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Procell Biologics: Enabling Healthier Futures through Innovative Healthcare Solutions

  Satish Makkina,   Head - Biologics

Satish Makkina

Head - Biologics

The biotechnology solutions industry is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by a convergence of scientific breakthroughs, technological advancements, and an increasing demand for innovative healthcare solutions. With a focus on biotech and healthcare, the sector is poised for remarkable growth. Amidst the backdrop of tremendous potential, an array of challenges persists for consumers. Regulatory complexities often hinder the swift adoption of biotech innovations, particularly in healthcare. Ethical dilemmas surrounding genetic modifications and data privacy also raise concerns. Amidst these challenges, Procell Biologics emerges as a solution provider. Focused on biosimilars, the company strives to make advanced medicines affordable and accessible to all.

With a distinguished team of experts and a state-of-the-art facility, Procell is spearheading the development of biosimilars that meet stringent quality standards. Its commitment to rigorous documentation, adherence to global regulatory norms, and emphasis on continuous learning positions it as a reliable partner in the biotech solutions landscape. Procell Biologics embodies a transformational potential of biotechnology, addressing challenges and driving progress for a healthier and sustainable future.

Satish Makkina (Head - Biologics) engages in an exclusive interview with CIO Insider magazine, wherein he elucidates more about the company and its distinctive traits.

What was the motivation behind the inception of the company and its journey in the biotechnology field?
ell’s prime focus is to develop platform technologies through innovation and to reduce development and manufacturing time to reach the market within a unified regulatory framework. Procell Biologics, established in April 2021, embarked on its journey with a resolute objective to

create affordable biosimilars for a broader population. The company's visionary team recognized the need to make advanced medicines more accessible, acknowledging that pricing could be a barrier for many individuals. By focusing exclusively on biosimilars, the company aspired to replicate the success of generic pharmaceuticals in the biotechnology sector. The company's journey began with the construction of an R&D facility, taking around six months to complete with high end lab equipment. In October 2021, the laboratory operations commenced, marking the initiation of its mission to develop high-quality biosimilars.

We are empowering Communities Worldwide with Innovative Healthcare Solutions for a Healthier Future

Could you elaborate on the achievements and progress in the biotechnology field during this journey? What sets Procell Biologics apart from other players in the biotechnology space?
Since its inception, Procell Biologics has achieved remarkable progress within a short period. Within a year and a half, the company has successfully advanced three molecules to the preclinical stage, positioning itself on par with established industry standards. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the company's status as a startup. Procell's focus on biosimilars has allowed firms to accelerate the development process, and is now poised to enter the great phase of clinical trials.

Notably, this progress in molecule development has been accomplished by a team of experts, including experienced scientists and technical specialists with extensive industry backgrounds. Procell Biologics distinguishes itself through its comprehensive approach to biosimilar development. The company boasts a cutting-edge facility equipped with top-tier equipment, a testament to its commitment to quality. Notably, Procell's in house cloning capabilities and proprietary technology have allowed firms to achieve better expression rates compared to market standards. This focus on in house development and manufacturing, along with its ability to deliver products within specified time lines, sets Procell apart

from its competitors.

How does Procell Biologics stay current with evolving market dynamics and technological advancements?
Procell Biologics tightly control process requirements by combining our innovating cloning and process methodologies. As a result, we can produce proven products at an affordable cost, thus making the products viable in the market. Procell Biologics places a strong emphasis on maintaining rigorous documentation throughout its development processes. This commitment ensures transparency and traceability, crucial for collaborating with international partners or seeking regulatory approvals abroad. The company's adherence to 21 CFR-compliant software further demonstrates its dedication to quality and regulatory standards. Additionally, Procell fosters a culture of continuous learning, providing regular training to its workforce. Fresh recruits receive comprehensive training to ensure they are adept at operating equipment and understand the importance of accurate documentation.

What are Procell Biologics' expansion plans for the future? In conclusion, is there anything else you would like to share about Procell Biologics?
Procell Biologics is poised for expansion, both geo graphically and in terms of product offerings. While currently focusing on the Indian market, the company is engaged in discussions with European partners to collaborate on taking its biosimilars to Europe. This expansion aligns with Procell's mission of making affordable medicines accessible to a global audience. The company also envisions a broader presence in the industry by venturing into Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) projects. This strategic move will allow Procell to leverage its expertise and facilities for a wider range of projects and collaborations. The firm is planning to build both the drug substance and drug product facilities for both microbial and cell culture products. In conclusion, Procell Biologics is determined to transition from a development-focused entity to a recognized industry player. The company's remarkable achievements in molecule advancement highlight its readiness to enter the market. Procell aims to amplify its presence by embracing marketing efforts and engaging in CDMO projects. Through these initiatives, Pro cell endeavours to gain recognition as a reliable and innovative partner in the biotechnology field, offering solutions that bridge the gap between quality and affordability.

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