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PharmaACE: Assuring Quality and Customer Satisfaction through Advanced ML and AI

Harjot Singh,President

Harjot Singh


Based out in the US with the Indian office in Pune, PharmaACE is a life science-focused company that provides analytic solutions for the efficient commercialization of pharmaceutical products. The company’s consultants provide clients with innovative solutions based on deep industry insights, analytical expertise and an unbiased perspective. Also, PharmaACE’s services are designed to provide clients with business-critical research and insights that enable them to make informed decisions related to their sales and marketing initiatives. Further, while having a conversation with the President of PharmaACE, we will get to understand more about the unmet need around tools and technologies.

In conversation with Harjot Singh, President, PharmaACE

Today, pharma and life sciences industry is among the fastest-growing IT markets. Give us a succinct idea of how PharmaACE is positioned in this domain and your expertise in IT.
PharmaACE’s value proposition has always been a juxtaposition of in-depth pharma business/ domain knowledge and technical proficiency. It thereby takes 1/3rd of the usual time to do requirement gathering while engaging a client. Further, our consulting offerings like forecasting, business intelligence and data analytics are enhanced with our business intelligence app, customized forecasting platforms and data analytic solutions. We use technology platforms ranging from SQL,DotNET, and AWS to Azure, ranging

from basic forecasting and trending to ad-vanceML, incorporating elements of AI. In addition to customizing tailored solutions for individual client needs, we offer flexibility to work with existing platforms and licenses that the client may have incorporated at their ends like Tableau, PowerBI and Qlik. Along with this, we also have the capability to work on new-gen technologies like AWS, Hadoop and more.

PharmaACE’s value proposition has always been a juxtaposition of in-depth pharma business/ domain knowledge and technical

The increasing adoption of IoT across different stages in the pharma and life sciences industry has introduced various smart devices and advanced machines in medical technology. Could you please elaborate on the various analytics and consulting services that PharmaACE offers?
As explained before, our offerings are a healthy mix of consultancy services and technology solutions. A major aspect of our technology solutions is focused on enhancing the services provided by our consultancy services. In this regard, we have developed applications that provide Business Intelligence outputs across various devices via mobile devices through an integrated app. The application functionality also provides specific details and datapoint to the end-user, via voice assistant.

We have smart device-independent apps with artificial intelligence built into them. Our apps also have the capability to build and design smart applications that build smart graphics intelligently out of voice assistance.

Advanced analytical models have awarded companies with an edge to collect greater amounts of data and gain much insight into patient behavior. What do you perceive as a lack in the

industry which PharmaACE could efficiently fill?
With the advent of advanced analytics and machine learning, large chunks of data are processed in a multitude of ways to generate and process multiple insights. At PharmaACE the intrinsic knowledge of various disease areas enables us to generate insights that go the extra mile in terms of answering critical business questions and impact.

We have been consolidating and integrating multiple data points to potentially predict patient prognosis. This enables the client to alert medical services in time, adjust dose and therapy at the level of each individual patient. This has the potential to revolutionize a treatment landscape that has thus far remained reactive.

Having served in this industry with such finnese, please narrate one significant success story.
One of our recent implementations involves the development of a predictive analytics framework leveraging machine learning and patient level data. The company wishes to predict patient progression based on patient longitudinal treatment history and then tie it back to physicians and their prescribing patterns. The predictive model worked as a powerful tool to design and customize physician-level promotion and make the entire business promotion cost-effective and targeted.

What is the future roadmap that you have a lookout for PharmaACE?
Our aim is to cater end to end solutions ranging from Business Development, M&A to operational and post-sales analytics in the healthcare sector, ranging from mid and large pharmaceutical companies to biotech and medical devices firms. This we can do by creating unique synergies between our consultancy services offerings and forecasting, analytics and data management solutions using elements of machine learning and advanced AI. Our vision is to offer services that cater to the needs of stakeholders across all verticals adding value to domains ranging from Clinical Services, Science & Technology to Strategy, Operations and Commercial groups.

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