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  • Piyush Chowhan, Group CIO

    Piyush Chowhan, Group CIO

  • There is a huge legacy of physical retail companies out there. I chose the word legacy because a large portion of the retail industry still engages in old ways of working. The change & transition of the industry hence has been slow and difficult over the years. However, in the post Covid era, there are multiple headwinds propelling this industry. The digital adoption is now moving faster than ever before, accelerating at least two-three fold. But unfortunately, there is no slow and measured transition that retailers can go through. However, one of the major reasons for this rapidly growing digital transformation is that consumer behavior when it comes to technology adoption is changing at a pace that we have seen in the past. For example, it's been quite a while since the advanced self-checkout technology was introduced, but it hasn't yet replaced human intervention in billing counters even after decades. So, you can imagine the pace of transformation that was happening in retail.

  • Changing Technology Equations In Retail

Robotics - India's Ticket to Become a Manufacturing Powerhouse

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

Something that sets the global powerhouse economies like China, US, Japan, and Germany apart from the developing countries is the much larger proportion of automation in their manufacturing sector and the

Managing the Information Security Risks in the Age of Connected Production Systems

By: Ravikiran S Avvaru, Head - IT, Apollo Tyres Ltd

The proliferation of connected devices is well-known and documented with the potential of crossing 20 billion connected things by the time this article is written. The umbrella

10 Most Recommended Robotics Solutions Providers - 2021

If Bots Become Smarter With Improvements In AI, Will HR Be Recruiting People Or Bots In The Future?

By: Abhijit Dhada, IT Lead (India), Petronas Lubricants International

When we hear the word Artificial Intelligence a.k.a. AI, we normally visualize a robot with super intelligence who can do a gamut of tasks.


Convergence of Automation, IoT & AI-ML Helping CXOs to Accelerate Digital Transformation

By: Akilur Rahman, CTO, ABB

Automation of production, whether a discrete, continuous or hybrid process, has been evolving since Industry 3.0. Starting with electronic and software-based control of machines & processes,


Composability at the Core Drives Innovation at the Edge

By: Kuntal Shah, Director -­ Engineering, Avaya

Shifting consumer and employee values over the past year have created an impetus for organizations to change how they do business. According to The Life and Work Beyond 2020 study commissioned by


Robots in Manufacturing Industry

By: Rajeev Khade, Vice President ­ Global Information Technology, Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corp. Pvt. Ltd

The main reason that Robots are used in manufacturing is to create efficiencies all the way from raw material handling to finished product packing. In the process, Robots protect workers from repetitive, mundane, and dangerous


Multiplying Opportunities in Big Data Analytics

By: Diwakar Chittora, Founder & CEO, Intellipaat

The advent of modern computer networks and the democratization of information has exponentially multiplied the amount of digital data being generated. According to a Cisco estimate, global IP Traffic will reach two zettabytes by 2019.

  • 10 Most Recommended Robotics Solutions Providers - 2021

    The fear about robots replacing human employment is still existent to this date, since they are already working in the fields like hospitals, manufacturing, household applications, defence forces, and in almost every sector. Robots are highly intelligent beings, but it takes human brain to think about the right measure or decision to take at the right time. It also requires professional hands for deploying the right robotic solution as per the requirements of the field and that's exactly why organizations that specialize in providing robotics solutions come into the picture. These robotics solutions providers offer support and broaden the selection of robots or robotic solutions. They not only help in choosing the right robotics solutions to the right job, but also have them tested and some solution providers even offer training to their client's employees. This eliminates the worry of how to handle such highly intelligent beings, as employees are trained at every stage of what and how the robots are operated. The robots are now finding their spot in many small companies, performing specific tasks. The latest reports from MarketsandMarkets indicates that the industrial robotics market is expected to grow from $42.2 billion in 2021 to $75.3 billion in 2026, growing at a CAGR of 12.3 percent between 2021 and 2026. CIO Insider has compiled a list of '10 Most Recommended Robotics Solutions Providers - 2021' based on our latest research. The organizations on the list have demonstrated exceptional problem solving proficiency, implemented integrated solutions, and contributed significantly to the success of many companies. A panel of professionals, comprising industry veterans and subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team have curated the following list (in alphabetical order).

10 Most Recommended Robotics Solutions Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Hi-Tech Robotics Systemz Hi-Tech Robotics Systemz Anuj Kapuria, Founder & CEO Focused on developing products for the next generation of mobility with state of the art autonomous, driver assistive technology & mobile robots for both people and material transportation
Infiction Labs: Building Autonomous Robotic Solutions for the Solar Industry Infiction Labs Havish Sreenath, Founder & CEO Facilitates automated cleaning of solar panels through its robotic solution SPARC, which is a lightweight, highly mobile bespoke robot
Kemppi Kemppi Rashmi Ranjan Mohapatra, MD A leading company in the welding industry that provides a wide array of robotic welding solutions and allied products
Nex Robotics Nex Robotics Dr. Anant Malewar, Co-Founder & CEO Builds robots and UAV solutions that are presently being used by ISRO, DRDO, BARC and IITs
Patvin Engineering Patvin Engineering Mangesh Pawar, Vice President Delivers automated and robotic solutions for automotive applications and other industries
ROBOCURA: Introducing Innovative Personal Robo-Therapist for Body Massage Robocura Wellness Devender Goel, CEO A robotics-based lifestyle equipment brand, which offers innovative products including Massage Chairs, Back Massagers, Foot/Calves/Knee Massagers, Eye Massagers, Hand Massagers and many more
Systemantics India Systemantics India Harsha Lal, CEO Provides industrial robotics, patented design innovations in industrial robotics, 4 degrees of freedom robots, and 6 degrees of freedom robots
Schmalz Schmalz Philip Mani, Managing Director Offers a complete range of material handling products with vacuum that includes Vacuum Components for pick and place, robotic end effectors for packaging / palletizing, Ergonomic Vacuum handling Systems, Vacuum Clamping Systems and Vacuum Gripping systems
Sastra Robotics India Sastra Robotics India Aronin P, Co-Founder & CEO Builds and delivers Robotic solutions for human-like automated functional testing of real physical devices
Vistan Nextgen Vistan Nextgen Ram Singam, Founder & CEO Expertise in the field of digitalization and smart technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics etc. to integrate them with various smart products

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