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PY Technologies: With the Idea to 'Crack Retail'

Kirti Srivastava,CEO & Co-Founder

Kirti Srivastava

CEO & Co-Founder

From everything we hear and read today, it sounds like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are going to help us make data more insightful and actionable. The reality is that AI and machine learning are very complex and expensive technologies to leverage, if all the costs for the technology, processing power and labour are included. Hence, ML, AI and Advanced analytics have been out of reach for a common businessman due to its cost. Changing this perception and democratizing ML, AI and Advanced analytics to every retailer, Bangalore headquartered PY Technologies aims at providing solutions at a much affordable price.

With a strong founding team carrying the required skills and specializations for raising and growing a company, PY furnishes an exceptional execution strategy with a singular focus on growth while maintaining team motivation levels. Founders hail from Sales, Technology and Delivery background from renowned institutes.

Products by PY Technologies enhance traditional passive paper receipts with intelligent, interactive and enriched digital receipts which help retailers in customer retention, focused marketing, brand awareness and a lot more at low cost. Subsequently, PY Technologies provides simple analytics solutions to complex data problems across

domains, starting from automatic data collection to converting this data into actionable insights, and further providing meaningful reports and dashboards for each of those insights.

" PY Technologies provides simple analytics solutions to complex data problems across domains, starting from automatic data collection to converting this data into actionable insights "

PY Products
Identifying their potential or target customers and how they will respond to any marketing campaign has been a long standing challenge for any business. PY Core, a product by PY Technologies helps the businesses in optimizing their marketing efforts along with providing seamless, PoS independent and secure sales transaction Data Capture. Likewise, PY Prime is their front end application through which PY’s customers get access to the dashboard solution. The company’s reports are comprehensive and give complete view of sales, competitive analysis, meaningful transactions summary report, product and consumer trends, and Geo Analytics.

PY Technologies develops innovative software products and offers on premise or as cloud-hosted business platforms to help businesses develop deeper connections with customers and accelerate growth through digitization. PY powers their clients’ growth in dynamic areas like data driven decision making, strategic decision making based on predictive analytics, and taking needful actions based on social data. Moreover, the company’s simple, robust and scalable framework integrates with any data source and allows businesses to go-live with information packed dashboards in a matter of hours. PY Technologies’ advanced analytics and ML framework is extremely flexible and can be used like a plug-and-play model.

Two Fold Goals
The company was established last year by three industry veterans, Kirti Srivastava, Jitendra Alwani and Prabhu Srivastava. Kirti, the CEO & Co founder, is a Tech Entrepreneur with comprehensive experience of around 2 decades from software product conceptualization to delivery and maintenance. After spending approximately two decades in corporate job with organizations like Oracle, Wipro, Cognizant and Dell, she decided to pursue her passion and started her entrepreneurial journey by laying the foundations to PY Technologies and has since overseen strategy and product development. Being a year old in the business, PY Technologies has strategized its road to success in two fold goals. The startups’ short term goal is to revive offline retail and bring it at par with on line retail. As Kirti explains; today online retail is killing offline retail, brick and mortar stores are witnessing a huge customer churn and are closing down. As per their research, the core reason behind this scenario is that online retail tracks, follows up and stays connected with their customers. However, offline retail stores, on the contrary, often don’t even know their customers. This is a huge gap that requires to be bridged in order to reflourish offline retail business and PY Technologies is steering its way to get positioned to fill this void. PY’s long term goals are to build strong growth focus for every element of their ecosystem environment, merchants, end consumers, and large brands.

With such product line up and zeal to serve for customer satisfaction, the goals are likely to be met in the very near future. As PY Technologies’ products extend to all domains and industries due to their simplicity of design, businesses can be rest assured to witness few ground breaking innovative products in the years to come.

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PY Technologies: With the Idea to 'Crack  Retail'