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Sakshath Technologies: Boosting Business Outcomes with the Power of Automation

SushmaJaladi,Manager- Robotic Process Automation


Manager- Robotic Process Automation

In this ever-changing business world dominated by a highly competitive market, there is umpteenth scope for improvement. In a bid to stay ahead of immediate competitors, organisations are now leveraging cutting-edge technology. Businesses around the globe are now adopting modern solutions such as Robotic Process Automation to enhance operational efficiency. The term automation is not just limited to the tech industry. Industries including healthcare, finance, eCommerce, automobile, and more are implementing automation to embrace optimal results.

As the popularity of automation is experiencing exponential growth, more and more companies belonging to different genres of business and based in different locations, are looking for service experts to assist them in reaching the next level. Business organizations can thrive under technological service providers, who provide customized solutions catering to individual business requirements. Sakshath Technologies, headquartered in Bengaluru is offering such unparalleled technological experiences powered by AI and RPA to drive organizational growth.

In conversation with SushmaJaladi, Manager- Robotic Process Automation, Sakshath Technologies

While Industrial automation is transforming the business world, what is Sakshath’s position in the current RPA industry?
RPA has played an important role to help business streamline workflow and achieve higher efficiency. We build reusable components backed by a flexible scope to ensure timely project delivery. We implement innovative ideologies to design, build and support clients with customised solutions. At Sakshath Technologies, we believe that change is the only constant and we are constantly growing and managing some esteemed companies such as ABI. We are now planning to explore the international market.

We care deeply about what we do and the impact we have on our clients and communities

Take us through the technical capabilities and innovations of Sakshath Technologies.
The modern business world demands higher efficiency regardless of industry sector or market size. One of the ideal ways of improving efficiency is to automate tedious, redundant tasks. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) makes this possible. By automating business processes, businesses can save both money and time. We also help our clients to deliver maximum client satisfaction by automating tasks that were previously error-prone and time-consuimg.

This enables human resources to invest

their time in important company affairs such as customer management, strategising and decision-making. The advent of RPA opens fresh opportunities for different businesses around the globe. Businesses should capitalize on the potential of RPA to embrace unmatched success going forward.

Share a few success stories where your services helped the client to overcome business challenges?
There is a process where data needs to get extracted from PDF and then updatedin Windows applications followed by Web Applications. Extracting data from PDF is not a big challenge. However, with one of our client we had the requirement to extract checkboxes and determine whether it is checked or not.

Considering that, we updated the web application. We designed a solution that used Regex to extract fields, which made the process hassle-free and helped the clientin enhancing business visibility. In general, we use additional cutting-edge tools such as Amazon Textract, Abby, and Azure to extract values. Our affordable data extraction solution yielded instant results and assisted the client to save a lot in terms of effort and money.

What is the Future Roadmap for Sakshath Technologies?
Sakshath has already proven its automation capabilities. We offer a range of automated solutions and we have rendered our services to some of the most renowned companies in the country. We are driven by a futuristic approach and we are now investing in next-gen automation tools such as UiPath and Blueprism. We are looking forward to expanding our services to different sectors such as finance and healthcare.

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