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Nex Robotics: Offering Online Store for Robotics and Embedded Systems

 Dr. Anant Malewar , Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Anant Malewar

Co-Founder & CEO

Based out of Mumbai, Nex Robotics is a robotics design firm that develops world-class robotic platforms. The company’s robot and UAV solutions are currently being used by ISRO, DRDO, BARC and IITs. Nex Robotics is one of the first adopters of the Robot Operating System(ROS) enabled commercial platforms in India. Led by Dr. Anant Malewar, an IIT Bombay alumnus, the company is expanding its already diverse product line in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, remotely piloted vehiclesand autonomous navigation. Further, the CEO, Dr. Anant Malewar gives a detailed account of the distinct product and services, Nex Robotics is providing in the field of robotics.

In conversation with Dr.Anant Malewar, Co-Founder & CEO, Nex Robotics

The field of Robotics has immensely contributed to some key innovations that increase efficiency and productivity in businesses and other fields. Being a company solely dedicated to robotics design practices what major pain points associated with robotics does Nex Robotics is trying to address?
Robotics is bringing about radical changes in the way things are done in almost every technology driven sector, from medicine to the automobile industry and farming. Being a technology driven company, we wanted to makea difference by pushing the boundaries further. There is a vast gap between international and indigenous solution providers in the robotics arena.

We have always looked for challenging issues that need to be resolved in order to provide reliable and sustainable solutions for our vast market.

Embracing innovation for automating monotonous tasks helps in strengthening a company’s business culture. In what ways does Nex Robotics serves the requirements and needs of different enterprises while staying abreast with the latest in technology?
Our robotics and drone solutions are targeted towards automating monotonous tasks and help in strengthening a company’s business culture by improving efficiency and utilizing resources more effectively. The company improves profitability by offloading tasks that require more effort but contribute less to key deliver ables. Not only this, Nex Robotics brings down the cost of adhering to health and safety regulations and also reduces the immense and unfathomable loss to human life.

Nex Robotics brings down the cost of adhering to health and safety regulations and also reduces the immense and unfathomable loss to human life

AI systems that power driver less cars would contribute to the realization of the dream project of autonomous vehicles. Tell us about your Intelligence Autonomous Transport Vehicle service, and how people or organizations can benefit from it?
AI-powered systems are radically changing the technology landscape. The ability of a machine learning based system to harness years of acquired knowledge and adapt to changing scenarios makes it a game changer. Our Intelligent Autonomous systems are being used in robots and drones that navigate intelligently and can achieve seemingly impossible tasks through swarming and collaborative learning. The AI-powered systems are designed to benefit the whole ecosystem of an organization from decision making authority to the on-field executive. Likewise, in a mining rescue scenario, the dynamic path planning and obstacle avoidance is automated so that the operator can focus more on the task of

looking for survivors. Similarly, the supervisor can take key decisions without being over whelmed with volumes of data being presented from multiple operators.

Kindly tell us about your past ventures that have helped Nex Robotics to achieve noteworthy recognition in the market.
We have helped huge no of clients to reach their targets by delivering state of the art products that surpass expectations. Firstly, as a testimony to our development capability, a recent article in Times of India described the efforts of the team of scientists from Bharat Electronics Limited(BEL) working on perimeter security. The robots being used by the team are manufactured by Nex Robotics. Secondly, the company manufactured and delivered a robot named ‘HimBot’ for DRDO. It is used by DRDO for developing solutions for search and rescue in challenging snowy terrain. Thirdly,CAIR in Bangalore is working on developing an AI-based collaborative solution for building exploration and clearance since 2016. The platforms used here are manufactured by Nex Robotics.

All the above mentioned platforms are manufactured inhouse right from scratch (including the motors, motor drivers, electronics, firmware, software, chassis and housing). The platforms were sold to respective agencies through a stringent global tendering process. This clearly demonstrates our capability to meet customer requirements and deliver world-class products in the shortest possible time.

As a robotics based company, what according to you is the need of the hour and how Nex Robotics is strategizing to meet those demands?
The market for Robots and drone solutions is rapidly evolving. The use of advanced navigation techniques better communication devices, rapid development in AI and machine learning is helping bring innovative solutions to market. Collaborative learning and swarming solutions are adding new dimensions to the possibilities that exist today. We are looking to provide drone and robot-based solutions for solving critical problems by leveraging these technologies.

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