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Qaptive Technologies: Offering Best-in-Class Experience in School Bus Fleet Management Solutions

Manu Puthoor,Operations Manager

Manu Puthoor

Operations Manager

Qaptive Technologies, headquartered in Kerala, offers highly advanced school fleet management software that helps parents and school authorities in tracking a child’s real-time location, while in transit via the school bus. Qaptive provides data regarding the whereabouts of children, and also help school management and its transport team to maintain effortless route planning. Manu Puthoor, Operation manager at Qaptive explains about their products & services and also how they help parents and school management to provide security and safety to their children.

In conversation with Manu Puthoor, Operations Manager, Qaptive Technologies

The automotive industry will witness profound changes for fleet managers to detect the seismic shift in trends that has a visible impact on fleet management strategies. How does Qaptive Technologies deliver its services to companies that look for an efficient fleet management system?
At Qaptive, we start with investing sufficient time in identifying the right segment of the domain which is not efficient even if it is complex. Then after detailed requirement analysis and best-in-class software product development practices, we deliver the superior solution to customers, accompanied by empathetic customer support to grow our business and sustain the growth. Furthermore, Qaptive Technologies specializes in student safety and ridership segment in Education domain with their niche technology product, ‘loqqat’ which requires precision, flexibility, and scalability. Our fleet management domain experts collaborated with schools and after

extensive process of requirement elicitations and user personas, use cases were finalized. In ‘loqqat’, we simplify the routine tasks of transport team by automating all of them with analytics and intelligence. We equip the transport team with intelligent tools to design routes, generate trips, manage students, monitor live trips, assess breaches, etc. On the other hand, parents are provided with mobile applications to track their kids and analyze past trips.

Qaptive Technologies is determined to eliminate the weak links in the school fleet management by ensuring convenience to parents and safety to children

Kindly explain your products and services that deliver for meeting the purpose.
School fleet management has multiple pain areas like complicated and tiring route management, repetitive trip generations, stay back and early leaving management and student data management in case of location changes, communication barriers between transport team, bus attendants/drivers and parents, etc.

loqqat is the unique application suite introduced by Qaptive Technologies for addressing the pain areas in school fleet management. loqqat is designed for intelligent route management, trip management and student data management. It is a complete application suite to address both school and parent's needs with NFC equipped smart cards to ensure flawless attendance marking. The product is well-designed application to handle all exceptions in everyday trips and applications are optimized for low data consumption. Again manual intervention is not required once initial data setup is done. loqqat is a simple and user-friendly app for bus attendants which can be operated by novice users. Additionally, the product provides communication channel between school transport desk, drivers, conductors, and parents.

The developments in fleet management also come with certain challenges. How does Qaptive Technologies address the issues associated with fleet management faced by schools?
Novice bus attendants, everyday changes in schedules and routes, a huge number of clients tracking the vehicle in the same instance etc., are some of the challenges in school fleet management. Qaptive Technologies addressed these challenges through thoughtful application designs and by tightly binding requirements to designs. The tools designed in the applications are built after long research and analysis so that all pain areas of transport teams are addressed. For the huge number of concurrent users, loqqat was exposed to huge volume of users in stress testing and the performance matrix was refined to the best app experience for users.

Tell us about one of your implementations in a school that fetched Qaptive concrete market relevance.
One of our biggest implementations was at Birla Public School, Doha where 7,500 students are tracked in 200 plus school buses and 15,000 parents are concurrently using the application.

What have you conceived for the future of Qaptive Technologies in the years ahead?
Qaptive Technologies is targeting the national and global markets to implement our superior student tracking and ridership system. Qaptive Technologies also plans to lead the global movement to ensure the safety of children worldwide while they commute between home and school. Qaptive Technologies is determined to eliminate the weak links in the school fleet management by ensuring convenience to parents and safety to children. Further, Qaptive’s international business team is currently working with multiple global schools to demonstrate the importance of having an advanced student tracking and ridership system which is a must to have technology for any next-generation education provider.

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