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NovelVox: Building Bespoke Agent Desktops & Contact Center Integrations for Nextgen Customer Experience

Amit Kumar Gandhi ,Co-Founder & CEO

Amit Kumar Gandhi

Co-Founder & CEO

Today’s generation X, Y and millennial consumers in India and across the Globe are demanding more and more from their chosen suppliers. Gone are the days of customer loyalty and sticking with the same brand year on year. Consumers choose brands that they relate to on an emotional level. What this means, consumers are not solely driven by price (if they are, Audi wouldn’t sell any cars), but on perception of value – and this is even more important post purchase, when the consumer needs to interact with the brand. It is this interaction between the brand and supplier that NovelVox are experts at.

All NovelVox solutions, products and services are designed to engage the consumer in a way that cements a customer’s brand promises. According to a recent study by Cisco, a leading contact center provider, 80 percent of consumers would prefer self-service, however, if self-service didn’t solve their problem, 95 percent said they would want to speak with an agent quickly in order to resolve their issue. Please bear in mind that at this point, the consumer has already exhausted Google search and suppliers web pages. The agent that takes the call better be ready and armed with all the relevant information – if not, you’ll have a dissatisfied customer who will start to look for alternatives.

Customization, customization and more customization
All NovelVox solutions are fully customizable and configurable to suit every business in every sector. NovelVox starts every project from an extremely stable contact center platform, used by thousands of agents worldwide. The company then builds on this platform to add custom features and integrations, until the customer has exactly what they require. This level of flexibility is unseen in the industry and NovelVox are pioneers at understanding the business process, and tailoring the contact center agent desktop to match. In short, all NovelVox solutions are unique for each of their customers.

The Agent Desktop, redefined
The command center is where a business’ customer first interacts with the business’ agent. First impressions count. And therefore, emotional value counts; a simple ‘Good afternoon Mr. Smith, are you calling about a recent purchase you made with us?’ greeting would send a strong message to the consumer that they care. With NovelVox

agent desktops, a business is promised to score high on their emotional value with their customers. NovelVox expertises in designing an agent desktop just like another software application an agent would use. This ability gives NovelVox the edge over similar vendors in the market. This simplistic exterior is built around the ethos of optimization and only accessing data relevant to the customer interaction. NovelVox also has multi language support, including both left-to-right and right-to-left languages.

" NovelVox Expertises In Designing An Agent Desktop Just Like Another Software Application An Agent Would Use "

Average Handling Time(AHT)and First Call Resolution(FCR)are both vital performance indicators to the contact centre industry. Here, NovelVox has proven time and time again that when the right data is presented to the right agent at the right time, the AHT and FCR automatically improves. Irrespective of the contact center vendor a business uses(Cisco, Genesys, Avaya etc.), NovelVox is equipped to build a powerful customized agent desktop around it.

Integrating your existing applications
Business processes and the software used are unique to a business. NovelVox’s Universal Connector can pull and write data from any home grown business application with an open channel. Furthermore, the Universal Connector now supports over 40 ready to go integrations, including: Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Sugar CRM, SIEBEL, Sage CRM, Service Now, Zendesk, FreshDesk, Oracle Apps, Hubspot, EPIC, Cerner, Aetna, BMC Remedy, SAP, TELMED IQ, Jack & Henry Associates, Symitar, FIS, Fiserv, Infosys Finacle, TIBCO, Uptivity, Calabrio, Nice, Upstream Works, Verint, and many more.

A typical medium sized organization can have anywhere between 4 and 8 business systems,these can include CRM, Accounting, Inventory and Delivery systems. Now imagine the agents switching between these applications for every call and cutting & pasting customer IDs and names into each system. On a second thought, one can imagine the amount of time and error reduction that can be achieved if all the systems were within one application. This Unified Agent Desktop or ‘Single pane of Glass view’ offers agents everything they need in a single Agent Desktop, vastly reducing call times whilst improving the customer interaction by having relevant data readily available.

Making changes in line with changing customer expectations
Market forces define changes in business operations. It is common for organisations to change products to match customer demands, but extremely rare for them to change their contact center to how they communicate with their customers. With Customer Experience, as one of the most vital competitive factors in the

market, this might be the right time for businesses to make changes and deliver a system that the customers come to expect.

NovelVox’s Universal Connector and their drag and drop agent desktop designer work together to create agent desktop harmony. If the organization decides to add or upgrade new software to improve their business process, NovelVox can integrate and build the agent desktop interface in a matter of weeks, ensuring the new software is fully utilized quickly.

Amit Kumar Gandhi, Co-founder & CEO at NovelVox, explains, “Every company goes with customized IVR but when it comes to agent desktops, they use out of the box desktops while customers with multiple departments use same agent desktops. It was not done before because small contact centers don’t possess the capacity to write 1000s of lines of code for desktops and getting it built from other companies was very expensive. We have eased the desktop’s customization process through our code free drag and drop studio environment.”

Wallboards that do so much more
Letting the agents know what’s going on will motivate and encourage a coherent working environment in an organization. NovelVox’s Gamification Wall boards introduces friendly rivalry that will engage employees to be more productive and innovative. Studies have shown that a fully engaged workforce can improve overall productivity by 20 percent. NovelVox Wall boards are not limited to just the wall, each agent can view their own performance in real-time and earn rewards when certain targets are met.

Proven Success
NovelVox has deployed solutions to many industries, including Banking & Finance, Insurance, Transport, Health, Government, Telecoms and Retail. With clients including Reliance Jio in India, Bank of Ireland in Ireland, University of Wisconsin and Best Buy in the USA, NovelVox has now earned the reputation for delivering worldclass innovative solutions across the globe.

The Future of NovelVox
The contact center industry has caught pace. Customers are interacting with companies differently, on their terms, on their devices, on their platforms. The Contact Center of today is vastly different to those 10 years ago, and in the next 10 years, we will see further changes, especially in the cloud domain.

NovelVox’s innovative approach and their constant attention to what the customers want, places them in an ideal position to continue to build forward thinking solutions that NovelVox is famed for. The company will continue to deliver innovative contact center solutions for customers of today and tomorrow, and cement NovelVox as the market leader for customizing Cisco Finesse, Genesys and Avaya contact centers.

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NovelVox: Building Bespoke Agent Desktops & Contact Center Integrations for Nextgen Customer Experience