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SalesDiary: Providing Sales Automation Platform Powered by AI


SalesDairy, headquartered in Bengaluru, is an AI-driven mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) System to manage field operations of a business. The company has built the system to exclusively improve secondary sales effectiveness purely integrated into the process defined in SalesDiary system. SalesDairy believes that integrated system bringing the relevant stakeholders in the sales vertical of the organization closer than ever. The founder of SalesDairy further explains the transparent and trustworthy work culture across the organizational hierarchy.

In conversation with Santosh Hegde, Founder and CEO, SalesDiary

Some of the biggest features of intelligent applications would be their ability to learn from user interactions and other data sources for contextual and relevant delivery of information. How does SalesDiary contribute to the arena of intelligent applications with its knowledge around AI, IoT, and big data analytics?
Lots of things dependent on technology or otherwise have evolved over the period of time. With FMCG set to grow at over 25 percent CAGR by 2020 in India, the need for right management tools to benefit from such a growth opportunity becomes critical. We at SalesDiary, are here to help business make the best of this opportunity. Sales Diary is built with the fundamental objective of becoming a sales growth platform in the FMCG industry. We want to enable the sales vertical of any organization to maximize its sales through effective communication and performance tracking within the app across hierarchical responsibilities. Earlier, a salesperson used to have a target which they had to meet in a day. Therefore, we built an AI powered app, which will decide what work should be done and how much time it should take. The daily productivity of salesperson, which was at 20-25 percent, is now more than 70 percent after using our application. Basically, we are a futuristically progressive platform for eradicating the deficiency and improving the applicability of field sales representatives.

Creating good business strategies or

hiring talented sales team may not always translate to the steady rise in sales for businesses of all sizes. Tell us in what way does SalesDiary help the business to drum up sale and stay competitive?

SalesDiary’s app is bridging the gap between manufacturers and retailers by providing them this platform where they can reach out to each other seamlessly

Our key aspect till date is providing user-friendly systems that drastically change the adoption at ground level. We provide a unique AI algorithm to self live products like milk, curd, packaged and food, etc. These kinds of products cannot be used for long duration because of their ingredients that expire soon, leading to industries facing huge returns of products. We have built an algorithm, which will suggest precisely the quantity and quality of stock that should be there in outlets. SalesDiary, as an organization, is a niche player in B2B

Santosh Hegde,Founder & CEO

eCommerce segment. Unlike others, we provide end-to-end systems every stakeholder in the supply chain, right from salesperson and sales managers, to distributors and retailers. SalesDiary comes with an in-built Distributor Management System (DMS). One can manage order deliveries, stock, payments and outstanding on a single mobile application. SalesDiary DMS has helped increase order fulfillment rates by 60 percent and reduced payment collection delays by 45 percent. Our

clients have increased their revenues by 50 percent in just 3 months of usage of the SaleDiary system. Also, the BI tools help one identify the right market allowing clients’ products to get accurate positioning. SalesDiary has helped leading brands increase their products’ geographical reach 5 times in just 12 months.

Share one of your successful implementations so that we could bring out a story into the profile.
We recently launched our Easy Retail app for one of our customers in the fashion industry. The challenge was to reach out to all the retailers comprising multi-brand outlets. Secondly, our mission was to revisit the old and traditional fashion stores and help them to get updated and competitive in the market. Whatever product is available online, we made sure that product is available much earlier in modern trade outlets, thereby giving them an upper hand over the online market. Additionally, there is a helpline for all the retail outlets. SalesDiary’s app is bridging the gap between manufacturers and retailers by providing them this platform where they can reach out to each other seamlessly.

What have you conceived for the future of SalesDiary in the years ahead?
In the near future, SalesDiary is providing an end-to-end productive platform for all its products. We are also planning to launch our supply chain enrolment where the demand and supply are seamless across all parties including retailers, distributors, salesperson. So everyone from manufacturer to the end retailer (not the consumer) will be on a single platform. In addition to that, we are also promoting UPI based reduction. One of our initiatives is to go cashless from retailers to distributors to the manufacturers.

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