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RPASOFT: An Epitome of Technology Competence in the RPA Segment

Manojkumar Nagaraj,   Co-Founder & CEO, RPASOFT

Manojkumar Nagaraj

Co-Founder & CEO, RPASOFT

It’s not only that Robotic Process Automation(RPA) tackles the repetitive, manageable tasks that plague customer service representatives, but it also ensures enhancing one of the most significant drivers of the market customer experience. For instance, let’s take the case of COBOT, a COVID Lab Automation solution developed by Bangalore-based RPASOFT, a specialized Technology company, focused on RPA. Mimicking the data entry operator, COBOT first validates the Test Report data against the mandatory fields before automatically uploading to ICMR and even sending email & SMS notifications to respective patients. This allows the labs to test an exponential number of samples daily, which is crucial in a populous country like India. RPASOFT, in fact, has swiftly become a specialist in focusing on customer issues, investing in the relationships, and staying relevant to their business by delivering that ‘WOW’ experience, it offers.Clutching its technical competence, the company caters to a wide range of industries. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interview with Manojkumar.

In conversation with Manojkumar Nagaraj, Co-Founder & CEO, RPASOFT

The Robotic Process Automation industry is growing from strength to strength, increasing the scope and use-cases with every passing day. Where is RPASOFT positioned in the industry, and what are your target segments?
RPASOFT is a pure-play RPA Technology services provider offering E2E services – Process consulting, Process Automation implementation, Product/Technical support, and Professional services to enterprise customers. We have partnerships with leading Brands like UiPath and incubated competency on other brands like Automation Anywhere, WorkFusion, and AVO.

We cater to a wide range of industry verticals, including BFSI, Transportation, Property Tech, HR Tech, Health Tech, Manufacturing, large IT/ITES –MNC’s & tier-I IPP’s,Big Five Consulting & Advisory services firms, and Fortune 500 – Global captives in India. Our services spread across an Rs. 100 crore + market in India and a $100 million strong market in NA & Europe. In a nutshell, we are a specialized technology company focused on robotic process automation consulting, resource augmentation, training, and implementation.

What is your operating procedure to understand the clients’ pain areas and build requirement-centric solutions?
We follow our proprietary 3D Delivery framework Discover, Decide, & Deploy. In the First step(Discover), we do discovery sessions through process consulting to understand the pain points. We interview the stakeholders and identify business processes for Automation feasibility with clearly defined ROI.

In the Second step (Decide), we assess the best technology platform that fits the client’s automation purpose based on our competency.

In the Third step (Deploy), we have developed a clearly defined methodology to deploy automation solutions following the RPA Development life cycle with best practices curated internally based on our experience & expertise.

What are the other USPs that RPASOFT offers and make it stand out from the competition?
Our core competencies revolve around facets like delivery excellence, our domain-centric solutions, and technology leadership & experience. The delivery excellence can be traced back to our proprietary deployment framework Cognitive Automation Framework(CAF). This is the IP of RPASOFT, which supports both Topdown & Bottom-up deployment approaches. CAF, which is an n-tier architecture involving Workflow, Business Intelligence layer, and RPA Automation layer, offers benefits including better consumerization, scale, agility, and holistic approach to the enterprise RPA Automation. Our proposition is Business Workflow Automation first based on the business intelligence enabled by the Process Automation using RPA.

RPASOFT is hiring 150 RPA Automation Engineers in the next 18-24 months both in India and abroad to meet the demands based on the current pipeline and sales forecast. The hiring includes both from Market as well as College Freshers and Graduates from the Training Institutes. We will be investing $4-5 million to support the Talent Acquisition, Business & Competency Development, and Infrastructure Expansion

In terms of domain-centric solutions, we focus on developing Automation solutions addressing specific use cases within business segments to serve all the customers in that segment with minimum customization. For example, we have created COBOT-Covid Lab Automation solution in the healthtech space, and RI Bot, the intelligent recruitment bots for HR/Recruitment Automation.

Technology leadership we are built around is also matchless. The company started by Industry veterans with successful track record of incubating technology companies with decades of deep engineering knowledge across technologies domains, and geographies. Our Co-Founding team, comprising myself (30 years of global experience with some of the biggest brands in the US) and Varun Melanta (15 years of global experience with BIG Five Advisory and Consulting firms), has a cumulative experience of more than 70 years. This makes Engineering,

Architecture, and Delivery our core expertise compared to the competition.

What are the latest challenges that RPASOFT solves for its clients? Tell us about your portfolio of solutions.
When it comes to Property Tech, we help large co-working space management companies in the areas such as(i)Customer agreement validation Automation with back-office systems(ii) Monthly invoice reconciliation Automation, (iii)Customer billing validation Automation, (iv)TDS reconciliation(v)Revenue report validation for billing leakage and(vi) Broker fee Automation, to name a few. In FinTech, we help our clients with(i)Customer Assets/ Liabilities reconciliation Automation and (ii) Customer KYC validation Automation. We also help HR/Staffing organizations to drive the Recruitment Automation(RI Bot), including time sheet reconciliation Automation, and Hospitals to speed up the Covid reporting with ICMR through COBOT. Additionally, our portfolio included Robotic Test Automation(RTA) - deploying Robots for Software Testing and test case quality audit automation(Qi Bots).

Tell us more about COBOT. What are the features incorporated?
COBOT offers higher throughput, better accuracy, and a predictable Automation process to handle large volumes of test reports. It mimics the Data entry operator, wherein the Test Report data is validated first against the mandatory fields before uploading to ICMR. All variations during the upload, like fresh cases and follow-up cases, are nicely handled as a part of the Automation process. Any errors are captured, sent to stakeholders for fixing, and fed back to COBOTS for upload. The solution provides the daily report of how many fresh and follow-up cases were uploaded and the number of errors during the upload. The solution eliminates the need for human data entry operators in the Lab. COBOT can also be extended with email and SMS to communicate with the respective patients, primary healthcare centers, and other stakeholders. Automated generation of Test reports with QR codes is also possible based on the requirements. We delivered the solution as a part of our CSR initiative along with our partner UiPATH, and we got huge recognition for the work as it saved lives during the second COVID wave.

What opportunities do you foresee, and what’s the future roadmap set for RPASOFT?
The global RPA market size, valued at $822 million in 2019, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 40.6 percent from 2020 to 2027. The rising demand for the Automation of redundant tasks in business processes with AI and machine learning enhancements is expected to drive market growth. The SMEs segment is expected to exhibit the highest CAGR of 42.6 percent over the forecast period.

Our future roadmap involves aggressive expansion and better opportunity coverage. We are opening our office in key geographies like the US & Europe to increase our customer coverage. On the other hand, we are also looking forward to further expanding OEM Partnerships, creating more Technology Alliances, and having higher business coverage with more focus on Healthcare, Life sciences, Insurance, cold chain logistics, KPO, Digital native companies, and Logistics. We will invest more in Technical competency specifically targeting Intelligent Automation solutions in conversational AI, Chatbots, and Document understanding, onboarding experienced & fresh talent, Learning & Development, and expanding our automation factory.

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 RPASOFT: An Epitome Of Technology Competence In The RPA Segment