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Rapid Acceleration Partners: Opening Doorway To The Future Of Automation

Raghuraman Ramamurthy,Founder & CEO

Intelligent automation for businesses is driving a fundamental change in how businesses operate. Digital transformation goes far beyond mere operational efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness; it empowers businesses to automate the processing of unstructured content as well. Ultimately, automated solutions drive transparency, scalability, and faster collaboration across the entire enterprise, allowing teams to serve customers better. In this regard, Dallas (US) and Chennai based Rapid Acceleration Partners (RAP) is a proven intelligent automation player that drives this fundamental shift, helping clients worldwide leverage IPA, RPA and hyper automation solutions with the vision to democratize AI and IPA for everyone.

Recently, CIOInsiderIndia Magazine got an opportunity to get in touch with Raghuraman Ramamurthy, Founder & CEO, Rapid Acceleration Partners. The spearhead behind the digital transformation partner shared with us details about the ways in which RAP is bringing forth futuristic automated solutions to the world.

In Conversation with Raghuraman Ramamurthy, Founder & CEO, Rapid Acceleration Partners

Robotic Process Automation is revolutionizing the traditional business process concepts, administering workflow process and back-office work. As a company that encourages process automation, how does Rapid Acceleration Partners venture into the market of RPA practices?
We at Rapid Acceleration Partners (RAP) usher in digital transformation by helping clients worldwide leverage our RPA/IPA solutions for standard and custom use cases.

We also go one step further helping companies reimagine and streamline processes for greater efficiency with a holistic, big-picture view of the enterprise-wide benefits that our platforms RAPFlow and RAPBot can

provide. Our platform-based solutions encompass HR/ Finance/IT processes, customer service automation via chat and email, document understanding, form recognition, and processing, as well as, intelligent automation of routine processes. We specialize in automating highly-repetitive, data-intensive processes across industries such as hospitality management, shared services, healthcare, BFSI, retail, logistics, real estate and more.

RAPFlow is a next-gen, AI-powered content intelligence platform that can automate processing of unstructured content and provides full lifecycle AI orchestration on a single platform

RAP’s Intelligent Process Automation offerings are in the middle range of the spectrum of intelligence. While the RAPFlow platform’s AI component enables automation of high volumes of unstructured content, the RAPBot RPA tool helps feed this output downstream and automates processes that are rule-based. Very few players in the market have both native AI and RPA components rolled into one package and we are one of them.

Our solutions are wrapped around our own platform and we develop use cases with clients that go beyond mere process efficiency – our solutions automate processes streamlining them for enterprise-wide benefits that result in long-term success. Our solutions are highly scalable, quick to deploy from anywhere with a very low infrastructure footprint, and best of all – no specialist knowledge is required to build and run solutions on our platform. Getting up and running with our solutions is extremely easy and user-friendly. Businesses often see quick wins and significant ROI once they’re deployed.

Tell us more about RAPFlow and RAPBot. What is the kind of underlying technology framework behind these products?
RAPFlow is a next-gen, AI-powered content intelligence platform that can automate processing of unstructured content and provides full lifecycle AI orchestration on a single platform. RAPBot is an RPA tool that mimics human actions, connects workflows and legacy systems, feeding output of processes downstream and automating

rule-based processes. When used in tandem, they provide end-to-end workflow automation capabilities that can be deployed in just weeks. You can even build your own use case and the platform can easily integrate with your existing systems.

Share with us a success story of one of your recent implementations. What where the challenges faced by your client and how did your solution influence the outcome?
Recently, we helped a major jet engine MRO that caters to airlines, lessors and aviation industries globally through an AI-powered IPA quote automation system. It expedited quote processing from multiple vendors with higher accuracy and validation for FAA compliance. Our RPA solution RAPBot automated the email tagging process, picking up quotes and attachments from buyers’ emails. Our content intelligence platform RAPFlow automatically classified document type, extracting relevant data from various documents, presenting it on a consolidated UI with a single quote against each part.

Our solution reduced quote processing time for a single quote to under 5 minutes versus 20-30 minutes of manual effort. It reduced time to process all quotes for a part from 4-5 hours to under 30 minutes. Our client leveraged powerful instant scalability letting the IPA system do the heavy lifting as the number of transactions and quotes scaled up. A long-term advantage was assured compliance with archival and storage of information so that all information is auditable and stored in one place for future reference. Thus, RAP’s IPA solution provided a full spectrum of improvements ensuring compliance, accuracy, speed and scalability for a complex core process that entails multiple unstructured documents and validation.

What are the opportunities that you foresee? Which are the areas that RAP is going to invest in and what’s its future roadmap of the company?
We envision Bot-as-a-Service as the way of the future with the convergence of AI, RPA and the cloud. RAP’s mission is to democratize this model making innovative technology highly accessible and affordable to companies of all sizes, with minimal development efforts and seamless cloud deployment. Our focus is on industries such as hospitality management, shared services, healthcare, real estate and BFSI. Eventually, we plan to bundle RAPFlow and RAPBot into a seamless platform that caters to standard and custom use cases.

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Rapid Acceleration Partners: Opening Doorway To The Future Of Automation