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ROBOT ENTERTAINMENT: Just When You Thought Entertainment Needs a Spin

Kishore Kumar,CEO

It’s a fact that the element of surprise is the fuel to keep the entertainment afresh. Adding to the sizzle and the dazzle to the entertainment industry, the Humanoid Robots and Animatronics are turning out to be the best in the surprise and entertainment departments. From a simple clay mould that went on to become director-friendly mechanical actors of all time, Jurassic Park dinosaurs (T-Rex), hold the barometer of animatronics and robotics in entertainment industry till date. Several years later, the entertainment industry in India is shaping itself with numerous arms and branches in the market. Bangalore based company, Robot Entertainment, with its finest and best life-sized Humanoids is taking the entertainment quotient a notch higher. Capable of building all sorts of animatronics and static animals, creatures of all sizes, and human characters, the company rents and proffers them for museums, science centres, amusement parks, FEC’s, resorts, schools, community fairs, and event planning companies.

The Shaping of Entertainment
Emerging from passion to build robots, Robot Entertainment stands now to become one of the largest Robotic Entertainment company in India. The company specializes in animatronics that went on to build a separate humanoid robot for RBI in

Bhubaneshwar. The robots developed by the company are built to promote products, welcome delegates, execute certain programmed features, talk, and understand. All these require head movements,eyes movements, finger movements, and other movements. It has more than 38 degrees of freedoms, and different actuators that take the help of servomotors, pneumatics, DC controls, and motors. These procedures are great to be followed in the ambit of education where young minds can turn their imaginations into reality. Here in, the company is all set to build a robot similar to Sophia which will be talking about AI while being a product of the same for its own developmental procedures. Robot Entertainments in few months is on the verge to develop realistic robotic dinosaurs which were first developed by Kokoro, a Japan company. Unlike past, Robot Entertainment shall be building in India and promoting in global cities like, Tokyo.

Robot Entertainment seems to find the right amount of balance to take robotics and animatronics to its most advanced level while keeping alive the entertainment

As the general trend tends to increase, the promotional activities in exhibitions by the humanoids are exemplary and refreshing. One such instance saw an exhibition of 3 days and a turnover of massive 8000-9000 people. Mostly, the crowd turned out to see and experience interactions with humanoids that sometimes surprised them with gifts. In yet another instance, a Beer company, But twiser, conducted Hackathon of 2 days. The robots developed by Robot

Entertainment promoted the event in an unparallel way and distributed gifts. Although new in Indian entertainment industry, robotics and animatronics are gaining steam. From cutting jokes to delight the audience to engage them for amusement in marriages, to greet delegates from different countries and welcoming them in their language, robots are finding their place in interesting places and arenas.

Amidst all these, Robot Entertainment is finding its niche in animatronics-based Robotics Fruits. The company is developing these robotic fruits for ITC company where fruits will talk, blink eye, move mouth and supposedly, a mango may start talking about its nutrients and specifications for its self-description and thereby educating the audience and promoting the products as well.

The Unpredictable Arrays of Robotics
While India is pushing the entertainment quotient with the help of animatronics and robots, it’s a phase that precariously seems to level both the areas of ‘dissolving surprise element in entertaining due to frequent use’ and ‘advancing itself to its zenith place’. Herein, Robot Entertainment seems to find the right amount of balance to take robotics and animatronics to its most advanced level while keeping alive the entertainment. The journey from clay mould to fibre glass, to rubber mould and eventually to silicon mould is simple to comprehend whereas the complexity to turn a lifeless silicon mould to a roaring giant is hard to comprehend. The industry is setting itself limitless by powering and programming robots for promotional literates to powering robots with AI for several high-profile end use cases. As usual in the entertainment industry, capital and creativity are invested to try and top anything a person or a company can afford. Yet, Robot Entertainment has set its creative investment several degrees higher than other configurations to become the pioneer in this industry.

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