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Karvy Digikonnect: An Epitome of Growth Amongst the Customer Experience Companies

Makesh Sankaran,CEO

In recent years the Customer Service function has witnessed a conscious shift; from focusing just on business excellence to now emphasizing on creating and delivering Customer Experience. A host of companies all over the world are striving to enhance this experience to build their market reputation, enhance customer loyalty and increase business profitability.

When it comes to products/services there is hardly anything to choose between features of a product or service. The only differentiating factor is Customer Experience, which is now playing a larger role in building brand image for companies. Today’s customer can buy a product/service, with just a press of a button on their mobile phone; the customer therefore expects a similar speed when he /she need support in terms of services or while cancelling a product etc. Today the industry is going through an interesting phase in customer service where first time resolution, accuracy, speed are all required at one go to give a delightful customer experience. This is possible only through effective combination of man and machine; hence organizations are investing in BOTs & RPA solutions, which are finding space in customer service function.

Today the market witnesses a horde of options to choose from, there is plenty of competition available. However customer support services are not as easy as it comes; as a result, businesses have to work even harder to retain customers and build their trust in the brand. It has to be designed ground-up and needs the right combination of expertise and resources; therefore, why not take it to - The experienced.

"Karvy DigiKonnect is playing an integral part to move the industry from Business Process Outsourcing to Customer Experience Outsourcing

Part of the Karvy Group, Karvy DigiKonnect is a Customer Experience Outsourcing Company with customized solutions for various industries across the board. Karvy has been a household name for over the past 4 decades in the financial industry. The Group is professionally managed and ranks among the best in technology, operations and research across the financial industry in India.

Karvy’s services bouquet includes, Customer Management Services and Industry Specific Solution for various Fortune 500 companies across industry verticals such as Banking & Financial Services, Retail & Ecommerce, Hospitality, Telecom, Emerging Markets
and Government.

From End-to-End
Karvy DigiKonnect is providing solutions which are unique in the customer experience space. The future of customer experience outsourcing will be bright for the organizations which have the ability to create customer service and end-to-end solutions; this could mean strategizing the customer service philosophy, budgeting and

executing thereby creating a complete end-to-end customer experience model. This in turn would give space to our clients, to focus on building their core product and services. Karvy DigiKonnect is playing an integral part to move the industry from Business Process Outsourcing to Customer Experience Outsourcing.

Present and Future
At Karvy, the coherent message is ‘Keep Growing’.
Following a modest start with 1000 employees, Karvy DigiKonnect is today the third largest domestic BPO in the country with a family of 17000 employees. Head quartered at Hyderabad, Karvy DigiKonnect operates out of 14 Indian cities, with 24 delivery centers catering to more than 14 regional language skills with English.

The Company invests heavily in Innovation-Technology, Upskilling-People and getting the best of Experience-Value Additions to our Clients. Karvy DigiKonnect is a Future-Ready and a Progressive group; we has already taken steps towards the modern technology tools such as ML, AI etc. The company has an in-house Innovation, Learning & Development team; through this Karvy DigiKonnect encourages their workforce to be bold-thinkers and to be creative problem solvers. Karvy's Technology and Innovation architecture is designed to deliver cost-efficient and adaptable solutions to bring agility into client businesses.
The fact that that we have become the 3rd largest domestic contact center in just 3 years, which otherwise took over a decade, to other organizations; establishes that Karvy DigiKonnect is clearly on the path to becoming the Biggest and the Best

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