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eFleet Systems: Caters Digital Platform for Fleet and Consignment Management


Headquartered in Gurugram, eFleet Systems was incorporated in the year 2002 with an aim to provide software solutions in data processing and systems consulting areas for fleet management vertical. The company’s products and services enable clients with meaningful analysis of fleet operations, highlighting areas of improvement and those seeking attention. As the company’s suite of applications acts as a watchdog to monitor, the Co-Promoter of eFleet will share with us how they are making transporters techsavvy to meet the upcoming challenges in the competitive world.

In conversation with Animesh Saboo, Co-Promoter, eFleet Systems

The installation of fleet management software in vehicles helped fleet managers to get a comprehensive view of their fleets, and monitor certain aspects of the vehicle and behaviour of the driver. How does eFleet Systems with its fleet management software serve to the needs and aspirations of the clients?
eFleet Systems believes in empowering the transporters with digitized data analysis. We have been working extensively to provide value to our customers by way of our recommendations in controlling costs and enhancing productivity. We also support with implementation of the processes and benchmarking them for specific verticals of business within logistics industry. That means industry vertical based business process benchmarking and digitized data provide transporter with tools to handle business margins and compete in the market. Additionally, we have been involved in developing reporting and decision making tools for the managers in logistics industry to improve business efficiency. eFleet Systems’ mission is to appraise the transporters with latest developments in the industry & its impact on their business.

With technology advancing at breakneck speed and integration of ML and IoT are on the rise, there are considerable advantages in the fleet management service space. Tell us how does eFleet Systems make use of such emerging technologies for providing prime services in fleet management?
Currently, eFleet Systems collects and inputs the data manually for business operations management. With the new technologies on the horizon, we are ready to integrate the data collection automated and process the data based outputs on the fly. The industry of Commercial Trucking is also on the verge of the adoption of the new technologies for tracking the assets and optimizing the costs based on new inputs arriving just in time. Our application is readily integrated with 3rd party applications for data exchange and new technologies can be integrated very easily.

eFleet Systems’ mission is to appraise the transporters with latest developments in the industry & its impact on their business

As per the current scenario, many companies confront the issue of miscommunication. This can lead to delay in assigned schedules, which can result in the loss of productivity for fleet managers. How could eFleet Systems bring a solution to such problems?
eFleet Systems has GPS data and telecom based tracking data services to track the driver and the vehicle as per business needs. These inputs help in dealing with the empty return scenarios and increase the opportunity to optimize the loading delays.

Please provide an example of one of your successful fleet management implementation which has gained considerable benefit for that company.
One of the customers of eFleet has used its historical business data to select the right truck size and model for its new batch of commercial trucks. We provided them with the operations cost of the various trucks models and choose the right model for increasing the business margin. The data on tyre cost per KM as one of the customers has helped them move to tyre subscription model offered by CEAT, and hence saved on working capital expenditure from CAPEX to OPEX.

Anismesh Saboo,Co-Promoter

Tell us about the future blueprint of the company for the years to come?
We are moving towards digitized data analytics and provide transporters with the business data to make decisions on the go. Each route and vehicle wise profit margins benchmarks will help clients to make the right business dealings and move towards complete digital world. We have made tieups for integration with major Cash Card providers, GPS providers, and Tyre OEM, and Fuel Sensor providers. More so, we are looking forward to adopting and integrate the IoT and ML-based systems whenever they make business viability to the trucking transporters. We are also looking for single truck owners to use the application over cloud to make use of the digital revolution that is mandated in this competitive business environment.

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