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Rubiscape: Manifesting the Art of Converting Data to Information with Business Sense

Niranjan Dixit,Technical Director

Niranjan Dixit

Technical Director

Data is the new oil! Interestingly, the enormous amount of data, the big data, harnessed from the connected devices requires analytics to generate actionable information out of this raw data – just like the need for the refinement of mined oil. The key to business success, however, lies in this conversion of ‘data’ into ‘information’. An end-to-end data analytics platform developed by Inteliment, Rubiscape excels in this delicate process of conversion. It transforms the ‘connectedness’ into ‘smartness’ by deciphering and deriving insights that make business sense. Then again, conversion is only the first step; ultimately, for real value creation, we need to analyze, predict and preempt. This is precisely the forte of the Rubiscape platform. We engage in an exclusive interaction with Niranjan Dixit, the Technical Director of Inteliment’s Rubiscape product division, and Swapnil Jadhav, Technical Architect at Inteliment. While Niranjan boasts a rich experience in IOT, IIOT, Product Development, Mobile and OTT applications, Swapnil with global exposure is an expert in driving Digital Transformation projects and IOT initiatives across in Automotive, Engineering , Telecom & Mobile and OTT applications.

In conversation with Niranjan Dixit, Technical Director – Rubiscape & Swapnil Jadhav, Technical Architect, Inteliment

The world is now forced to operate remotely with anything and everything. While IoT enables this, Data Analytics adjoins insights & information to this process, creating a revolution in terms of capabilities. Where do you think the industry is currently positioned amidst this revolution?
The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and the business-technology realm is no exception. Virtualization, remote operation, and isolation have become the new buzz words. This has largely been possible due to digitalization and collaboration tools. Fortunately, this is not limited to just human-to-human interaction, but interaction between humans & machines and machines & machines.

The IOT revolution is not new. It's been

around for quite a while now. Today, we are witnessing a multifold increase in the number of connected devices, connected systems and AI led initiatives deployed each day.

What is the unique proposition that helps your clients recognize the Rubiscape platform from your competitors’ solutions?
The Rubiscape platform brings all functionality in – right from connection, data ingestion, and orchestration to visualization. On the other hand, one of the main challenges involved with IOT has always been the mechanism of reliable and secure data collation and connection. There is an age-old maxim in data analytics: ‘Crap in, Crap out. Any dashboard/ analysis is only as good as the information it is based on. At Rubiscape, we understand this perfectly, and hence are very particular about the same.

The Rubiscape platform brings all functionality in – right from connection, data ingestion, and orchestration to visualization

Furthermore, any data, especially in IOT, can be from a variety of sources and subject to different types of devices & connection mechanisms. The data itself could be structured or unstructured. Getting this data accurately into the platform for further analysis is quite a challenge. The RubiConnect layer of the Rubiscape platform is designed precisely to make this task very simple and speedy. The flexible layer seamlessly enables the Rubiscape platform to connect to databases (relational/non-relational), files, social media channels, emails as well as edge devices and digital twins to name a few. RubiConnect is also designed to support various communication protocols out- of-the-box and can be extended to support custom communication protocols. Hance, with Rubiscape, we can control the entire value chain required. It goes well beyond data collection and collation to enable real-time informed decision making, thus providing foresight and value for the business.

How would you describe your team’s expertise and knowhow in understanding the sophisticated requirements of different organizations across different industries and finding befitting solutions rather than offering generic technology products & services?
At Rubiscape, we deal with data day in and day out. Being a part of the Inteliment group, we have more than 15 years of experience in the data analytics and business intelligence space. We

have worked with the who’s who across multiple domains and have a sound understanding of what is required to make any project successful and realize value for the end-customer.

The Rubiscape platform itself was born out of this collective experience and insight, where we envisaged the need to have an easy-to-use, end-to-end, flexible, and extendable data analytics platform which is adaptable and future ready.

Share with us a success story about one of your implementations.
Leveraging Rubiscape platform, we have built a unique consumer IOT solution for a leading European fintech company, which was seeking to improve the customer experience by leveraging an AI-ML based solution. Their requirements were to track & trace the equipment, improve the fleet services, and increase repeat business. Our solution involved connecting to the remote devices such as robotic vacuum cleaners, vending machines, and network printers using Bluetooth and SNMP protocols for bringing in the data for exploring the patterns and trends, modeling it for deriving insights on consumption, providing location based intelligence, fasten response times, and improving the operational efficiency.

Swapnil Jadhav, Technical Architect

What are the opportunities that you foresee? Going forward, what’s your vision and future roadmap?
There is no limit as to the applications that can be created. The Rubiscape platform along with RubiConnect provides a strong flexible base on which anyone could come and design realworld applications in the IOT as well as non-IOT space. Some of the key areas that we already work in include Security (facial recognition & psychometric analysis), Agri-tech, Hospitality Management, Insurance (fraud detection) Energy, Smart City, Manufacturing, and Personal Financial management.

The beauty of the Rubiscape platform is that it provides the perfect base and launching pad for various applications from different domains to leverage and derive value. This is applicable to individual entrepreneurs or students who may have the next unicorn idea or even to large enterprises who have a real-world problem to solve.

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