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MatreComm: Establishing ROIs Out of Smart City Solutions

Srinivas Gudipudi ,  CEO & CTO

It’s a treat to see the widespread adoption of Smart City infrastructure, but at the same time, the smart city concepts need to adopt holistic approach on solving existing administrative challenges smartly. It is a sustainable measure to have a revenue model with the ability to generate monetization opportunities for the overall communication ecosystems and help CSPs drive better value for citizen & customers. Such objectives can only be achieved when smart cities public Wi-Fi ecosystems embrace next generation service management platform. MatreComm Technologies is a startup based out of Bangalore and being incubated by Tata Elxsi, which is focused on Wi-Fi & IoT products /solutions. The product helps manage Wi-Fi/IoT solutions across Smart Cities, Campuses, Transportation,and Events/Conferences. Particularly, MatreComm has built a multi-vendor Wi-Fi network management system. It’s a unique single platform interoperability solution for Wi-Fi, LTE and IoT management that helps organizations secure access points and monetize their Wi-Fi network.

In the initial years MatreComm focussed on a product to manage Wi-Fi network, wherein they worked with initial set of marquee customers, who had setup a lab for MatreComm. As the engagements progressed application verticals on top of WiFi-WiFi

Monetization, WiFi on Wheels, WiFi Digital Marketing, WiFi as a Managed Service, along-with IoT applications and LTE management got added, which are each drivingunique WiFi deployment requirements at a rapid pace. MatreComm’s Craft World platform offers the only service-centric, multi-vendor, integrated management system in the industry, and supports SmartCity, Wi-Fi-as-a-Service, and IoT through a single platform, which saves on the complexity and costs of integrating /piecing a solution together using the management software provided by a variety of equipment vendors.

"Craftworld simplifies Service Management across Wi-Fi, LTE and IoT Networks, deployed globally"

Craftworld simplifies Service Management across Wi-Fi, LTE and IoT Networks, deployed globally. It offers an integrated product stack comprising of Controller, NMS, OSS and Billing, with platform offerings like WiFi-as-a-Managed Service, WiFi Monetization, SmartCity In-a-Box, WiFi on Wheels and so forth. The platform provides Service Management to roll out services along with integrated FCAPS for the various as¬sets being managed.

Optimum Usage of Smart City’s Promises
In a very unique turn of events, Wi-Fi has become a part of ensuring a satisfactory customer experience with 60 percent of people saying they would be more likely to return to a restaurant if it gave free internet access. While customers might consider Wi-Fi as an added bonus to their dining or shopping experience, today’s savvy business owner must see it as a way of boosting customer relations and promoting the products or services it provides. MatreComm WiFi Monetization product comprises of components like - Advertisement Management, User Behavior Data Monetization, WiFi Aware Beacon based Applications, Media Deployment with built-in Advertisement. The MatreComm SmartCity Box

provides a Command and Control Center platform for SmartCity, and managing IoT applications like Solid Waste Management and so forth, bundled with mobile Data Offload capabilities, thereby providing a complete end-to-end platform for managing and monetization.

As the Smart City Solutions evolve today, the plethora of diverse requirements of applications and services necessitates deployment of Wi-Fi Hotspots, IoT Applications, Media management, and Subscriber Management so forth. Integrating multiple solutions from multiple vendors leads to a complex management framework, which is neither scalable nor has ability to add further new services. MatreComm SmartCity in a Box provides an integrated management platform, wherein the following are managed from a single console, customer on-boarding, deployment of Services - Wi-Fi, media, IoT, advertisement, deploy monetization policies, real-time alerts and analytics, flexibility to add new features in a modular fashion from north-bound and south-bound perspective. MatreComm’s SmartCity in-a-Box provides the above capabilities, helping an organization to manage and monetize SmartCity opportunities.

MatreComm is working with Trigyn Technologies for providing cutting edge solutions for Smart¬City projects across states. Making strong efforts to meet the requirements of the Indian market completely, MatreComm looks forward to replicate their accomplishment so far in India across the globe. “The problems are common all over the globe. I believe the world is not global but the world is glocal and this has to be adopted globally”, asserts Srinivas Gudipudi, CEO & CTO, MatreComm. In a couple of months MatreComm is set to serve the emerging market and matured vendors for their specified management requirements.

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