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Patvin Engineering: Developing Turnkey Systems for Various Automotive Components

 Mangesh Pawar ,  Vice President

Mangesh Pawar

Vice President

Patvin is a leading supplier of systems for Paint, Sealant, Gluing and other industrial applications. Located in Navi Mumbai, Patvin ensures highest level of efficiency and helps customers solve difficult manufacturing problems through smart automation and robotic solutions. While increasing productivity through automation, every solution developed at Patvin is designed to conserve energy, improve quality, control environmental emissions, and reduce labour costs. The company delivers turnkey systems for spray finishing, paint circulation, sealant, adhesives and lubricant dispensing to diverse markets including automotive components aerospace, industrial products and white goods. Mangesh Pawar, Vice President, Patvin Engineering describes the inspiring journey of this three decade old startup that forged into a leader of its industry.

In conversation withMangesh Pawar, Vice President, Patvin Engineering

For reliability and successful functioning of the organisation using quality products will increase the demand of the service provided by the organization. What moved Patvin to start its service in the robotics and engineering domain?
We started in the year 1987 as a supplier of standard products. With a vision of innovating design with frugal engineering and lean manufacturing solutions, we began revolutionising and integrating equipment, gradually progressing to developing Turnkey systems for our customers. We realized the need for advanced automation to suit our customers growing demands and have developed some brilliant solutions over the way. Our R&D infrastructure and manufacturing facility have allowed us to explore our potential to the full. We at Patvin have always been at par with the technological development in our industry and embraced the introduction of robotics
and Industry 4.0, also integrating the

same into conventional solutions. Today Patvin provides customized turnkey solutions including robotic solutions for automotive OEM’s and Tier one and two automotive part suppliers. Not limiting ourselves to the automotive industry, our robotic expertise takes us across other industries. We partner with Universal Robotsto supply Collaborative robot solutions for several of their applications.

We at Patvin have always been at par with the technological development in our industry and embraced the introduction of robotics and Industry 4.0

It is expected to have more number of competitors every year with improved innovations and technologies in the same field. Kindly elaborate on the services provided by Patvin Engineering in the field of robotics and engineering?
Patvin has always enjoyed a leading position in the industry with repeat business from our esteemed clients. In the early years of our journey we were one of the few companies offering the solutions of our kind. Though competition has grown extensively, what we are proud of is the fact that we still lead the pitch and our customers continue to trust us and benefit from our solutions. One of the key reasons is our ability to adapt to the technological developments and dynamic changes of the industry. We invest in researching solutions that enhance quality, optimize energy consumption, and reduce costs. We can supply tailor made solutions that precisely fulfil customer needs and demands. Designed for precision and consistency, our robotic systems enable our customers create a flawless final product. Patvin excels in Robotic solutions for Paint, Sealant and Gluing applications. Like mentioned earlier, collaborative robots is one of our fast developing capabilities.

Tell us about the engineering, robotic application and designing teams of Patvin Engineering who bring innovative ideas and techniques in the organisation?
We have a complete engineering team who works on different software system including robot simulation software. We have about twelve people in the robotic

division and all of them come from department like application robotics and factory automation products. Our expert technicians have successfully serviced hundreds of fluid handling systems over the years. They are trained by our principles to offer efficient service support and training to the client. Our team can enable smooth integration of our systems into the process by providing training and prompt onsite assistance during early stages.

Organisations related to technologies are likely to have a rapid change that encourages transformation. Having brought about that change for 3 decades kindly tell us about Collaborative Robot manufacture and Human Robot Collaboration?
Our collaborative robots allow humans and robots to share their tasks and skills. Combining the benefits of accuracy, speed and repeatability from a robot with the flexibility and cognitive skills of human, they achieve efficient and safe human robot collaboration. We collaborate with Universal Robots to provide collaborative robots for industrial applications like gluing dispensing & welding,packing and palletizing, machine tending and quality inspection. Over the years Patvin has experienced and proven itself in the field of Robotic integrated systems and can provide customized solutions for varied applications like Painting, Sealant dispensing and Glass gluing.

What future have you conceived for Patvin Engineering in the coming years?
Industry 5.0 and AI is the future. In the coming years, we will continue to focus on innovative development of existing solutions and technologies, facilitating productive changes in routine practices and process¬es using advanced robotics and artificial intelligence.

We will harness to the full, the power of real time data analysis to achieve superior quality, productivity by minimizing stoppages and down times preventive maintenance and higher efficiencies.

We integrate smart systems that control their own process individually. Building communication along the value chain of a product, we ensure that the product's life cycle is fully perceptible.

When every other company talks about maintenance, we talk about using artificial intelligence and augmented reality to predict output quality.

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