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NectarSpot: Helping Brands to Make Smarter Decision

Rakesh Kumar,Managing Director

Rakesh Kumar

Managing Director

NectarSpot is a top-rated marketing, automation, and development company. An award-winning integrated digital agency, NectarSpot is specialized in development, design, optimization, automation and analytics services & solutions. The firm was founded on belief that proper data collection, attribution & analysis is not only important, but also a necessity to identify complementary strategies for client’s accelerated growth. Leading a customer focused and data driven company, the managing director of NectarSpot explains how they fulfil customers’ expectations in every interaction.

In conversation with Rakesh Kumar, Managing Director, NectarSpot Inc, Chicago

In 2020, new technologies and tools will come to the fore, forcing marketers to adapt in order to keep their organizations at the top. How is NectarSpot positioned in the digital marketing space?
We at NectarSpot believe that progressive organizations, irrespective of COVID-19 pandemic, had been focusing on digital transformation since the last few years; but impetus to move at an accelerated pace has been definitely due to the pandemic at least in the mid-market segment.

We, as a digital transformation company, focus on creating building blocks that help organizations to perform tasks as scale and in a secure manner . For e.g. we work with organizations to implement G Suite helping them to build custom workflows to integrate, automate, and extend using app scripts.

We focus primarily on building performance driven web and mobile applications using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and PWA (Progressive Web Apps) frameworks and then automate various internal (employee

facing) and external (customer or vendors) functions including data collection, communication and analytics at a scale.

How are you leveraging Google Technologies in your offerings? How has it added value to your strategies? Brief us about your offerings and services.
We do leverage technologies like AMP (for faster speed) & PWA ( for lower cost of ownership), pioneered by Google, in almost all our client engagements. These technologies have been there for the last couple of years but the adoption is slow except in few industries, such as media and publishing. You might have seen most publishing houses such as WSJ or NYT having very fast and smooth web and mobile pages, this is because they utilize AMP frameworks.

Being Google Reseller Partner, we provide G Suite Business Solution which comes with a lot of productivity features like Gmail, Meet, Chat, Docs, Slides, Form, Slides, and much more

NectarSpot team has mastered these technologies and frameworks (AMP and PWA) helping our client’s web and mobile applications to load blazingly fast for better conversions and engagement. We have started utilizing AMP framework in e-commerce and as well as regulated industries such as pharma and healthcare (HIPAA compliance) by utilizing ‘Google Cloud Healthcare Data Protection Toolkit’, an automation framework for deploying Google Cloud resources to store and process healthcare data including PHI (Protected Health Information) as defined by HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

We are utilizing Google Cloud for some of our medical clinic clients and other professional service organizations to keep data secure and also to host various custom applications as these organizations scale up and grow in numbers. Our team of developers prefer building full stack serverless applications with Google Cloud’s storage, databases, machine learning (ML). This helps us to easily extend applications with event-driven

computing from Google (or third-party service integrations) helping to scale seamlessly and keep client’s total cost of ownership (TCO) low during the build and support phase.

We focus on enabling the customer applications with other Google’s tools such as ‘Google Tag Manager’ and ‘Google Voice Actions’ technology. As search itself is becoming voice-enabled, we are making sure that the brands utilize the full scope of voice capabilities and don’t miss an opportunity in a hyper competitive environment.

Kindly share a success story that has earned considerable reputation for the company.
We are currently supporting a leading Bio-Hazard and decontamination company in the USA who are performing great work in this current pandemic crisis. Earlier when the conversions and engagement were low, we suggested moving to the latest AMP and PWA framework utilizing Google Clould’s compute and storage capabilities.

After approximately four months of effort, both internal and external applications are on Google Cloud for a secure and scalable web and mobile architecture. We can now see that the web application’s speed index (desktop) is 0.8 s with overall PageSpeed Insights of 97 (out of 100) and total cost for compute and storage is lowest in the market compared to other leading cloud providers.

What is the future roadmap of the company in the years ahead?

We are focusing highly on Google’s cloud, machine learning and AI. Many industries like pharma, healthcare, and e-commerce have huge data, so by using Google’s Machine Learning and AI we are going to analyse data and will convert it into insights. Secondly, we focus strongly on Google Voice, not only on the search aspect but also on smart home capabilities. Additionally, using this voice technology, we are making all manual functions, like filling forms or maintaining data which takes a lot of time, hassle free. Another offering, which we already launched in the market, is Smart digital signage or talking TV.

Overall, we plan to utilize Google’s core strengths in cloud computing, search and voice to continually provide best services and solutions to our client partners across the globe and industries.

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