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Techmologics: A Collaborative Platform that Transforms Entrepreneurial Ideas into Reality

Srinivasa Reddy,CEO & Founder

Srinivasa Reddy

CEO & Founder

Involved in the Digital Transformation industry for the last 20 years, Srinivasa Reddy has had an illustrious professional career working with the likes of HCL, among many other prominent MNCs. After accumulating a rich vein of expertise spanning across multiple domains such as Healthcare, Telecommunications, Cloud, Mobile and AI Technology – the Digital Transformation Specialist laid the foundation of Techmologics back in 2015 as a software services company.

Today, Techmologics serves as a leading platform for entrepreneurs to pitch in their ideas and transform it into successful product delivery. Through an exclusive interview with CIO Insider, the man at the helm of Techmologics walks us through the inner-workings of his company, and how the platform is helping nontechnical entrepreneurs realize their business ideas.

In conversation with Srinivas Reddy, CEO & Founder, Techmologics

The business environment is highly competitive like never before. The experience centric software solutions are need of the hour. What is the kind of role that Techmologics is playing in this exponentially growing IT solutions market?
The digital transformation industry is going through a lot of churn at the moment, therefore, in order to position ourselves in the appropriate way, we are acting as more than just a service provider. Being in the industry for many years, what I have realized is that the many startups are coming up with unique ideas, trying to solve different problems. How these innovative ideas can be further converted into a reality is a challenge that these creative entrepreneurs are facing.

That's where we at Techmologics try to patch in a collaborative model where we can help build a framework in a way that startups coming up with new ideas can realize their potential. That is where we are trying to place ourselves in the overall industry. More than offering our

products and services, we are trying to build in a collaborative model to solve problems. At present, we are working on products for Agriculture, and Electric Vehicle Charging domains.

Our emphasis is more on providing a model of cooperation to enable the startups, entrepreneurs, and non-technical entrepreneurs to build products that are solving a solution. We give an end-to-end collaborative platform for them. As product developers, we travel with the clients’ vision and customer experience throughout; the product life. We not only need to understand our clients but our client’s customer base also. There are a wide variety of skills required at the various stages of the product development cycle. Right from the product idea, transforming the business idea into a digital solution, and then doing the market research about the customers, and the competitors.

Our emphasis is more on providing a model of cooperation to enable the startups, entrepreneurs, and non-technical entrepreneurs to build products that are solving a solution

Tell us about your technology capabilities. How would you describe your offerings pertaining to cloud based digital transformation?
Technologies are tools to solve a particular business problem. The tools need to be continuously upgraded to make solutioning more and more efficient as the time passes and the trends change. During a journey, we feel that the clouds and the moon are also traveling along with us, and can see them from everywhere. Similarly, if you look at Cloud technology the same analogy can be applied.

The Cloudification or the concept of Cloud is helping in the mobility of technology. Similarly, once you put a solution in the Cloud, you can access it anytime, anywhere. Cloud is the core technology we are trying to implement in every solution and, adding to cloud technology, mobile solutions help customers to access from anywhere, and on top of that, AI and ML have taken the solutions to the next level of intelligence.

What are the kind of SOPs you have in place to understand the specific requirement of each and every customer?

The bottom-line is whether it's a startup or an SMB, what we are trying to do is solve problems pertaining to Digital transformation. Part of the problem is that startups have to solve a different set of problems as compared to SMBs. It’s easier to understand the existing processes of SMBs and give a solution for them. When it comes to startups it’s a different challenge altogether.

When it comes to startup, we have a proven model of collaboration in place. We travel along with our clients and see that the product is delivered to the customers with an expected customer experience and satisfaction level. That's the kind of journey we take at Techmologics.

Could you share with us an interesting & challenging case study of one of your recent projects?
As I said earlier, we have been heavily involved in the agricultural domain and designing Electric Vehicle Charging Station Management Systems. There is an interesting point that I would like to bring up from our Agri project for an Indian client. The key actor here is the farmer, who is neither tech savvy nor as much technically literate. The farmers for most part of their time are engaged in their fields which throws a challenge of connectivity for the apps. Another barrier for us was the language. The team had to be very innovative to build a solution that is easy to use, that helps them get the information when needed and also be able to present it in their local language.

The team at Techmologics came up with a UI which is more visual so that the farmers can easily interact with the application. Keeping the connectivity in mind, the app is designed in such a way that the amount of data exchanged between the device and server is minimal so as to effectively use the bandwidth. Application also supports localization which helps them select the language they are comfortable with. Additionally, we integrated IOT on the farming fields to capture vital information or track certain indicators such as the motors or the water levels in the fields.

These are some of the ground challenges that we at Techmologics had to overcome when we got into the agricultural domain. The response from the farmers have also been very positive. Not limiting ourselves to Ideation, Prototyping and Product development, we are also actively focused on training to effectively handle the solutions to farmers. This resulted in a great positive feedback from the farmer’s end as well.

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