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SuperFan.Ai: From Followers to Customers Through Real-Time Automated Engagement

Snehaal Dhruv, CEO

With digital transformation at its peak in every industry whatsoever, businesses need to take creative risks when it comes to their engagement strategy. Opting for an ad campaign is no more enough to on board a consumer. Today, customers across every industry prefer to feel immersed in a brand experience. Artificial Intelligence has played a very important protagonist for businesses seeking to create their brand experience and adopt efficient customer engagement strategies. Mumbai based, SuperFan.Ai leverages the power of AI in assisting businesses to meet the above standards and stay ahead in the competition.

With their real-time automated customer engagement AI platform, SuperFan.Ai (SF.Ai) helps influencers & businesses identify user journey across social media channels, different assets & properties, and classify the users into at-risk, casual, and super-fans. Based on this classification, the platform targets market to different users based on their interactions with the customers through automated one-on-one messaging. Using their Natural Language Processing and computer vision models, this platform is able to understand the intent of questions & comments posted by users, and deliver different responses and rewards based on these answers. “Our technology can engage and automate conversations with end-users at scale, across platforms”, informs Snehaal Dhruv & Bineet Desai, Co founders at SuperFan.Ai.

Brands might pursue the low-effort game of tweeting, 'gramming, feeding

Facebook, and Linkedining updates about products, services, and educational content, but see little engagement. With 3.3 billion users active on social media, at any given point of time, it becomes absolutely necessary for businesses to suit up and start engaging the right customers in the right social network. Addressing this need of the hour, SuperFan.Ai enables real-time Automated Customer Engagement on various social & chat messaging platforms so that the client, as a business and as an influencer, can understand what the fans are talking about the client, reply to them accordingly and gratify for all the support the fans have shown, even something as small as a like, share or comment.

"SuperFan.Ai dashboard lets clients view charts and graphs on their follower demographics, locations, and engagement levels etc"

The Power of 1:1 Interaction
Just like life relationships or an Entertainer/ Artist for that matter, marketing too requires the personal touch. A brand is, sort of, obliged to come in personal connection with the people following the brand on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, FB or YouTube. By providing precision data of the followers on each of the brand’s social media handles, the platform brings the brand in close contact with its fans. The platform can reply differently based on user and campaign criteria, thereby facilitating a one-on-one interaction with audiences at scale. SuperFan.Ai's AI integrations allow influencers to connect with the audiences on a one on one basis. For Personal Influencers (e.g. celebrities, business leaders, bloggers etc.), this AI enabler’s bots help personal influencers connect with audiences on a 101 basis. By making the scenario look like a conversation between two friends, the platform gives a voice to the end audience thus creating a highly engaged audience. As for products, brands and companies, SuperFan.Ai's super bots build a voice for the brand by making 'Anything Talk'.

First Bot for Bollywood
SuperFan.Ai has a series of '1st' in the media and entertainment segment: for

eg., 1st bot of Bollywood, 1st Company in India to create an AR filter for Bollywood, 1st Company to create a Target AR filter for a Production House, 1st to have a travel bot on Line messaging platform for flight bookings.

Bineet Desai, COO

In a recent venture, with India's biggest motion picture production and Distribution Company, SuperFan.Ai did an in-depth research through user interactions on social media to narrow down on a recent movie's protagonist's look. This AR filter that the SuperFan.Ai team created, witnessed enormous user engagement with the fastest 500K impressions within a week and most visible Filter in the Indian Film Industry. It has achieved over 1.7 million impressions, making it a phenomenal user engagement story.

SuperFan.Ai presently has more than 60 B2B clients across USA, Singapore, Thailand and India using their technology to reach out and engage with customers. The company has taken the top-down approach, wherein new ideas and solutions are discussed and introduced with large players in the industry, which are then implemented by the same players. Having taken giant strides in high-end technology driven customer engagement, SuperFan.Ai plans to venture into deepening their technology knowhow and practices to further stir the customer engagement aspect of businesses.

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