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Qutrix Solution: Next-Generation Solutions and Services to Scale-up Product Engineering & Business Operations

Vijay Koteeswaran,Founder & Director

Vijay Koteeswaran

Founder & Director

Qutrix Solution is a young technology startup based out of Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, with an active business operation since May 2018. The company brings the blend of service company's excellence and the product company's innovation. With focus on redefining the quality of how the traditional and new technology products are built, Qutrix offers R&D software engineering services, value-added business solutions, enterprise software, and SaaS products for Internet technology product manufacturers across the world. Further, the founder of the company will explain how they offer world-class experience to their customers partnering with them.

In conversation with Vijay Koteeswaran, Founder & Director, Qutrix Solution

In the current scenario, where customers depend on their smartphones for various activities, the need for integrating IT into different functions has become increasingly necessary. How is Qutrix Solution positioned as the supplier of IT products and software for corporations?
We, at Qutrix, are building solutions and platforms to empower engineering minds of the product manufacturers in data-center, internet technology space and help them go to market at ease by simplifying DevTestOps challenges. One of our key portfolio offerings focuses on R&D software services for niche products and delivering at incredibly faster turnaround time with unmatchable quality.

IT operations have a significant impact on developing useful products that help businesses to cater services to customers in the best way. Kindly brief us about your products and services that you provide rightly for the clients?
Qaasbox is exclusively designed for product engineering minds to simplify software DevTest Operations. Gartner's research says that by 2020, agile and DevOps initiatives will cause at least 75 percent of enterprises to implement test automation. Yet various solutions exist to automate using GUI-based interface, there is only a handful addressing the low-level code stack system components but with numerous inefficiencies and overheads to integrate with day-to-day engineering operations. Qaasbox unleashes new

Qaasbox is exclusively designed for product engineering minds to simplify Software Test Life Cycle Operations

ways of simplifying engineering test requirements of data-center and Internet product companies with pre-built customizable test automation framework called Cloud AuTOM. While some of our value-added software services integrate Qaasbox as a platform to deliver the engineering testing services end-to-end, our software development and testing expertise ranges from application to complicated embedded system software running behind the internet and data-center labs. The techno-visionary approach combined with business value practices helped us to establish proven track records in various software service programs that we have delivered.

For every IT product supplier, there is a team that defines the core functions and services that they deliver. Please give an insight into your proficient team who is upholding the reputation of Qutrix.

Our workflow is completely a flat structure as seen in typical US product companies and this remains the same as we grow. Each one in the team is empowered to think and operate with utmost freedom. Our team is just a small reflection of the inherited knowledge and values being passed on through generations. Our leadership and engineering staff believe in learning things right and doing the right things consistently with a touch of creativity and innovation.

Share one of your successful implementations so that we could bring out a story into the profile.
Besides its successful usage to conduct quality testing on VPN Security, SFP transceivers, Firmware, Operating System and File System products under test, Linux Kernel automated performance testing was an interesting challenge to solve. Linux-based operating systems dominate nearly every other segment of computing, from mobile devices to mainframes and internet systems to cloud computing and more. But the technical community or product managers need to assess I/O processing efficiency of any kernel release on multiple system specifications; it is a tedious manual task even for a seasoned expert. Our team has simplified this in 3-easy steps by which the test runs automated programs either on a local system or on cloud and the test result metrics are published automatically. Achieving such testing efficiency is paramount for any engineering team in an agile world and in turn results in saving significant cost of R&D OPEX.

What have you conceived for the future of Qutrix Solution in the years ahead?
Our growth strategy is very organic and it is to establish purposeful existence in the IT industry. Every effort we put in is to facilitate the vision of being our customers’ next-generation technology partner with perfection in every step we take with our creative minds at work. We are passionate about recreating more customer success stories on a large scale and touching more lives by elevating the standard of quality each deserves.

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