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Vasudeo Mahajan,Founder Chairman & CEO

Vasudeo Mahajan

Founder Chairman & CEO

The Pharmaceutical industry is one of the high performing knowledge-based segments of the manufacturing sector.Having established in 1993 with the prime focus on emerging technologies for the advancement of humankind, Vaneera has been striving towards creating simple solutions in a safe, secure and transparent way. Vasudeo Mahajan who paved the foundation stone for the group of companies under Vaneera is also a scientist by profession. He details about the functions of the company in providing state-of-the-art technologies for the betterment of pharmaceutical and life sciences industry by and large.

In conversation with Mr. Vasudeo Mahajan, Founder Chairman, Vaneera Group

The pharmaceutical industry after facing dramatic changes over the past 10 years has more transformative changes ahead. How has Vaneera evolved in this domain and currently, how is it placed in the market?
As there is a growing need for increased production and faster deployment of medicines, it becomes difficult for companies to cope up with the situation and overcome this business hurdle. To mitigate these challenges requires utmost commitment and experience. The primary driver for IT solutions within the Pharmaceutical industry values must be through measurable business results. Vaneera has been consistently satisfying exceeding customer expectations by delivering on metrics parameters, lower costs, or greater productivity. Few of the main advantages of Vaneera’s ERP solution include the protection of records, faster communication, and electronic storage.

Our IT services are often employed by companies starting from small scale to large scale and help to beat the challenges of drug development.

What are the unique services provided by Vaneera in the field of pharma and life science and also tell us about the various products and management systems you offer to your clients?
With Vaneera's Pharmaceutical ERP Software, it has become easy for organizations to provide their services more efficiently. Pharmaceutical software solutions are often implemented quickly and also helps industries to fulfill requirements effectively. They need the facility to reinforce product quality, thereby enabling the people to have a visibility in real-time and accurate information. The products and services provided by us to the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry include Omnergizer ERP that helps in improving operational efficiency for mid to large scale batch manufacturing industries. We deliver Custom Software Service to a wide range of customers from mid-sized business to small business. Moreover, we offer consultancy services for Custom Software Development, Software Testing, Website Development, Information Security, Office 365 Deployment & Adoption, Business Intelligence & Analysis, Mobile Solutions & Services, VAPT, and G-Suite.

Vaneera will play a pivotal role in revolutionizing the ERP technology and its deployment across businesses

As the Life Sciences industry is subject to strict regulatory requirements, how doesVaneera and its entire team is helping to bring innovation in the business and stand ahead in the market?
Inactive manufacturers and users are monitoring the new compendial methods to suit the changes within US, European or Japanese Pharmacopeias. Vaneera's Regulatory Transformation services assist in managing the activities across the entire Regulatory In

formation Management (RIM) life cycle. Vaneera's Life Sciences Connected Platform integrates industry best practices to form a seamless, user-driven ecosystem. Our Cloud-based digital business architecture is an end-to-end solution for regulatory compliance that enables the capabilities to plan, track and manage regulatory information within one source of reality. Vaneera's program management services include the management, governance and project coordination to provide the specified stewardship of the regulatory process. Moreover, the regulatory governance services include strategy & architecture, system integration & deployment, and program & project management.

Explain about the Digi – Sec Lab & Services you provide?
Vaneera Digi-Sec Lab & Services is established with the intent to secure and manage the information assets of customers so that they are better equipped to handle the changing digital landscape and service needs that lead to growth. We deliver value through advisory and consulting services in the area of Information Security, Cyber Security, and forensics. Being focused on the Information and Cyber Security needs of the enterprises, we employ a special focus on research work for on-premises and Cloud deployments.

With the ever-growing Indian Pharmaceuticals market, the scope for innovation and expansion is increasing. What future have you conceived for Vaneera?
In the Indian pharmaceutical industry, which has exhibited considerable growth in the recent years, it is imperative for businesses to steer hand-in-hand with the change and embrace novel technologies to remain ahead in the game. Vaneera will play a pivotal role in revolutionizing the ERP technology and its deployment across businesses. We thought of it as a prompting factor to predict where the industry might take us in five years down the road, say by 2020. The emergence of moreuser-friendly and modular ERP systems, dominance of mobility and wearable technology, improved BI and reporting, and the upsurge in bespoke ERP solution is expected to shape the future of pharma and life sciences technology domain.

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