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Radpro Technologies: Decluttering The Realm Of Healthcare Documentation To Enable Quality Care

  Dr. Amol S Jagtap,      Director

Tell us about the journey of Radpro and EDOMASY as a DMS solution inmanaging documents and business information for the existing processes.
According to me, the most renowned software suites, currently available in the market are built to handle the strict workflows of industrial documentation, but not the clinical and non-medical documentation processes. The healthcare sector handles various audits in terms of licensing, and regulatory aspects, which are directly monitored and controlled by the regime of the state as well as the central government. Additionally, one has to constantly report to different teams, like quality, accounting, HR, and, most importantly, the directors. If employees are part of multiple committees, they are swamped with reminders, emails, and other documents, which further become in accessible for them to retrieve, if they are on leave.

Having worked in the healthcare sector, I realized the demand for proper document management software for the healthcare sector, be it government hospitals or prominent agencies. Many existing systems are restricted to executing simple documentation tasks. I also felt that the gap between hospitals and the organized healthcare realm could be effectively filled with cloud technology and the introduction of software as well as other products.

How does the EDOMASY meet with today’s industry standards, solving challenges and providing benefits?
Created as a part of Radpro Technologies, EDOMASY is a centralized documentation system, from which one can easily access, review, secure, share, and store their files. The efficacy of EDOMASY is not just limited to healthcare but benefits other industries as well. The product adheres to industry standards and strives to provide what the clients

actually want. Constantly innovated and improved based on the users’ feedback and suggestions, the software brings life to our objective of transforming healthcare into a paperless sector and enables hospital staff to concentrate on their actual clinical work. It has been created by analyzing every potential risk pertaining to cloud, security, access, and privacy. Each user can log in with separate credentials, and once users log in, they get their own personal desktops to create their folders and files. It also provides hassle-free access to documents for the staff, including those working remotely. More than the documentation, the platform assists in time reduction and interdepartmental collaboration. As a result, it has gained recognition as a user-friendly solution among our clients and users.

Radpro Technologies is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in order to achieve the high precision, accuracy, and consistency requirements in the healthcare industry without compromising the standard of care

How is the team built, and what are the methods they follow to draw valuable insights from the market to help the company stay a float among its peers?
I worked for a number of companies, but I stepped down from them so that I could devote all of my time and energy to the EDOMASY software and other innovative products. At first, it was quite challenging to provide a highquality operational workflow solution and to support product sustainability versus the already-existing well-liked innovations. In order to improve our performance, we first hired an experienced software engineer and then steadily expanded our workforce. At present, the company has obtained adequate software engineers working exclusively on this product. Our productivity increased as a result of implementing solid SOPs and methodologies, which also forced us to address frequent issues that crop up when using the software.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Radpro Technologies? Where is it

headed for the next five years?
Although our present focal point is on continuously improving non-medical documentation, like administrative processes, we are also planning to include clinical documentation in the near future. Radpro Technologies seeks to provide innovative solutions to our customers ceaselessly, and fueling this process, not only by providing software solutions but also by designing innovative products to improve better clinical outcomes. The company also has received a patent for its product and seeking many more products. We are in the process of interfacing the software with the machinery to deliver more benefits.

We hope to make Radpro Technologies, our software, and our products a one-stop shop in the next five years, especially in the field of cancer therapy.

Dr.Amol S Jagtap, Director, Radpro Technologies
Although the healthcare industry is witnessing a steady technological transition, the digitalization of its document management system is still in a nascent stage. The dated systems, including electronic devices, often tend to consume more time in managing the deluge of data of the hospitals, especially the radiation related departments. Additionally, the wireless LAN-based software used in most hospitals or radiology units can be confined to one department and restricts round the clock access to the documents to the hospital staff. Sensing the need, Dr. Amol Jagtap – a healthcare industry veteran set off on a quest for an efficient document management solution, which further led to the development of EDOMASY, a cloud-based innovation. Born with the objective of alleviating the major challenges of maintaining and accessing documents easily, EDOMASY is a proprietary software of Radpro Technologies, a trusted company distinguished by its array of innovative breakthroughs that endeavor to leverage precise, accurate, and consistent quality assurance in radiation therapy, without disrupting the quality of care.

The following are some excerpts from CIO Insider’s exclusive interview with Dr. Amol, the Director of Radpro Technologies, in which he talked in detail about EDOMASY, his company, his team, and the roadmap for their future.

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Radpro Technologies: Decluttering The Realm Of Healthcare Documentation To Enable Quality Care