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Number Theory: AI Companion to Drive Innovation and Grow Revenue

Tarun Gulyani & Rajan Nagina,Co-Founders

Over the last few years, the pace of innovation in AI technologies has been staggering and the effects of AI adoption will be magnified in the coming decade, as every industry transforms its core processes and business models to take advantage of
machine learning systems. While such events take place, through their Big Data Platform, Enterprise AI platform and Data science & Data Engineering
expertise, Gurgaon based Number Theory has been assisting organizations to set sail on their voyage to transform into a data driven enterprise.

Financial domain being a key focus area for Number Theory, the company is enabling Financial Institution to deeply understand and engage with their customer at N=1 level

“The real business value comes from how quickly an organization converts its data into meaningful insights and makes it as part of its decision-making ecosystem”, says the Co-founder of Number Theory, Rajan Nagina. To agree, pertaining to the present market conditions for every industry, data has become a critical competitive factor for the organizations operating respective industries. The situation is clear – their future depends on how quickly and efficiently the data can be turned into accurate insights. Number Theory Big data and Enterprise AI platform provides an end to end collaborative platform for data fusion, model development and seamless model deployment, resulting into faster data monetization cycle. “We are ready to roll from day 1”, adds Rajan.

Cross Industry AI Expertise
Given the changing customer expectations in banking sector, financial institutions too require to invest a fair majority of their focus into studying their customer data and deriving business profitability. Financial domain being a key focus area for Number Theory, the company is enabling Financial Institution to deeply understand and engage with their customer at N=1 level. Leveraging a strong knowhow of the domain, coupled with Pre built Machine Learning models
for various customer engagement and revenue use cases; Number theory enables the complete AI transformation journey through its Enterprise Data and
AI platform. The pre built ML models are ready to be deployed with very little customization enabling the platform to generate value quickly. Number Theory platform is built for Machine Learning model development and deployment for massive scale data. It also seamlessly integrates with all Industry leading Data Lake providers resulting into superior ROIs. The solutions are aimed for Marketing, product recommendation, Card spends and for Fraud and Risk using advance AI modeling. As we mention an industry of large, ecommerce, too is a form of major opportunity for Number Theory. Number Theory is deploying its solution on a massive scale data to drive real time insights and personalized experience. The company is working with E-Commerce and retail firms to increase user engagement and retention through their Enterprise AI platform and Data science expertise.

From foodies to entrepreneurs, fitness instructors to political figures, there’s droves of new content publishers across social media, video platforms, web hosted blogs, and email newsletters. Today, the potential of media and entertainment (M&E) companies to understand their customers is greater than ever before. Successfully capturing insights from an array of sources and translating them into viable products, services and business models will go a long way in defining the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

Number Theory is working with OTT leaders to drive their content monetization by providing their proprietary AI platform that is built for this kind of massive scale data. “We certainly see ourselves as one stop solution for AI platform as well as for business consulting, especially around building a comprehensive content monetization strategy using Big data and AI”, says Tarun Gulyani, Co-founder, Number Theory.

In a promising venture with one of India’s largest warehousing firm Number Theory testified its AI expertise. The firm sought a partner to set sail on their AI journey where the requirement was to achieve data driven decision making at every touch point. The firm partnered with Number Theory to drive
its AI vision. Number Theory brought in their Data Platform, Enterprise AI platform, Data Engineering and its Data Science expertise. The transformation
was completed in 8 months, with a fully functional data lake, a comprehensive reporting engine for real time reporting and various ML models deployed and integrated with different intelligent Apps to render insight at all touch points. This gave way to significant profitability improvement by increasing capacity utilization of its warehouse.

A Global Leader in Mobility Solutions has partnered with Number Theory for their foray into banking Customer Value Management powering their real-time Marketing solution with advance AI capabilities built on Number Theory platform. Together with Number Theory, the global mobility domain player is also building some of the most advanced ML Solutions for few of the largest telecom operators worldwide. This is a testimony of Number Theory’s Data Science capabilities and cutting-edge
technology on which Number Theory Platform is built upon.

The co-founders believe that using computing power to process all kinds of data to make better and sharper decisions at every touch point is the key to real value and innovation. With that in mind, the duo is driving Number Theory to a height where eventually, every enterprise irrespective of their size and their business domain, will find their AI companion Number Theory.

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