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SMARDEN: Democratizing Home Automation through Retrofit IoT Products

Praveen Mittal,Founder & MD

Praveen Mittal

Founder & MD

If you have ever watched Harry Potter films, you must be remembering the scene wherein Harry Potter waves his magic wand in the air and says the magic word ‘Lumos’, and the Light turns on! Yes, SMARDEN (a product line of 30Days Technologies Pvt Ltd) is the same magic wand, but in the hands of a very few people. Powered by IoT, SMARDEN provides the automation market with cutting-edge retro-fit solutions. With SMARDEN’s solutions, people will neither have to rewire their houses nor have to change their existing appliances to be at the bleeding edge of home automation. In fact, they don’t even need to change their switchboards! The complete product line and the solutions are designed for retrofit homes, making your existing home a Smart Home. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interview with the Founder & Managing Director of SMARDEN – Parveen Mittal.

In conversation with Parveen Mittal, Managing Director, 30Days Technologies Pvt Ltd

IoT is entering its finetuning phase. How well is SMARDEN positioned in the current IoT industry to leverage the increasing market opportunities?
IoT is getting matured day by day. More applications of IoT are emerging in different domains, be it Hospitality, Health, Medical, Home Automation, or Industrial Automation. The demand for automation is increasing with every passing day and in turn there is a huge scope for expansion and market exploration. We at SMARDEN have invested a lot of time and efforts in research and development of our solutions.

We have been working continuously and tirelessly over the past three years to make Home Automation a part of our lives, which also implicates meticulous market research. This meticulous approach has helped us make our

products Reliable, Secure, Scalable, Easy-to-use and yet Affordable. Today, we have a broad spectrum of products that are capable of covering the comprehensive automation needs of our customers, be it a bijou home or an industrial plant.

What is your standard operating procedure to recognize pain points and develop a solution for it? What’s the kind of backend infrastructure capabilities that make this possible?
Before processing any product for Design & Development, we ensure to experience and feel the pain area of users and figure out the required output before solving it. This leads us to achieving perfection in product development strategy and operations. Our experienced IOT Engineers and Software Developers are well equipped with the knowledge, skill and experience to meet the expected results. Having subject-matter experts from different industrial disciplines significantly helps to diagnose the actual pain points before developing the desired solution. Furthermore, we have a robust cloud infrastructure, relying on the biggies like Amazon and Google.

Our team is continuously working on more effective runtime energy tracking of appliances and suggesting actions to optimize energy efficiency.

Tell us about your unique solutions, technology propositions, and innovations.
Being a complete ‘Make in India’ company is one of our strengths as well as a challenge. We have to maintain intact quality & cost effectiveness of our products as the market is flooded with cheap imported products. The back-lift of state-of-the art technologies is a significant strength that keeps us way beyond the competition.

Our USP is providing retrofit solutions integrated with WiFi & Bluetooth as well as IR modules. Some of our products support IR technologies to help users control the devices using an IR remote too. A single button to immediately switch OFF/ ON all the connected

devices and gadgets is another niche feature that we provide which avoids the annoying delays in functionality.

Tell us about your team. How would you describe the management team’s role in the company’s success?
We are blessed to have a strong team. SMARDEN is growing under the able guidance of Mr. Agander Parasher, who has more than two decades of industry experience. His functional expertise & experience that spans across multiple sectors like Defense, Manufacturing, E-Mobility, Turnkey Projects, Retail, and Service among others is a boon to our organization.

An IOT Engineer with exceptional skills and vast knowledge, Mr. Shrey Sharma is taking care of all the latest innovations and technical challenges at SMARDEN. He is capable of converting any theoretical solution into reality with the help of technology. Our technical infrastructure is maintained by Karan Gupta and Rohit Arya, who are pioneers in developing and maintaining scalable cloud-based solutions.

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What are the future plans, and goals pipelined?
COVID-19 has changed the perception of mankind towards the usage of IoT-based contactless technologies – from a luxury to a necessity. With the Government expanding the internet facilities footprint to more remote areas, WiFi is becoming available and affordable to everyone, and it is engendering new markets for IoT-based products across the country. The talks are already on and we have big plans to tap into this market across the length and breadth of the country. Let it reach to all and make life easier for everyone!

Going forward, our team is continuously working on more effective runtime energy tracking of appliances and suggesting actions to optimize energy efficiency. After we have recorded the energy consumption for a particular appliance through AI and ML, the users will be able to take the corrective action to optimize the energy consumption and probably save the machinery itself. This will help in the country’s goal of energy conservation and society’s contribution towards that goal. Based on our products, we will soon launch our security solutions as well.

We are looking forward to bringing a change in the existing Home Automation Market in India, making Home Automation affordable with our retrofit solutions.

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