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Om Sai Group: A One-Stop-Shop for Comprehensive IT Solutions

Swetanshu Shekhar,Group CEO

When the pandemic really hit the business landscape with mandatory social distancing and lockdowns, the organizations across the world and regardless of the industries had to handpick experienced and proven IT services partners to build their work-fromhome infrastructure. As organizations had no room for trial & error partnerships, it’s now wonder they, in huge numbers and with herculean tasks in hand, reached out to IT solutions providers like Om Sai Group (OSG), which manifests a proven portfolio of IT Solutions & Services. OSG brings to the table an experience of delivering IT Infrastructure Products, Services & Solutions and Business Software Solutions to a wide range of industry verticals including BFSI, Retail Distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Utilities and Real Estate over the past 17 years. An award-winning company, OSG continues to be at the forefront of the IT services industry with a bunch of envious deployment under its belt. CIO Insider interviews the Group CEO Swetanshu Shekhar to explore more about OSG’s anecdote.

In conversation with Swetanshu Shekhar, Group CEO, Om Sai Group

The IT infrastructure needs of organizations have undergone sea change rapidly in the last few months. What are the most predominant challenges facing your clients right now? How is Om Sai Group making a difference for them?
It’s time we accept the fact that the new normal is here to stay for a while. The major challenge facing organizations, especially in India, is that they were so accustomed to working from office that

they were not really prepared to migrate to an almost-completely work-from-home setup. Most of the employees were entailed to set up an office in their home overnight at a time when even their organization’s internal IT team was forced to work from home. We take pride in the fact that we have been able to solve this challenge for our clients in an exemplary manner. Within the last four to five months, we have launched our service centers in multiple cities in the country in addition to extending our presence within the cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai, and thus making sure that we reach out to their doorsteps to help them.

What makes your company unique, given the cut-throat competition in the segment? Also, tell us about your solutions.
Our biggest unique selling proposition is that we stand behind our customers when they need a ’solution’, which is proven by the tough times like this. We build relationships with our customers and our growth trajectory over the last few years is a strong testament to this.

We take pride in the fact that we have been able to solve this challenge for our clients in an exemplary manner

When it comes to our solutions, it encrusts a broad spectrum, starting right from the end-point devices (like Lap & Desktops), end-to-end infrastructure setup and management, Server, Storage, Facility Management Services, Rental & Leasing, Cloud Hosting Solutions, and Consultation & Project Management. We have the back-lift of a robust group of technology partners, including Lenovo (Platinum Partner) Oracle (Platinum Partner), Microsoft (Gold Partner), and Apple among other industry leaders.

Which are your major target segments? Could you also share with us a customer success story?
I would say it ranges from SMBs to large enterprises. We are one of the largest partners in the BFSI segment.

One of our largest clients is a giant in the IT industry, which still depends more on desktops rather than laptops and wherein the companies bet huge on their rotational office shifts and round the clock processes. The pandemic came in like a bolt from the blue and the entire industry came to a standstill. Despite their huge workforce comprising around 50000 people, our client entailed to provide the entire office setup to each and every employee who were spread across the length and breadth of the country. Thanks to my entire team, we finished the herculean project within 45 days, setting up mini offices at the residences of almost all 50000 employees across almost all districts in India. Of course, we couldn’t reach out to a few of the most remote areas due to the absence of basic public infrastructure.

That’s a great achievement. What is the kind of capability that goes into making such endeavors possible?
The pandemic and the lockdown that followed was happening pretty fast and real time, which added to the challenges. We augmented our workforce, activating the war mode, and additionally activated our own huge partner-networks by reaching out to local service providers. Wherever we couldn’t reach out by ourselves, we made sure our local partner delivers services with an intact quality.

Going forward, what is your future roadmap?
It’s no rocket science that during a global economic slowdown, the service industry will continue to make progress. The pandemic has propelled us to redraft our future plan on a much larger portrait. There is drastically growing demand in the market and we have to make sure that we match this demand. We are planning diversification as well as consolidation of our offerings in different segments.

After the initial phase of the pandemic wherein the companies just wanted to keep the ball rolling on a work-from-home setup, today, they need to optimize the outcome in all avenues possible. Thus, while hardware delivery will remain as our bread and butter, we will continue to invest in our solutions and services.

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