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Prismberry: Tailor-Making Cloud Solutions Using its Experience Backbone

Manoj Yadav,Co-Founder & CEO

Manoj Yadav

Co-Founder & CEO

Cloud technology has long become the norm of doing business, but the key to leveraging cloud towards business success remains tailor-making cloud solutions that can solve nuances of the challenges your business faces. In other words, the experience of your technology partner along with expertise in technology plays a vital role in harnessing the complete potential of cloud technology. This is exactly why organizations prefer safer partnership options like Prismberry Technologies — a team of over 25+ highly skilled professionals who bring diverse technology skill sets and work experience cut across different verticals like Platform migration, Application development, Cloud architecture design, and technology consulting. The company’s management team alone boasts of over 40+ years of combined experience in delivering niche technology solutions. Thanks to its excellent performance over the last three years, Prismberry has been on our radar and we recently got an opportunity to engage in an exclusive chat session with the company’s co-founder, Manoj Yadav.

In conversation with Manoj Yadav, Co-Founder & CEO, Prismberry Technologies

Digital transformation is the need of the hour for organizations regardless of the sector. What is the kind of role that Prismberry is playing in the exponentially growing cloud computing market?
We help companies in building high-performing, scalable, secure, and cost-optimized solutions while simplifying the process and making the data agile and insightful for them. We are working with multiple customers across the US and APAC markets both in their journey from on-premise to cloud-based solutions as well as in developing new and innovative cloud-based applications for them.

Prismberry is super passionate about technology, solving customer problems,

and building applications & solutions on top of the cloud. We tap into the hidden value of businesses by digitization and data analytics, generate deep insights, get maximum value from entire business operations and optimize operational costs. We position ourselves as technology partners who strive to resolve complex business problems of data mobility, legacy builds and infrastructure, SaaS innovations, microservices-based app architecture, and data-backed decision-making.

What’s the unique proposition that you offer? Do you have any SOP in place to understand clients’ pain points and work with them as a partner rather than a cloud vendor?
Prismberry’s unique proposition stems from having a highly skilled team that carries more than 50 years of combined experience in understanding customers’ requirements and translating these user stories into meaningful and impactful solutions for them.

Prismberry is super passionate about technology, solving customer problems, and building applications & solutions on top of the cloud

Our core competencies also include cloud application development, ETL, cloud migration, cloud monitoring & optimization, and Data Analytics.

We do not work with a standard template. Rather, we consider each customer as unique and design our project-specific processes tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Tell us about your ‘Solutioning’ and the technology capabilities. How would you describe your offerings about cloudbased digital solutions?
We have a team of experts and certified professionals having extensive experience in cloud technologies. Our team specializes in building secure, highly scalable, and resilient solutions on top of AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using FOSS as well as proprietary technologies. We also utilize our experience in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to derive meaningful insights into the customer data as well as their usage of the cloud to serve dual purposes – feed the insights into their business processes and optimize their cloud usage.

We also provide end-to-end migration and modernization services for applications, data, processes, and infrastructure.

Could you share with us a recent deployment story, involving one of your clients?
We are currently working with a US-based company that has customer data migration to the private cloud as one of the key components in their business. Before engaging with Prismberry, they were utilizing third-party solutions for this purpose which resulted in very high levels of cash burn and also inefficiencies in the process due to the high levels of data involved.

We worked with the client to develop a proprietary data migration solution using a hybrid approach. Our solution consists of on-premise as well as cloud components and is tailored for scale, speed, data security, minimal user intervention, and analytics while keeping the operational costs at a minimum. Using our solution, the customer was able to completely stop using the third-party tool, thus saving more than $20 million every year.

Another interesting use case is our work with a leading energy products manufacturing company, where we built a data analytics pipeline that provides deep insights into customer feedback, the efficiency of the manufacturing processes, and quality control. These insights helped them improve and work on the weaker facets of the products to optimize their manufacturing as well as operational procedures that resulted in high levels of cost savings as well as customer satisfaction improvements. We developed this data analytics pipeline using GCP offerings and integrated it with Tableau for visualization.

What’s Prismberry’s future roadmap?
Going forward, we envision carving a niche for ourselves by building highly scalable, secure, resilient, and distributed cloud-based solutions and applications. We also want to build proprietary solutions and applications based on the vast experience we have gained after working for various clients in diverse industries over the past several years. We are actively working on two different fronts - plug and play solutions to address generic pain points such as data cleaning, transformation, and analytics, multi-cloud deployments, and generic web-app/mobile frameworks and software-as-a-service offerings in Manufacturing and Finance domains.

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