & fleet management, mapping and smart governance.
NEC India nec-india Ashutosh Zutshi, Head - Technology & Services Designs safety and security solutions, integrated retail solutions, data centre solutions, smart city solutions, and transportation solutions.
Plutek Technologies: Tailor Made Smart Offerings for a Truly Intelligent City plutek technologies Chandan Maitra, Executive Director Enables road asset management system, smart meter & smart grid, bridge management system, communications, smart city solutions, and smart street lighting solutions.
Power Electronics: Synoptic Intelligent Traffic Management Solutions power-electronics Vinay Jain, Managing Partner Offers intelligent transport solutions, traffic management solutions, parking management, and smart city solutions.
SenRa: The Flag Bearer for India's LoRaWAN Revolution senra Dhananjay Sharma, COO A provider of LowPower Wide Area Network (LPWAN) for IoT/M2M applications.

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