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Qtek: Addressing the Key Shifts in Technology Adoptions

Anand Ramakrishnan, CEO

Based out of Bangalore, Qtek offers a gamut of services to cater to clients, namely TekMate that focuses on minimizing downtime for the end user to ensure adaptability to the needs of an evolving market; TekDC provides 24/7, 365-day support services to traditional and virtualized data centers; TekFix improves the performance of IT hardware and software with Qtek’s AMC support services; TekSecure is offered to build & transform Security across the life span of clients’ digital assets; TekCloud focuses on the company’s Cloud capabilities to help organizations with their data. We had a rendezvous with the CEO of Qtek to know more about the firm..

In conversation with Anand Ramakrishnan, CEO, Qtek

We understand that there the technology adoption is going through major shape shifts. How is Qtek staying relevant in the market for IMS services?
As digital initiatives have become more prominent, a high performing IT infrastructure has become more important. New-age technologies like AI, ML, Analytics, In Memory computing, etc. demand a higher powered and scalable IT infrastructure. Further, from an Indian market perspective, given the cost pressures affecting businesses, service delivery quality has come down by a considerable margin. In addition to the above, there are also increased threats to the information security of an Organization with instances of ransom ware, phishing and DDoS attacks increasing. These are the three immediate concerns of the technology shift across the market that needs

addressing, which Qtek has been catering to. Qtek’s approach to the problem at large is what sets the company apart from similar market enthusiasts. We believe today's managed service providers should be a single window for the customer, irrespective of whether the customer has the applications on cloud or inhouse, and whether it’s a high performance computing or the standard infrastructure. And this is what we do. Qtek has technologies that can cover all of the underlying hardware or software setups. More so, we have also developed certain frameworks of our own. For example, we have developed a DevOps framework which works on cloud technologies. This framework can automate the entire DevOps process, including Testing to Deployment of applications (either onpremise or cloud) and subsequently managing it.

TekCloud focuses on the company’s Cloud capabilities to help organizations with their data

Also, with the siloed structure of organizations having several layers for operations, the service delivery team that is actually working with a client is not empowered enough. We have turned the tables here. We have a very flat structure with a lot of empowerment to our frontend service delivery team. So now, a delivery executive does not require taking multiple approvals from various layers. Instead, the decision can be taken on the field in the customer’s best interest, making sure the customers’ issues are resolved without much wait time. Thus we have embedded the highest quality of delivery within our structure and process itself.

As far as 'Information security' is concerned, we have invested a lot in technology on information security. We have our own SOC and a team of highly talented & capable IT security professionals who are adept in proactively resolving customer pain points related to security. This is how

Qtek operates and addresses the three significant changes in the business environment.

What kind of pain points does Qtek encounter with clients?
Since we also own data centers, we understand the challenges associated with a data center. We know the challenges of running a data center, we know the challenges of running an application hosted in such data centers and the importance of data stored in these applications. Therefore, we know how to run an optimized, secure and performance driven data center. We bring in that expertise into our customer service delivery. Irrespective of the complexity of a customer's infrastructure, we are able to manage their infrastructure.

Organizations already have an OEM sprawl, wherein they have multiple brands of IT equipment within their data centers. This is also being expanded into the Cloud as a Cloud sprawl where various Clouds are used for different services. The ability to manage all of these diverse environments and ensure a consistent service, irrespective of technology is what we specialize in. We address this through 3 key initiatives understanding the Customer’s estate, automation and empowering our staff for superior delivery quality.

Tell us about your future endeavors for the organization.

We are very strongly positioned in analytics and we intend to bring in extensive infrastructure analytics into our service delivery, which will enable us to predict a failure, rather than react to the failures. Similarly, as I had mentioned earlier, we have developed a DevOps framework that automates the DevOps process completely.

We are working with multiple technology partners to develop strategies for our Customers on Information Technology for all devices including Mobiles.

We continue to focus on training and transforming our teams to manage the latest changes in technology and future proof the Qtek team. We believe we’re perfectly poised for a quantum growth over the next 2-3 years.

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