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Lextro Bio Solutions & Procell Biologics: Leading Biotech Innovators Addressing Drug Discovery & Accessibility Challenges

Murali K Addepalli,  Chief Scientific Officer

Murali K Addepalli

Chief Scientific Officer

Biotechnology has emerged as a transformative force in the field of healthcare, offering novel solutions to some of the most pressing medical challenges. Amidst this progress, several concerns have surfaced, underscoring the need for biotech solution companies to innovate and drive change. Two such concerns include advancing drug discovery and making essential medicines more accessible. These challenges have spurred the emergence of pioneering companies like Procell Biologics and Lextro Bio Solutions that are making significant strides in resolving these pressing issues.

Procell Biologics, established in 2021, stands at the forefront of global biologic product development, specializing in metabolic disorders, inflammatory dis eases, and cancer. With advanced expertise in biosimilar and biotherapeutic research, they are set to expand services to include extensive CDMO activities by 2024. In parallel, Lextro Bio Solutions, founded in 2022, leads the way in advanced drug discovery and translational research. Their innovative solutions empower clients to proactively address global patient needs. Dr. Murali K Addepalli, Chief Scientific Officer at Lextro Bio Solutions and Srinivas Akkina, Managing Director at Procell Biologics tell us more.

Give a brief account on Lextro Bio Solutions’ journey in the biotechnology research domain so far?
Lextro Bio Solutions stand as a leading tech-driven contract research organization, specializing in patient-derived organoid studies and mechanism of action analyses. Our unique approach accelerates the drug discovery process, significantly reducing timelines. By streamlining processes, we empower our clients to advance swiftly to clinical trials, surpassing traditional timelines in the industry.

Lextro Bio Solutions began with a clear vision of providing cutting-edge technologies to both Indian and global drug discovery and development organizations. Our mission centers on offering integrated drug discovery solutions, encompassing every stage from initial drug development through clinical trials.

The primary focus of Lextro Bio Solutions lies in the realm of Biotherapeutics, with a specific

emphasis on immunotherapy. Starting from the crucial initial steps of disease area identification and therapeutic target identification, we proceed to support the drug discovery process through screening and lead identification.

Outline the specifications and key differentiating factors that distinguish Lextro’s solutions and offerings from those of other players in the same space?
We stand out from other contract research organizations through two primary differentiators. Firstly, we offer integrated drug discovery solutions. Secondly, we employ cutting-edge techniques involving patient-derived organoids, generation of fully human multi specific monoclonal antibodies. These organoids serve as translational models, enabling drug testing that better bridges the gap between preclinical animal studies and clinical outcomes. By working with patient-derived tumor samples, skin biopsies, we create miniature organ structures (organoids), for drug testing. This approach enhances our ability to assess drug potency, efficacy, and toxicity, contributing to more accurate predictions of clinical performance. Moreover, we provide in depth mechanism of action studies, investigating how a drug interacts with proteins and pathways, a crucial aspect of successful clinical development and treatment efficacy. Our multi specific monoclonal antibodies improvise treatment modalities such that durable responses can be attained.

Tell us about your organization's infra- structure, state-of-the-art facilities, and how your team's combined expertise has contributed to the company's progress?
Lextro Bio Solutions benefits from a combined team experience of 150 years, comprising experts from diverse therapeutic domains. Our team members, with over 10 years of experience on average, include Ph.D. holders and post-doctorates who are trained at prestigious organizations, mastering numerous cutting-edge technologies. We house advanced tools like automated cell culture systems, single cell isolaters, BSL-2 biosafety cabinets, and bioreactors of varying scales. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped for generation of novel biologics, cell-based assays, and pre-clinical experiments.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Lextro Bio Solutions? Where is it headed for the next five years?
Despite being just a year old, Lextro Bio Solutions has helped its clients in achieving generation of preclinical proof of concept, identifying lead molecules. Currently, we're aiding clients in conducting necessary regulatory and IND enabling studies. Our roadmap for the next five years entails initiating clinical trials such that needs of patients awaiting in all-weather can be met at the earliest with quality products. As we move forward, our team continues to expand with new expertise and skills added regularly to meet our evolving requirements.

What motivated the establishment of your company? Share the journey you've undertaken in the field of biotechnology so far?
Procell Biologics was founded in April 2021. Operations commenced in October 2021, leading to three molecules advancing to the preclinical stage. Our primary focus is on biosimilars, aiming to make medicines more accessible by reducing costs without compromising quality. We've achieved significant progress in just one and a half years, having developed multiple molecules for various segments such as diabetics, oncology, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases. Our goal is to launch these molecules in India initially, with plans to expand to Europe and the US through collaboration.

What differentiates your company from others in the industry?
Our differentiation is evident in our state-of-the-art facility, which involved an investment of around 40 crore. Virtually all aspects, except a few analytical tests, are conducted in-house. This includes the cloning process, where we've established our own in house cloning capabilities, setting us apart from many larger companies. Our team's efficiency ensures on time product deliveries. In the market, we outperform existing products by 20-30percent,show casing our technological advancements. Our ability to manage the entire development process, coupled with these achievements, truly sets us apart.

How does your company stay ahead in a changing market and tech landscape while fostering a culture of continuous learning?
Through meticulous documentation, adherence to stringent rules, and unwavering compliance with industry standards such as 21 CFR, our company ensures a strong position in a dynamic market and evolving tech landscape. From the outset of any biosimilar development, we capture every detail, be it successes or setbacks, fostering a culture of accountability. Our commitment extends to comprehensive training for employees, especially newcomers, to maintain equipment proficiency and uphold the importance of accurate documentation. These practices align with US FDA norms and European standards, reflecting our dedication to staying updated with the latest trends and practices.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Procell Biologics?
The future roadmap for Procell Biologics involves collaborating with interested European customers to introduce our molecule to the European market. These potential partners have the opportunity to audit our technology first hand, which could lead to meaningful discussions and the eventual introduction of our technology to their region. We are actively seeking CRO projects, leveraging our proficient team, well-equipped facilitiesand capabilities.

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