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Logo Infosoft: Aiding SMEs & MSMEs to Become a Digital First Company

Afzal Modak,Director

Afzal Modak


We're seeing major shifts in customer behaviours and expectations as the influence of digitalization grows in both B2B and B2C, especially owing to the way they study a product/service, consider and make a purchase, or display brand loyalty to how they communicate all of this to every stakeholder. Digital commerce is becoming much more than a sales medium. Being critical and highly sought after by customers, businesses, and consumers, Digital commerce is now more crucial than ever before, especially when it comes to creating a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints and to comprehend a customer's interactions across those touch points. However, for SMEs, distributors, and last-mile MSMEs, it is a complicated and time-consuming task. As a result, to aid potential enterprises in India's SME and MSME divisions, a competent technology partner is the need of the hour.

This is where Logo Infosoft India's decades of unparalleled knowledge comes to the picture. This experience has been perfectly put to use to enhance the fundamental operations of SMEs via the innovative use of technology. It is a one-of-a-kind alternative for businesses searching for technology to drive automation and GST preparedness. The company has provided a wide range of goal-driven solutions, such as best-in-class Distribution Network Management Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Goods and Services Tax (GST) Solutions, e-Invoice, and e-Reconciliation.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider Magazine, Afzal Modak (Director), Sumit Rajwade(CTO) and Mangesh Raut (Director - Enterprise Business) highlight the unique traits of the company.

How was the idea of LogoInfosoft conceived and brought to life? What is the vision that it stands for and what impact does it strive to create?

Since the GST was implemented in 2015, it has served as a stepping stone for SMEs and MSMEs. Also, rapid digitization, on the other hand has created a single market for every body. Companies, large and small, are all interacting more online, whether it's for purchases, orders or sales, among other things. Logo Infosoft was founded with the objective of becoming a technical enabler for small and medium enterprises and assisting them in digitizing business transactions such as sales and collections , purchase and payments, inventory and bank transactions.

Sumit Rajwade, CTO

In reality, our office is located in what was formerly a college known as ITM (Institute of Technology and Management). As a result, we are great believers in knowledge education and co-creation. We have strategically arranged our people processes, and technology to maximise efficiency and provide the best possible service to our clients.

We are already looking forward to the next version of VCC Edge, which will be a generational change and host a paradigm shift in the industry

Are there other latest technology trends the company is eyeing to adopt?
I think India is making rapid strides in the technological front, where in, the country is already being looked at as a trendsetter by many emerging markets such as Africa, Middle East, or developed economies. With India becoming one of the leading players in digital commerce, we are also stepping up to embrace the digital path with integration of numerous technologies and services such as GSP APIs Credibility check and Credit scoring.

In a technological sense, how is the company enhancing the core opera

tions of MSMEs? Give a gist about Captain Biz and J-Platform DMS.
The whole approach of making business transactions digital is our first priority. And the second priority is to connect all the stakeholders under a compatible framework; be it the business, suppliers, distributors, dealers among others. As big companies have well placed SAP or Oracle and other major ERP, we want to retain these statutory accounting systems and digitize business transactions for large, medium and small enterprises.

Mangesh Raut, Director

CaptainBiz is a sales purchase and inventory management system with mobile capabilities and built-in GST ready reports that is designed to the specific demands of India's small and micro companies. All business transactions, such as purchases, sales, collections, and payment transactions, are automatically recorded by the programme. It provides a comprehensive perspective of the firm and assists the owner in properly managing their time and focusing on development and profitability. CaptainBiz is one of seven government approved enterprises software to assist small and micro SMEs.

If we talk about J-Platform DMS, it is a robust solution which brings together a cluster of companies such as stockists, dealers and distributors allowing them to perform business transactions such as schemes, campaigns, settlements and return management. Mobile Application for Sales person(SFA), OEM Reporting Portal, Central MDM Portal, and Distribution Application are some of its notable features of J-Platform DMS.

What is the future roadmap planned for LogoInfosoft? Which are the areas it looks forward to innovating new solutions?
Logo Infosoft strives to organize the unorganized sectors when it comes to digitizing business transactions and we plan to stay focused on this mission. We believe in working closely with partners and emphasizing in knowledge sharing to enrich small and micro businesses’ digitization journey.

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