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InVibes: Offering End-to-End Innovative Solutions & Services in the Process Automation Space

Gangadhar Wali, Co-Founder & Vice President,    Vishwanath Sangoji, Co-Founder & Vice President- Business Development

Gangadhar Wali, Co-Founder & Vice President

Vishwanath Sangoji, Co-Founder & Vice President- Business Development

"We are glad that InVibes became our partner through the open tender process, for automating our Employee Medical Direct Billing Claim Process. This has helped us to deliver much better healthcare services to our executives, employees, and dependants by easing the hospital admission procedure and post-discharge direct billing process in the SAP by using RPA bots. This has not only simplified our internal workflows by minimizing staff efforts but also improved employee experience. This automation has been achieved using RPA bots, workflows, and mobile-enabled technologies. We thank InVibes for the right implementation of this solution", says V.C. Angadi, CIO BEML.

The RPA is an emerging technology and often involves creating awareness among customers on business use-cases specific to their digital operations. Before offering any business an RPA solution it’s crucial to understand customers’ existing processes, and identify candidate digital processes for automation along with process re-engineering. It is also important to evaluate open-source tools to enable cost-effective solutions for businesses. InVibes, one of the leading RPA startups in Bangalore is offering top-notch RPA powered solutions to its clients. Partnering with product vendors like Uipath and Automation anywhere has enabled the company to strengthen its offerings. Industry reports from Gartner and Forrester have enabled it to position its services and grow faster in the market.

The Digital workforce is an industry catchword for RPA bots, which impacts companies, employees, partners, and other individuals associated with business processes. This means any process reengineering must be analyzed from all perspectives for defining the objectives of the Digital Transformation initiative irrespective of the size of the company. "In most of the processes, cutting labour costs is not the key objective service availability 24*7, increasing throughput by framing decision making by Digital Workforce, will lead to competitive advantages”, says Deepak Alur, C.T.O of InVibes.

Enterprises often do not take a quantum leap in adopting Digital Workforce, they pilot out a few implementations, watch the ROI and then proceed. With many interesting cloud services, RPA projects can deliver more outcomes than the existing NONRPA processes, in lesser time and round the clock, says Gangadhar Wali,(Co-Founder & Vice-President) of InVibes.

In the SMB customer segment, the challenge is often on the cost of licenses and the support available to resolve issues even though they are convinced of the advantages of a Digital Workforce. Our USP has been addressing this concern by offering RPA as a service says Vishwanath Sangoji,(Co-Founder & Vice-President Business developments) of InVibes. He further adds that process reengineering leads to a new perspective of processes that were not imagined earlier. In one of our projects, the benefits gained by our customer due to the new perspective was substantial compared to the original perceived objective.

Deepak Alur, C.T.O

Could you tell us about the vision and mission that InVibes built upon? How has it been maintaining its pace in the RPA market?
Vishwanath Sangoji, Co-Founder & Vice-President -Business developments, InVibes: InVibes works with the vision to become a globally recognized, end-toend process automation organization that offers innovative solutions and services in the process automation space. In addition, our vision is to provide unmatched solutions and services to clients and create customer value by helping them take a leap in process automation where information technology (IT) and operations (Ops) will be combined to reduce human effort and improve workflow efficiency.

V.C Angadi, CIO, BEML

What are the kinds of flagship RPA offerings delivered to clients and what are the expectations met through these services?
Gangadhar Wali, Co-Founder & Vice -President, InVibes: Often, our customers spend considerable effort in running their operations from a collation of information to periodical compliance requirements. The expectation of these enterprises is to significantly reduce these operational efforts at non-so significant costs and deliver bigger value after automating their process.

Our RPA offerings include InVibes RPA Services Team that collaborates with customers to automate their Business Processes by co-discovering new automation avenues, reducing manual tasks, and maximizing value by saving costs. Our RPA-as-a-service is intended to reduce the CAPEX burden of deploying RPA within the business as

well as the liability of hiring RPA talents by leveraging our RPA expertise and solutions throughout the customer journey. The POC-as-service to businesses reduces the initial RPA investment and risk to customers. Once our customers are convinced with ROI and the advantage of implementing RPA-as-a-service, we implement the same to meet automation objectives.

Cast some light on the RPA solutions that the company is currently working on?
Deepak Alur, C.T.O, InVibes: Often, process automation comes at a cost that many customers in our market segment cannot afford but would be in the need to simplify their business operations. For such customers, InVibes is focused on building RPA-as-a service to help customers avoid CAPEX and leverage RPA as an OPEX model while still delivering the same value. Moreover, we are currently focused on delivering solutions related to tax processing which often is the most tedious and time-consuming among other business-focused processes.

Vishwanath Sangoji, Co-Founder & Vice President-Business developments

Enlighten us about the success of the company’s intervention in solving a complex scenario highlighting the solution or service and strategies deployed to draw positive outcomes.
Deepak Alur, C.T.O of InVibes: Recently, we delivered a turnkey solution to one of the public-sector units. Our RPA based solution helped to build a platform to automate health claim processing and modernize their healthcare offering to their employees and their dependents, across India. The solution built on this platform helped simplify their entire workflow by improving the admission process and hence saving valuable lives and quick discharge by automating the claim settlement process.

Our solution helped to reduce the departmental claims reimbursement effort by 90 percent, nullify duplicate claims, reduced claim errors and avoid fraudulent claims, and most importantly - have a central information repository that enables them to take seasonal decisions based on data from all their branches across India.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for InVibes?
Gangadhar Wali, Co-Founder and Vice President, InVibes: This year we have made significant progress in delivering solutions to Govt PSU, financial sectors, and healthcare sectors. Our focus this year is on the financial services domain with our RPA as a service model in the areas of invoice reconciliation, TDS payment process, legacy document transformation, filing of Tax returns (GST), Financial Auditing process, and more.

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