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Mandelbulb Technologies: Helping Manufacturers Make Sense of their Data

  Anshul Bhatnagar,    Founder

It’s critical for a business to have access to data but even critical to have the ability to analyse it. Several businesses across industries have been storing data associated with different business functions, which often remains unprocessed and unutilized. Considering the present market dynamics and the competitive edge that data analysis offers to a business, every enterprise must adopt solutions that could help them process their data and derive useful insights to make business decisions. This prominent market need for out-of-the-box data analysis solutions especially in the manufacturing, fleet and logistics sectors led to the inception of Mandelbulb Technologies. Founded by Anshul Bhatnagar, Mandelbulb is an AI and bigdata expert that offers advanced solutions that use technologies such as AI to help manufacturers and fleet management businesses process their data in real time to obtain critical business insights.

Driven by his passion to offer the most distinguished solutions to businesses in the manufacturing, fleet and logistics sectors, Anshul has invested significant efforts in developing solutions that can change the dynamics of the way a business employs data. In an interview with CIO Insider, the founder talks in detail about his journey in this space and everything it took to establish Mandelbulb.

Walk us through the inception story of Mandelbulb Technologies?
I hold extensive experience as a data architect/scientist and have worked with leading businesses across industries, helping them analyse their data. During my professional journey, I realised I could make a major difference to the way manufacturing businesses were using their data.That’s when I decided to venture into this space to help these organisations understand the impact of making the right use of data

using AI and bigdata technologies.

Please talk about the different solutions offered by Mandelbulb Technologies and the benefits they ensure to your clientele.
Our solutions can be categorised in four segments: AI, big data, cloud platforms and data integration. We have helped a multitude of businesses reap significant business value out of these solutions. For instance, we are presently working with a cement manufacturing company that was looking for an automated solution to ensure the workers on their site wear safety gear at all times. We installed cameras at the site to identify the workers without the safety gears.

With our solutions, we offer businesses the capability to quickly build modern data platforms and gain insights that can help improve the overall business processes Helping

This solution proved critical for the client as they no longer had to witness any possibilities of being penalized in case of any mishappening on their sites. Apart from helping the client organization ensure the workers’ well-being, the solution helped the company gather the desired data that could be used to testify the fact that the company has all the measures in place to ensure that the workers wear all the safety gears at all times, protecting them against any possible penalization by authorities. So far, 100K+ issues have been detected, 53 percent safety enhancements, and has gained a benefit in an overall cost of 30 percent.

Fleet and Telematics analytics is another major aspect of the value we offer to our customers. Through these solutions we help our Fleet Management customers to understand the telematics data and perform selfserve analytics in order to cut fuel and maintenance cost, improved and realtime monitoring of the fleet, hence optimised fleet processes. Spot trends or anomalies on the fuel efficiency and take action to cut your consumption, which results in lower fuel usage and less carbon emissions.

Data governance and warehousing is another major aspect of the value we

offer to our customers. We understand both, the traditional enterprise softwares as well as the new age cloud technologies. However, extracting the data and driving the insights is not the only purpose of building data platforms and systems. It also needs a strategy around it’s governance. We help our customers to implement the data governance processes, the way data is accessed or shared across the organisation.

We also help our clients with data integration enabling them to integrate the SaaS-based or onpremise applications to the modern cloud and build data lakes and warehouses for analytical reporting and advance analytics.

Could you also help us understand Mandelbulb Technologies’ technological capabilities that allow it to fulfil the clients’ needs efficiently?
We consider ‘cloud’ as the future. Our preferred cloud platform is Microsoft Azure and we hold extensive experience in working with technologies such as Azure Databricks and Apache Spark. These two elements are found in almost every implementation and thus, we make sure we bring the desired expertise in working with them. I have even written a book on optimizing Databricks workloads to offer insightful details about the efficient way to implement.

Please talk about the impact that Mandelbulb Technologies has created in the industry so far?
We have brought along the ability to obtain quick insights to ensure faster decision making. For instance, all the manufacturers can access data through their ERP platforms. However, many of them cannot derive any useful insights as they don’t have analytics on top of it. Hence, with our solutions, we offer them the capability to analyse the data and obtain insights that can help improve the overall business processes. We help them bridge the gap between their business and technology.

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