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Synersoft Technologies: Enabling Cost Effective and Innovative Security Solutions to Generate Digital Assets

Vishal Shah,Founder & CEO

Vishal Shah

Founder & CEO

Technologies developed by Synersoft are aimed at minimizing IT infrastructure cost for SMEs,and enhancing their competitiveness with state of the art IT standardization. These solutions focus on data preservation, data security, fraud mitigation, and software license cost minimization. Synersoft, the maker of path breaking and disruptive technology for SMEs is now branded as BLACKbox. BLACKbox is an integrated solution essential for any business owning computers. It is one of the very few solutions which integrate security, collaboration, user privileges, backup systems and vigilance in terms of IT activities. Synersoft is one of the very few Indian companies, with Indian products which are solely focused on small and medium enterprises of India.

In conversation with Vishal Shah, Founder and CEO, Synersoft Technologies

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) has enlarged the productivity of the business organizations in terms of operational process. What has been Synersoft’s contribution towards such advancements in the industry?
Synersoft Technologies has added new aspect to Remote Infrastructure Management, which is AI and ML. Earlier, RIM was limited to managerial aspect of IT which was theoretical. Synersoft provides product called BLACKbox which is now branded as RIM technology. This product is equipped with diagnosis tools which deployed services in file, mail, firewall, backup, domain control, end point security and storage. Logs of these diagnosis tools are read and interpreted

in real time. Built under AI technology, these analytical tools categorize potential problem which are matched with users’ problem narration in lay man’s language. More and more problems are matched with interpreted logs so that ML can make AI more effective and relevant. Synersoft’s contribution on proactive trouble shooting to Remote Infrastructure Management is enriching day by day. Such technology can bring down RIM agent required per number of users drastically. On an average, we have brought down this number to 1 agent for 1500 users which is incredible!

BLACKbox is equipped with unique data isolation technology when USB or Internet is accessed

With an increase in collected data and connectivity among devices and applications, comes the risk of data leaks and security breaches. How does the solution facilitated by Synersoft Technologies assist businesses in securing their data while optimizing infrastructure management capabilities?
Data leaks in enterprise environment are most challenging phenomenon. Enterprise has to extend data access to employees as well as protect data from leakage which can cause competitive vulnerability or third party liability due to default on NDAs signed.

BLACKbox developed by Synersoft is one of the very few solutions, which prevents data theft over Emails, Internet and USB on single platform. Traditionally, enterprises have to invest in end point security and data encryption which costs prohibitively high. BLACKbox is equipped with unique data isolation technology when USB or Internet is accessed. This restricts unauthorized user to have access to data when doors or windows are open towards USB or internet. BLACKbox is equipped with intuitive email vigilance system and evidence creation systems through screen capture, email shadowing and Blind Carbon Copy intercept technology to make data leak extremely difficult.

Which successful implementation story has been a turning point for the organization?
We had a rendezvous with a BLACKbox customer in engineering design space providing services to a German MNC Giant who signed strict NDA. This could protect all its IP against fierce attempt of data theft by competitor. A brilliant engineer was assigned for a project manager job with enterprise equipped with BLACKbox. First he tried to take IP containing digital assets through USB drive, the attempt was put down by our Intelligent USB technology which allowed harmless components like Key Board, Mouse, but did not allow data leakage on USB drive. Then he tried to upload it over internet, it was again prevented by our data isolation technology which allowed unrestricted internet but isolated IP containing data during internet session. Further, he also tried by asking for laptop from the company under disguise of heavy work load, but all his efforts was useless because company owned laptops were covered under data leakage prevention policies. All these things were intercepted and reported to CIO by AI enabled BLACKbox. All the above activities were also captured in BLACKbox as screens of his computers providing enough evidences of the attempted heist. His email system accessed on mobile was also subject to data leakage prevention policies.

What do you perceive for Synersoft in the future?
We are building our business in this space by providing cost effective, intuitive and common sense solutions to enterprises and maximize their return on investment in IT infrastructure. Our innovation goals revolve around enriching IT infrastructure solutions with IoT, AI and Machine Learning for more reliability, better performance, enhanced productivity and better profits.

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