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Satya Tummala ,Founder & CEO

Satya Tummala

Founder & CEO

RPA technology has lately been enabling companies to automate manual processes across the enterprise using software robots, in turn reducing human error and saving money on labor. Repetitive, manual work can be in many areas of any organization, and, mostly, it's the strategic or commercial areas in companies which are being looked at first to eliminate the manual work. Nouveau Labs Private Limited is a Product Platform and SW Engineering services and technology company focused on product engineering services while leveraging its technology expertise around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, Automation, Robotics, Cloud, Wireless and Unified Communications, Embedded Systems, and Mobility. Based out of Bangalore, Nouveau Labs is developing cognitive learning technologies to further make RPA effective especially in situations of high variance in inputs. Nouveau’s innovations in natural language processing technology help improve customer experience, increase productivity & predictability and reduce cost.

Nouveau Labs’ voice-driven HMI tools add a new dimension of customer friendliness to the analytics experience

The ISG study shows that the RPA technology is allowing for a 43 percent reduction in resources needed for order to cash processes, 34 percent for invoicing, and 32 percent for vendor and talent management. In fact, intelligent automation is developing as an overlap between cognitive process automation, intelligent computer vision, and intelligent OCR (optical character recognition) to automate beyond tasks based on well-defined business rules and clear instructions for processing inputs. In a venture with one of its Big 4 Consulting clients, Nouveau labs built an intelligent expense approval system. The automation scripts leveraged OCR tools, RPA, and custom built AI engine to approve expense statements through automation and machine learning. The OCR scans the expense bill images/PDF files to build digital data, and use the same to validate, and approve. RPA serves as a wrapper and workflow tool to do a series of business operations. Bringing in cognitive capability to RPA will improve the percentage of automation. The cognitive capability of the BOT include decision making, knowledge work, Machine learning, Natural language processing (NLP),and Chabot.

Nouveau Labs’ deep learning expertise

complements their ingenuity on BI/BA and the presentation tools to present an end-to-end portfolio of skills to serve the customer effectively. Nouveau Labs’ voice-driven HMI tools add a new dimension of customer friendliness to the analytics experience. Particularly, the video and voice analytics technologies supplement the automated and connected vehicle technology space. The company’s video analytics solution is relevant to the autonomous car space and the voice analytics platform is for the connected car space.

Building an Ecosystem
As an organization, Nouveau Labs has been building positive cycle involving talent, people, technologies, rewards & benefits and customer experience. “We have successfully implemented the same in all our engagements despite facing the challenges that a new company typically faces”, informs Satya Tummala, Founder & CEO at Nouveau labs. Satya Tummala is an engineering professional of calibre with over 20 years of experience in the domains of Unified Communications, Public Safety Video Systems, Messaging and Presence Solutions, Converged Core, VoIP, Multimedia Transport, Mobile Devices (Android and Windows CE), Wireless Protocols, IMS, Seamless Mobility, Video/Image Compression, Speech Codecs, Speech and Image Analytics and Digital Signal Processing.

With their determination well rooted in the ground, this relatively new company looks forward to helping machines become more cognitive and relieve the humans of mundane tasks and move them to focus on things that only they can solve.

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