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Innoapps India: Shaping Intelligent Applications for Automobiles

Satya Madala,CEO

Innoapps India based out of Hyderabad was established in the year 2008 with the aim of achieving growth through creativity and innovation. The company is committed to making continuous innovations for providing superior IT & mobile products and services of the most advanced technology, at the highest quality to meet every customers need. Satya Madala, CEO of Innoapps engages in a conversation to enlighten us on how the company applies it expertise to help customers improve efficiency and maintains readiness.

In conversation with Satya Madala, CEO, Innoapps India

This is the era that marks the arrival of AI powered apps for assisting users effortlessly. How is Innoapps India’s intelligent applications positioned in the dawn of this emerging market?
With the rapid advancement in technology and the emergence of IoT, AI & AR, and other smart EV charging technologies, app development has become even more intriguing and pleasantly challenging. We at Innoapps take such challenges head-on by providing an end-to-end IT, IIoT and mobile solutions. Our services include AI, Blockchain, mobile application development, mobile marketing, digital marketing, IT infrastructure support, EV charging Infrastructure and Technical staffing. Additionally, the company also offers charging hardware & software services.

With technological advancements, businesses are continuing to adapt various technologies that can learn from user interactions to serve better to the customers. Tell us in what ways does Innoapps contribute to the developing arena of intelligent applications?

Innoapps offers mobile and web application development, and mobile app marketing services that are sought by markets around the globe. The key differential in the company’s development modus operandi is the inclusion of IT and business consulting. It collaborates with business owners and institutions to understand the objective of any technology solution.

The mission of Innoapps is to be in-step with the evolving technological landscape and incorporate the experience from business consulting and technology

Our team then designs and develops solutions that are user-friendly and meets the objective of clients. We leverage our high-calibre team and state-of-the art infrastructure to create high-quality solutions using the latest technology. With more than 15 years of mobile app development experience, we are one of the premier, long-standing mobile app development agencies in the country, and the world.

Having considerable years of experience in the technology domain, Innoapps would have dealt with changing customer needs and requirements. Please portray a succinct picture of the company’s journey so far.
Innoapps has always strived to be an early adopter of technology. The field of IT and technology was largely unorganized when we started, causing haphazard competition. We were able to create our niche and build credibility in a market that was full of half-baked players that set unrealistic expectations and seldom delivered to the clients’ satisfaction. Our company, however,

stood the test of time, and not only kept delivering value-added solutions to its increasing client base but also embraced new technologies and development styles. It is the love for technology that has primarily helped the firm in moving from strength to strength, creating a robust organisation in the process.

Mobile and web applications are transcending to open newer integrations in respective platforms to get the best out of technology. What are the ways in which Innoapps equips industries with profound technology capabilities?
From the application development perspective, the company would be focusing more on emerging technologies and bots. These new technologies are already bringing a sea of change in the way most industries work. As these intuitive and smart technologies will power the real world, the need for mobile apps that can host them would increase manifolds. Since smartphones would continue to be the single window for managing and operating a plethora of things in real life, mobile applications would be the platform for humans to interact with the intelligent technologies of tomorrow.

Emerging technologies are becoming an essential part of all businesses. Kindly share what future plans do you have for the company in the years ahead. Innoapps envisions being the ‘Go To Company’ for highly functional, responsive and innovative solutions across technologies, platforms, and devices. The vision of the company is to keep providing cutting-edge technology solutions that are powered by deep business insights to clients and users, globally. The mission of Innoapps is to be in-step with the evolving technological landscape and incorporate the experience from business consulting and technology. We are guided by our long-term vision which rests on a fair entrepreneurial spirit and a solid financial basis.

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