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LeadGlint: Optimizing Your Customer Acquisition Strategy by Simplifying Complexities

Nitin A.Mahajan,Founder & Director

Nitin A.Mahajan

Founder & Director

The B2B markets the world over have long moved on from the conviction of opting for just services or products. They entail greatest of experiences to aesthetically wrap up the services and products they opt for, starting right from the first sales-pitch by the vendor. Powered by cutting-edge technologies, LeadGlint – an integrated platform for Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Conversion, Acquisition and Retention – equips organizations to offer this experience, and in turn amplify the conversion from leads to prospects, prospects to customers and customers to Brand Ambassadors. Developed by Impeccable Softwares Private Limited, the platform provides businesses with a comprehensive solution to optimize their customer acquisition strategy. The intelligent design of the platform offers flexibility to implement standalone solutions from the portfolio, and integrate each one of them to the overall marketing plan. In other words, LeadGlint simplifies the complexities of Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Retention. Besides its CRM Platform, the company offers 360 degree lead / demand generation and customer engagement solutions, including everything from Website/Landing Page Builder to Lead Capture Forms, Marketing Automation, Survey & Feedback Software, Social Sharing Software, Notifications and much more. We recently engaged in an exclusive interaction with Nitin A.Mahajan, the founder & Director of LeadGlint, who took us through the current endeavors of the company.

In conversation with Nitin A.Mahajan, Founder & Director, LeadGlint

Though the CRM systems have withstood the test of time thus far, they are in dire need of a makeover. How is LeadGlint positioned in the market to make contributions towards this?
LeadGlint is a qualified lead generation platform that focuses on customer experience along with creating personal relationships which is a top priority for us. The customer engagement is a key to the success of any business and LeadGlint provides 360 degree view of customer journey and focuses on offering what customers really want.

LeadGlint is SoftCoded with love in India and going abroad; it is one of the local platforms creating voice abroad

With the new technologies driving the industry forward, what are the changes that you have observed in the market and how is LeadGlint responding to these changes?
During the new decade and especially in the smartphone era, we have seen most of the decisions starting to prefer the comfort of their smartphone, having quick access to the internet and socialmedia. LeadGlint’s modern pipeline CRM focuses on engaging wide range of audience across the internet and social media platform and helps sales teams to keep a meticulous record, including the contact information of their customers, along with a copy of their past correspondence. This allows businesses to develop insights into their clients’ behavior, offer highly personalized experiences and eventually develop better customer relationships. With targeted content delivery, inbuilt marketing automation capabilities, and mobile app, LeadGlint

makes operations easier and portable for both customer service and marketing departments. LeadGlint is the most competitive and cost-effective platform!!!

Brief us about your CRM offerings. How does it stand out in the swarming market of CRM solutions?
LeadGlint is miles ahead of the traditional CRMs across all parameters and focuses more on building the pipeline and qualified lead generation for our clients, so that the sales teams can do their job effectively. We help them track the customer journey and offer powerful analytics to our customers, making sure that they are well informed while taking important sales decisions.

Could you tell us about one of your challenging implementations that has provided the particular client with considerable benefits?
We are supporting multiple clients at the moment, but to highlight, some of our recent deployments were for the clients like IIT Kanpur & IIT Delhi Alumni Association, Pune Chapter, Startup Master Class 2019, Indian Prosthodontics Society, Pune, ISMR-IPS Global Conference, and Prismtech Packaging, where LeadGlint helped them to generate qualified leads, Registrations, do follow-ups and ensure seamless communication.

Tell us about the future roadmap of the company
Since LeadGlint is a Complete Marketing eco-system and integrated platform for Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Conversion, Acquisition, and Retention, the demand for LeadGlint is growing day by day. Apart from Indian geography, we are taking LeadGlint to global markets and have recently appointed sales partners in USA, Dubai, and Australia. We will continue to execute partnership agreements in other parts of globe.

LeadGlint is Soft-Coded with love in India and going abroad; it is one of the local platforms creating voice abroad!!!

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