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Lakson Technology: Implementing Latest Digital Platform Applications Suite for Various Industries

Sundar Lakshmanan,   Director & CEO

Sundar Lakshmanan

Director & CEO

New trends in document management systems (DMS) are emerging, and they are going to completely change the way businesses handle documents and even more than that. Lakson Technologies, headquartered in Chennai, is one of the leading digital platform companies that offer solutions and services by implementing cutting-edge platform application suites such as IOT solutions, Industry 4.0, industrial automation, real-time analytics, asset, wealth, warehouse, and people management in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, education, banking, and many others. The company provides improved efficiency, greater productivity, reduced downtime, and superior quality control to its clients. Furthermore, an exclusive interview with Sundar Lakshmanan, Director & CEO of Lakson, explains how they assist businesses in better understanding their operations and making data-driven choices that result in cost savings and other benefits.

In conversation with Sundar Lakshmanan, Director & CEO, Lakson Technology.

Please provide a synopsis of Lakson Technologies. And how has it been in the field of IT generally so far?
Lacson Technologies is an IT services company that has been in the business for nearly 10 years. It initially started by providing digital scanning services to support companies in their digitalization efforts. Over time, the company expanded its services and started implementing solutions in response to customer demands for a more permanent and comprehensive solution. This DMS solution was well-received by customers, prompting Lakson Technologies to develop it into a

platform that could be implemented across an entire enterprise, serving various departments such as HR,finance, marketing, and engineering. As the company identified pain points and sought to provide more automation, it ventured into business process management (BPM) solutions by partnering with global technology vendors. The company's journey has been successful and exciting, with a focus on leveraging emerging technologies including AI-powered Intelligent document Processing, and RPA and integrating them with the DMS.

To meet the customer's needs, we worked with our technology vendors to customize the applications

What makes your flagship products special? What distinguishes them? What technology underpins your products?
Our flagship offerings are collaborative products developed in partnership with leading global technology vendors. We believe in leveraging the latest technology stack and have actively engaged these vendors to develop solutions that address the needs of different market segments, including midmarket and small to medium-sized companies. Our focus primarily lies in the midmarket segment, as we identified a significant demand and requirements in this area.

Additionally, what sets us apart from competitors is our commitment to collaboration and partnering with renowned technology vendors. This approach allows us to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions that cater to the specific needs of our customers. Some of our key partnerships include Newgen Content verse, BOTMINDS.AI, and rations with technology vendors in Europe and the US. By working closely with these partners, we ensure that our offerings are rooted in a robust and cutting-edge technology framework.

Can you tell us about one of your difficult projects, like a case study, and

how your offering improved the situation for your client?
One of our challenging projects involved implementing DMS for an industrial group located in Haryana. The project presented several challenges, particularly because it commenced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the remote working environment, we had to conduct the entire implementation remotely. This posed a significant challenge as we had to collaborate with the customerand address their requirements without physically visiting their location. To meet the customer's needs, we worked with our technology vendors to customize and automate the product. The customer had high expectations and wanted more features than the existing product, which complicated the project. Despite the initial difficulties posed by the remote implementation and customization requirements, the project yielded positive outcomes for the customer's document management needs.

What future have you conceived for Lakson Technologies?
In the next five years, our company will adapt to rapidly changing technologies and help clients integrate new technologies to improve process efficiency and customer service. Document management is still important, especially in pape rheavy countries like India. Thus, we need an AI driven DMS with analytics. Also, we plan to build a lab and invest in technology as our objective is to offer a SaaS-based DMS platform because customers are moving toward it.

Hence, we'll use AI, analytics, and IDP to create an integrated document management system that meets our clients' changing needs. We invest in our people and capabilities to provide a comprehensive and innovative solution, staying ahead of industry advances.

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