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Malusoft: Reshaping the Logistics Industry with Unprecedented Efficiency & Precision

 Pradeep Kumar,  Founder

Running a logistics and delivery servicing company is becoming increasingly challenging. The high cost of transportation, ware housing, and labor is putting a strain on logistics budgets. The increasing complexity of supply chains is making it difficult to track shipments and ensure on-time delivery. Additionally, the need to co ordinate the activities of multiple partners across dif ferent time zones and cultures has troubled most of the C-level executives.

Malusoft India, a reliable software development company in the Logistics and Delivery Services space has simplified the lives of logistics, courier, e-commerce, and door-to-door delivery service providers. The journey of Pradeep Kumar, founder of Malusoft began in 1988 when he completed his career as a software programmer in Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, he transitioned to Dubai, where he contributed to the various departments of prestigious banks and multi-national companies in their IT and Accounting departments. During this period, Pradeep initiated his own venture as a part-time endeavor. Let’s hear more from him.

Give us a brief overview about your career journey?
I began my career as a programmer in Saudi Arabia in 1988. Later, I worked for various companies in the middle-east, while running this company as part time. Eventually, I dedicated myself full-time to the business, and it has been growing steadily since then.

Please shed light on Malusoft and its services.
Established in 2003 under the brand of Truebook Business Solutions, Malusoft has developed a robust customizable shipping, land transport, courier and D2D delivery platform that can streamline various areas of logistics business including finance, operations, project management, and more. Many small and medium logistics businesses use Malusoft’s platform to optimize invoicing, cost tracking, fleet management, cargo movement, warehousing, and collection and delivery activities.

Many small & medium logistics businesses use Malusoft’s platform to optimize Job, Invoicing, Cost tracking, Fleet management, warehousing & Delivery activities

Malusoft’s adept team boasts an impressive track record of crafting and implementing solutions tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in the logistics industry. It includes everything from shipping and freight forwarding, courier management, door-to-door delivery systems, and comprehensive financial accounting systems, available both as desktop and web-based applications.

Can you explain about your products n services?
The company’s primary focus lies within the realm of logistics. For instance, we’ve developed our flagship web based courier system, a versatile solution applicable to a wide range of logistics scenarios, including e-commerce, standard door-to-door deliveries, and traditional courier services. Additionally, we also offer solutions tailored specifically for logistics companies engaged in forwarding, shipping, and land transport operations. The system is built in a way that fully encompasses

the operational activities of a Logistics company like managing Jobs, Revenue, Cost, Finance, and Payroll processes.

Malusoft also provides a comprehensive financial accounting system to automate various tasks such as distribution, sales, and service. This includes a web based financial accounting system and a mobile based counterpart, both of which offer integrated inventory management capabilities. The best part of the company’s solutions is that they are customizable and easy to install. Users can install the system within one day of registration and start using the system with live data at no charge for a month.

What does your ideal customer profile look like, and please talk about your client engagement approach.
We provide solutions for logistics companies, including freight forwarding, shipping, and land transport, courier and d2d services. The company’s client engagement approach revolves around serving a select clientele exceptionally well, backed by a lean team of about 10 individuals, including programmers and support staff. This strategy enables them to provide outstanding support, and it's the reason they have retained customers for over 18 years. This steadfast customer loyalty is a testament to its commitment to delivering top-notch support, as it firmly believes that without valuable support, retaining long-term clients would be challenging.

Do you have any expansion plans for the company in the near future?
Situated in Bangalore, India, Malusoft boasts a development and support center strategically positioned to offer clients in the Middle East and North Africa top-tier, budget-friendly solutions and services. Currently, the company is focusing in the middle-east due to favorable pricing conditions with minimal negotiations. However, we plan to market our web based accounting solution in India, where we can be more competitive. Additionally, we're considering converting our business structure to an LLP and seeking investors to propel the company to the next level.

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