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Proascend Consulting: Driving Business Success through Innovative ERP Implementation Strategies

 Mukesh Verma,   Founder & Solution Architect

Mukesh Verma

Founder & Solution Architect

In today's fast-paced business environment, organizations are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. The implementation of robust ERP solutions has become a key strategy for achieving these goals. As businesses strive to navigate the complexities of ERP implementation, they require the expertise and support of industry leaders.

Proascend Consulting is a renowned player in the ERP implementation service industry, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV, an advanced ERP solution from Microsoft. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of this ERP solution, Proascend excels in delivering highly efficient and customized solutions to its clients. In addition, Proascend extends its services to overseas clients through strategic collaborations with Microsoft Partners, offering offshore development services. From seamless implementation to post-implementation support and customization, Proascend offers a complete range of services to ensure a smooth and successful ERP implementation. Today, Proascend has successfully established itself as a provider of quality services to industry leaders in many sectors. Through their expertise and dedication, Proascend is contributing to the growth and success of businesses in the ERP implementation service industry. To gain further insights into Proascend Consulting's expertise and its impact on the ERP implementation service industry, read snippets from our interview with a spokes person from Proascend Consulting below.

Could you provide a brief summary of Proascend's journey in the ERP Implementation/Business Application field?
Founded in April 2018, Proascend Consulting was established with the aim of delivering high-quality services to Microsoft Dynamics customers, specifically focusing on Microsoft Dynamics Navision, now called Microsoft D365 Business Central. Over the past five years, the company has made significant strides, providing consultancy services on Microsoft D365 Business Central to well-known brands in India. Among our clients are Campus Active wear, JQR Sports, McDonald's, Ensemble, Tahiliani Designs, and A. S. Moloobhoys.

Furthermore, we have established collaborations with Microsoft Partners internationally, allowing us to extend our offshore development services to clients in the USA and Malaysia. Proascend has gained extensive expertise in diverse industries such as footwear manufacturing, fashion, candle production, marine, instrumentation technologies, and fast food. We take pride in being a trusted partner to industry leaders in these sectors.

Please share information about your primary services. What sets you apart as a preferred Microsoft partner for clients?
Proascend offers an extensive range of services centered on Microsoft D365 Business Central. Our offerings include implementation, ongoing support after implementation, customization and development, upgrading ERP versions, integrating applications, conducting ERP audits, and providing offshore development services.

Proascend Consulting prioritizes building a strong and skilled team to ensure success in the Microsoft Business Central ecosystem

At Proascend, we understand the importance of the partnership approach. We don't simply act as vendors; we strive to become a reliable partner for our customers. We prioritize delivering high-quality services and establishing trust with our clients. Quality is at the Core of everything that we do and we refuse to compromise on it. Proascend's remarkable growth since its inception is a testament to our dedication in delivering exceptional work and outstanding service to our valued clients.

Describe the customer's experience and provide a case study illustrating how your services improved the situation for a particular client.
All customers who have partnered with Proascend Consulting for Microsoft D365 Business Central have had exceptional experiences. They consider Proascend Consulting to be a trust worthy and dependable partner in supporting their growth journey. Customers consistently express their satisfaction with the team's deep knowledge and proactive approach to providing support. When faced with new requirements from government authorities, such as E-Way Bill and E-Invoice generation, GST implementation, and TCS on item purchases, our team consistently delivers timely solutions to address ERP challenges.

One notable case study involves a client in the footwear industry with over 60 users. Prior to engaging with Proascend, the client relied on a basic

inhouse application for MIS reporting and used Tally as their accounting package. However, they encountered difficulties in obtaining accurate visibility of inventory availability, planning, and sales order fulfillment. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive ERP solution, Proascend recommended and successfully implemented Microsoft D365 Business Central within the agreed timeframe. It has been nine months since the implementation, and the client expresses great satisfaction. They now benefit from a clear overview of all aspects of their business, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

At Proascend Consulting, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and outstanding results with Microsoft D365 Business Central. Our proven track record of successful implementations and satisfied clients demonstrates our dedication to excellence in helping businesses thrive.

How does Proascend Consulting build its team and utilize market insights to ensure its stability and competitiveness in the Microsoft Business Central industry?
Proascend Consulting places a strong emphasis on cultivating a robust team to ensure the enduring success and stability of its operations within the Microsoft Business Central ecosystem. We recognize that assembling a talented workforce with well-defined roles and responsibilities is crucial, and we prioritize equipping our team members with the necessary skills and expertise to excel in their positions.

To remain ahead of the competition and adapt to evolving trends, Proascend Consulting is committed to providing adequate training opportunities for our team members, enabling them to stay abreast of the latest advancements in Business Central. We understand that continuous learning is essential for delivering cutting edge solutions to our clients.

By combining the strengths of our exceptional team, extensive market research, active customer engagement, celebratory events, and strategic insights, Proascend Consulting maintains its leadership position in the industry.

What are Proascend Consulting's plans for the future? What direction will the company take in the next five years?
Proascend Consulting has set ambitious goals for the next five years, aiming for substantial growth, expanding into international markets, and establishing itself as a highly esteemed global brand, preferred by customers for Microsoft Business Central solutions. The company is dedicated to achieving these objectives through market expansion, strategic partnerships, continuous innovation, and nurturing talent. By pursuing these strategies, Proascend Consulting aims to solidify its leadership position in the industry.

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