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MannlOwe Information Services: Offering Cutting-edge SAP Services as a Partner to Clients

  Tushar Sakhalkar,      Founder & CEO

Tushar Sakhalkar

Founder & CEO

We are living in a digitally progressive era, where businesses seek to achieve maximum transparency and output by leveraging cutting edge technologies. In this space, SAP services have made their mark and are exceptionally positioned to cater to a multitude of business needs with high efficacy. However, as with most services, there are good and bad SAP service providers in the industry with many of them failing to truly grasp client needs and produce the outcomes that businesses are in need of. This is where Mannlowe Information Services comes into play, they do not just act as a vendor, but a partner which pays close attention to the varying needs of businesses in a very granular manner.

In conversation with Tushar Sakhalkar, Founder & CEO, where we learn more about Mannlowe Information Services, their offerings and their growth to success.

Could you define Mannlowe Information Services as an organization?
Mannlowe as a company is bolstered by experienced people who are very proficient in providing unmatched SAP services. At the core, we associate with our clients as a technology partner, and not as a vendor and to that end, we build long-standing committed relationships.

Our approach is to put our client’s vision first and their business objectives at the forefront. This has helped us gain our client’s thorough trust with our clients in India and across the globe.

What are the problems SAP products

solve for customers today?
We offer a wide range of products and services, along with SAP in our offerings. SAPs affordability enables us to help a lot of businesses and it is an exceptionally flexible and customizable platform. Working with the right partner can enable businesses to design and implement easy-to-use solutions to any business process, however unique it may be. SAP is scalable and can be rolled out across geographies seamlessly with a wide range of SAP solutions catering to all sections and departments, even highly specialized ones. SAP also helps adopt internationally accepted best practices with fluidity, especially with S/4HANA and Cloud based solutions, SAP ensures that clients stay up-to-date on technology. We help clients understand these use cases of SAP solutions and ensure that their investment in SAP is an insurance against technological obsolescence.

Mannlowe has extensive domain and SAP experience which has enabled us to provide quality consulting and technology services to our customers

Showcasing a glimpse of your offerings portfolio, what are the problems they solve for customers today?
Mannlowe has extensive domain experience which has enabled us to provide quality consulting and technology services to our customers. Our unparalleled SAP services portfolio includes implementation, migration and upgrades along with AMS covering basic SAP modules as well as advanced modules like ATTP, EHS, GTS and Fiori. In addition to SAP services, Mannlowe has developed a suite of products that we call Digital Readiness Suite (DRS) to accelerate digital transformation in organisations. Our offerings in DRS focus on paperless operations and auto-generated analytics reports for quick decision making for enhanced business outcomes.

Can you give us an example of a recent

challenging case where your company’s intervention using SAP solutions proved to be successful?
An online pharmacy in the US had projections for very large transaction volumes for their pharmacy in the next few years. Due to prevalent regulations, there was a need for a large number of technology platforms for various purposes. At the same time, being a startup, the budget was low. Added to this was an expectation of frequent 'forking' that often comes up as the organization evolves. As a solution to these challenges, we successfully deployed the S/4HANA solution integrating with more than eight external platforms. We also leveraged SAPs advanced FIORI UI so that the interface for the users remains user friendly with seamless adoption. What’s interesting is that today, the company is one of the fastest growing online pharmacies in the US.

Where is Mannlowe Information Services headed for in the next five years?
Companies are embracing digitization with a new vigour, especially in the post-COVID scenario. This has opened a plethora of doors not only for SAP products and service providers but for many other technologies and businesses around them. We are endeavouring to mitigate the challenges in supply chains across the globe and convert them into opportunities for technology adoption. Moreover, the advent of affordable technologies and solutions means even micro and small industries can embrace technologies that can eventually lead to full digitization. This presents a unique opportunity to Mannlowe where we can expand our services portfolio to more market segments and technology stacks.

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