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ROBOCURA: Introducing Innovative Personal Robo-Therapist for Body Massage

Devender Goel,CEO

While living such a fast–paced life with enhanced human responsibilities, stress becoming a major health issue is no news. While dealing with it, Indians were often left high and dry since for quite some time, and there was hardly any organization that thought beyond ‘Yoga’. This in fact was the eureka moment for Robocura Wellness, a robotics-based lifestyle wellness brand, which offers innovative products including Massage Chairs, Back Massagers, Foot/Calves/Knee Massagers, Eye Massagers, Hand Massagers and many more. The 2016-born company works towards building a brand and products that ultimately ensure overall well-being of an individual. Let’s hear the story of Robocura from its CEO, Devender Goel through an exclusive CIO Insider interview.

In conversation with Devender Goel, CEO, Robocura Wellness

Over the last few years, the robotics industry has made significant inroads into the consumer market with a lot of use-cases. The market opportunities are humongous. What inspired you to choose this niche area in the market?
The robotics sector has been riding along a steady growth for many years now and its impact is growing. Foraying into more use-cases, robotic technology is changing our daily lives. With its potential to transform many industries in unprecedented ways, robotics will play a key role in the years to come. I have always seen this as an awareness initiative vis-a-vis a business opportunity.

In the last years, the health graph has deteriorated more than it has shown in years before. There is more adulteration in food and vegetables and the average mortality rate has increased. Adulteration stops nutrition from reaching the body and on the contrary, the harmful chemicals and pesticides aggravate health problems. If meticulously studied the cause and effect theory, it can be clearly understood that Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue is silently killing people Mentally & Physically. Robocura endeavors to

help people to live a healthy life. With this perception, we launched the brand in July 2016 & established ourselves as one of the reputed value-for-money brands in the market today, offering healthcare equipment powered by robotics.

What makes Robocura’s massage chairs unique? Could you explain the underlying framework?
It’s no secret that different manufacturers use different designs and mechanisms, but there still are some characteristics that are standard across most chairs available in the market. I am extremely proud to say that Robocura massage chairs stand unique among them, thanks to the technology it is programmed with. For instance, it incorporates rollers that move in a defined back & foot pattern and Air-Bags that squeeze arms and legs. Robocura integrates futuristic technologies together, and enables controls with a remote controller. The result? You have your own full body robotic masseur. Every piece is quality ensured for maximum benefit of the user.

Our products are centered on ancient principles of acupressure and provide ample preventive benefits to the users by massaging these acupressure points located across the body

The motors inside our massage chairs have a weighted wheel/gear. As it spins, it creates a vibration, which helps to provide a massage to body muscles. It also has rollers that move in defined patterns within the chair’s track. They are designed to mimic the movement of human hands across different muscles in multiple directions or even in circles. They are usually applied on a person’s back & toes, as they are designed to run along predefined paths. On the other hand, Airbags embedded is another way to massage body parts such as shoulders, arms, thighs, calves & foot sides. The airbags inflate and deflate to squeeze the body parts with varied intensities (low-to-high). In addition to several rollers & airbags, the chairs also come with hydraulic/pneumatic compressors that stimulate muscles.

Robocura has a wide range of Robotics based Massage solutions under its belt. Tell us about your products portfolio.
Our products are centered on ancient principles of acupressure and provide ample preventive benefits to the users

by massaging these acupressure points located across the body. Robocura’s product range includes Full Body Massage Chairs, Leg Massagers, Back Massagers & Portable Rechargeable Battery Operated massagers. We also provide a lot of variants with respect to technologies incorporated, starting from 3D Massage Chairs to SL-Track Massage Chairs, Zero Gravity Massage Chairs, 4D Massage Chairs, and Shiatsu Massage Chairs. Each one of them has its own specific working procedure.

Tell us about the purchase experience the customers are entitled to, including the purchase modes available and the after-sale support.
It all started from an intention to create awareness of wellbeing. The major wedge of our population always neglects the need for fitness & wellness. Given a whole new world of convenience, they could well use a robotic massage chair. But the financial aspect often refrains them from making a purchase. Hence, Robocura has additionally introduced small robotic massagers depending upon the customer's requirement. For someone who intends to get a product with a higher price range, we help them with Easy Monthly Installments as well. Many of our customers are repeat customers, thanks to our products’ effectiveness.

Today, our brand is completely omnipresent (offline & online) through offline channels like Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs), Kiosks, and Dealer Networks, besides online platforms. Robocura provides a comprehensive warranty on all products with lifetime onsite service support. In addition, we provide an on-site service for our massage chairs for our customers. However, on-site service supports are rarely needed because of the products’ international quality standards.

What are the opportunities that you foresee? Which are the areas that Robocura is going to invest in and what’s its future roadmap?
Robocura envisions a healthy country with less stress and anxiety. The future roadmap of the brand comprises becoming the leading Indian brand in the robotic massage equipment and wellness segment. Due to insufficient demand in India, currently the main source of our product procurement is import. Going forward, we aim to set up our own manufacturing to reach maximum customers under the ‘Make-In-India’ mission. Along with this, we will invest in expanding our presence through COCO Stores / Kiosks, FOCO Store / Kiosks, Shops-in-Shops (SIS), Dealer Network in major locations, towards making Robocura a household brand name.

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