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Ivan Noronha,Director & Co-Founder

Ivan Noronha

Director & Co-Founder

As an IT company with passion for customer satisfaction, Castaliáz Technologies intend to delight their customers by addressing their issues and thus inspire their business to do well. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Castaliáz caters customers with solutions & services in the areas of business consulting, technology and business process outsourcing, with the finest team and associating with best-of-breed business partners, in a fair & transparent environment. From the firm’s perspective, the director of Castaliaz gives us insights on how the technology & solutions offered by them, help them stay ahead in the competition.

In conversation with Ivan Noronhna, Director and Co-Founder, Castaliáz Technologies

We cannot think about a business enterprise without having a proficient IT infrastructure. An intact IT support gives potential for businesses to stay competitive and effective in the market. How does Castaliaz Technologies deliver its services to organizations that require IT support?
Having the right technology to power up digital strategies is fundamental for success in today’s business world. In today’s competitive world, it is Important to understand the customer, their business, their vision & growth plans and to have an overview of whether their existing IT infrastructure is in place to cope up with their business expansion plans. For every company it is imperative that they have a strong ERP system which can manage the current and future requirements of Business, hence it has become important to educate the customer about Digital Transformation and its importance in the Business expansion plans. As an SAP Implementation Partner, we provide end-to-end Solution and services to our customers right from Procuring SAP Technology Products, Implementation and Infrastructure, thereby providing one

stop shop solution catered according to each individual company’s need.

Operations associated with IT always seek for expert professionals to handle the processes. Businesses keep their trust over the IT professionals to encounter IT issues associated with their business operations. Kindly explain to us about your expert panel and how they exercise their operations?
Well, our Senior Solution Team is always updated on the new Technology, Compliance requirements. They bring their vast experience of working with multiple customers and industries across the world. The expert team can identify areas of improvements, optimization which will benefit the customer and bring in the process efficiency required. The idea is to simplify the process for better results to benefit the customer in the long run.The in-depth experience of our Experts in deploying SAP solutions for various industries enables the customer to realize maximum compliance, efficiency and controls in their Business Process.

Castaliaz Technologies' vision is to be a best-in-class organization by leveraging technology and delivering solutions through our people, inspiring customer respect and delight

There are various situations in which companies find it risky to outsource IT services. In what ways Castaliaz Technology addresses the issues pertaining in IT support outsourcing?
I believe that it is no longer risky to outsource IT Operations, in-fact Outsourcing benefits the customers and there are processes in place to address data sharing concerns. When a customer has an In-house team, it is solely dependent on each individual experience. When it is outsourced to an IT organization, the customer has access to a pool of experienced resources and Subject Matter Experts who bring in more value to the customer. Also, one must look at the challenges in onboarding new talent to the organization and retaining them due to the attrition rate in IT.

Share a success story about one of your implementations that has earned reputation for the company?
Recently, Castaliaz completed the Digital Journey to SAP S/4HANA at GENO Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd and was awarded SAP ACE in the category Running Real Time Live Enterprise. SAP S/4HANA Implementation was one of the key projects for GENO Pharmaceuticals Digital Transformation Journey. The Implementation covered all key Processes, Departments, Stake-Holders requirements and went live in 5 months as against the estimated 6 months deployment period, which was quite a commendable effort from both GENO and Castaliaz Team. SAP Implementation in a Pharmaceutical Company needs to meet the stringent norms of Computer System Validation, Controls, Segregation of Duties, Process efficiency, all these key objectives were achieved in S/4HANA Implementation Project. In fact, to quote the words of the Chairman of Geno Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Dilip Salgaocar “The in-depth experience of Castaliaz Technologies in deploying SAP qualified solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry has enabled us to realize maximum compliance adherence for 21 CFR, GMP. We are confident that our new association with Castaliaz Technologies will help us in augmenting our business presence and create a distinctive niche in the pharmaceutical segment."

What is the future roadmap of the company in the years ahead?
Investing in Technology and People is going to be a continuous process. Acquisition of new customers has always been our prime business driver and we intend to grow by 150 percent in terms of revenue in the next 3 years.
We have plans to setup delivery centres in Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and onboard local talent. Business Expansion in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe will be the prime focus along with our continued effort to grow as one of the Preferred Partners in India for providing end-to-end services on SAP.

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