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Learnflix: A One-Stop-Shop for Comprehensive IT Solutions

Himanshu Gupta,Managing Director

Himanshu Gupta

Managing Director

Lend your ears to Yashita Mishra, a techie & parent from Haryana. “I have found the Learnflix app to be very useful for my child. The course content has been structured lucidly which makes it all the more interesting and engaging for kids. The animation is excellent and easy-to-grasp. The makers deserve a big appreciation.” Yashita aesthetically echoes the sentiments of not only hundreds of parents, but also a number of students and even teachers, who are a part of Learnflix's highly affordable, personalized online learning ecosystem.

Learnflix mobile app was originated from the house of S. Chand group, which is one of the pioneers of K-12 education solutions in India. The group’s latest digital learning platform, however, carries the legacy forward in an exemplary manner. By offering a highly affordable anytime anywhere learning solution anchored around the school curriculum for Grades 6th to 10th, Learnflix seems to be well on its way to democratizing personalized online education in the country. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive chat session with Himanshu Gupta, Managing Director, S. Chand Group.

In conversation with Himanshu Gupta, Managing Director, S. Chand Group

As an edtech company, how is Learnflix making quality digital education affordable? Where are you positioned in the industry?
Learnflix is an affordable personalized online learning solution launched by S.ChandGroup, a pioneer of education solutions, having a vision to provide quality educational products at an affordable price. We are positioned as a comprehensive learning app from the house of one of the most credible education content companies.

We have a strong vision that was envisaged during the conceptualization of Learnflix – to democratize

personalized learning. The Learnflix app offers top quality content and learning packages starting from a cost as low as Rs.2000, which is nearly one-tenth of the competition price. Learnflix offers relevant, age-appropriate, quality educational content to students particularly from Tier-2, 3, & 4 cities at a price range that doesn’t pinch parents’ pockets.

What is the challenge that Learnflix solves for its users? What has been the inspiration for S.Chand Group to launch Learnflix?
The core problems faced by the students revolve around understanding the concepts and receiving proper feedback towards their comprehensive development. Learnflix addresses this core problem by providing quality videos and graded tests with instant feedback on the concepts learned followed by a personalized remedial, which covers the entire learning cycle of a student.

Students have particularly appreciated the top quality of content, ease of use, analytics incorporated, and personalized remedial

With the exponential penetration of the internet and adoption of digital learning by students and school fraternity, another problem facing parents is the huge cost involved with personalized digital learning. Hence, S Chand Group decided to offer a mobile based solution for students, ensuring top quality content and learning packages at an extremely affordable price. The app also has unique features like eBooks from the top quality authors like Lakhmir Singh.

Furthermore, Learnflix is a personalized learning application that can be used by the students at their own pace and convenient place on any device, be it Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. This flexibility personalizes the learning experience for them and improves the learning outcome. Also, based on the performances in tests, it provides a personalized remedial for students to improve their performance.

Tell us about your Spiral Learning Pedagogy. Also, what is the kind personalized learning experience that Learnflix provides?

Learnflix is weaved around Spiral

Learning Pedagogy, which breaks down all learning elements into small chunks of information which can be assimilated by the students easily and is reinforced at every level. It encrusts a full learning cycle from Learn to Revise & Practice, Assess & Analytics, and Remedies supported by Videos, Tryouts, Practice Tests, Revise Concepts, Assessments and eBooks for Maths and Science students from Grade six to ten.

Could you tell us about one of your inspiring student stories?
It’s difficult to point out one, but there are many school leaders, teachers, parents and students who have appreciated the quality of our app and its content and given us their positive response. Students have particularly appreciated the top quality of content, ease of use, analytics incorporated and personalized remedial.

Moreover, Learnflix’s users not only spread across the country, but also are located in the Middle Eastern countries. Above all, the affordable prices have really helped users from all segments of the socio-economic stratum to take advantage of this learning solution.

What are the opportunities that you foresee in the post covid-19 era? What is the future roadmap set for Learnflix?
Covid-19, while causing catastrophic effects across the world, has certainly paved the way for digital education in a tremendous way. Almost all schools, teachers and students have been using digital platforms for education for the last six-to-eight months. They are now convinced that online learning is here to stay and contribute significantly towards a blended learning approach in the future. All the stakeholders in the educational ecosystem are now acquainted with the paramount importance of digital learning, and in turn opportunities across the verticals, B2B and B2C, are huge.

Learnflix has a continuously evolving agile approach with constant improvements through new features, technology upgrades and content enhancement. We constantly add more features and content based on the users’ feedback that will help them learn better. Going forward, Learnflix will be targeting students from Tier-2, 3, & 4 towns and cities through its vast school relationships, channel partner network and digital marketing campaigns across all social media platforms. Our vision is to make the maximum number of students benefit from this most affordable learning app developed by the best in the industry!

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