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RADSSOON: Redefining Mobile Applications through Different Technologies

Sundar Balamurugan,CEO

RADSSOON is a startup furnishing a wide variety of domain expertise and services in the sectors of information technology, web designing, mobile application, game development and electronics & communication. Headquartered in Coimbatore, RADSSOON has expertise and capabilities to develop products in both hardware and software. One can download RADSSOON’s products from the web and use them for free. Furthermore, the company is currently developing some exciting new products in both hardware and software. More so, the CEO of the company will tell us how their company aims to arrive at solutions that enhance and improve the daily life of the users.

In conversation with Sundar Balamurugan, CEO, RADSSOON

Young engineers will have the skills and knowledge to create innovative tech products. What inspired RADSSOON to start its business in the field of Information technology and electronics & communication?
After taking lessons for a computer course at an early age, I thought of posting an android app on Google play. Based on my knowledge acquired then, I made a simple android application and called it puzzlemania and published it on Google play. This application

consists of 2 classifications and in each classification, there were 10 questions. You will have to answer the question at each level, in order to move to the next level. It mostly consisted of solvable questions and if the user would solve all the questions in order to reach the final page, it would display the winning text. It took around 2 days for me to develop the puzzlemania app. After the success of this app, I made a team of efficient people to develop more apps to support different industries like education, food and many more. With the support of this incredible team, RADSSOON was established in 2015, where we developed services like Playstem, Projecclator, AR Gift Cards and so on. RADSSOON is a complete opensource technological panacea that challenges the complications in any web application.

RADSSOON is a complete open-source technological panacea that challenges the complications in any web application

Learning about some of the biggest challenges and providing satisfying services to the customers is a great starting point towards a successful organization. What are the services provided by RADSSOON to the customers?
We provide application development and website development as part of the rotational income. Apart from that, we work on augmented reality. Right now, we are concentrating on the retail market and e-commerce industry, to develop products in AR. RADSSOON is a product-oriented company; we are building our products right away. One of the products is Playstem is a virtual device. Playstem is a plug-in app, where gamers can play the game by using

hand and face gestures. It uses leap motion technology where the users can control using face and hand gestures. Another product is the AR Gift Card. These are specially made cards for the Nintendo 3DS that allow the player to play augmented reality games with the AR games application. Not only gamers, but we help designers as well, to build the infrastructure and other such constructions. School and college students can utilize this on creating a fascinating methodology of learning. Even for marketing, we help you to show your marketing and advertising skills with the aid of an augmented reality platform. Further, we also came up with smart glass for low vision and high index glass wearing so that people can read the textual content in the world they interact with, in an intuitive manner using AI and eye motion detection technologies. We named it Scopemotion. It is a technology embedded in goggles that detects and recognizes characters for people with low vision, by featuring different colored contractions, zooming and displays on the goggle glass without interfering with the real-world environment. We develop goggles that combine the technology of AI and eye motion detection for real-time character recognition. Moreover, we have developed end to end product for the educational sector and food industry. As far as AR is concerned, we concentrate on the education market. We are developing an application for the education sector by using AR right now.

What is your vision for the company? What new & exciting features is RADSSOON bringing forth in the market?
My parents are into the retail industry so I got to learn a dozen things from there. Right now with RADSSOON, I am doing business in Canada, the US, UAE, Sri Lanka and Japan. Further, in the next 3 to 5 years with the help of my team, I wish to become a major player in the education system, food industry and retail industry.

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