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Samardha Infotech: Delivers Solutions through Upcoming & Trending Technologies

Pavan Pochampally,Founder

Cloud computing is changing the essence of the IT industry and India has adapted to the cloud in the most dynamic manner. Larger parts of organizations are distributing large scale of revenues for cloud. With these patterns, the eventual fate of cloud computing in India appears to be encouraging. Cloud, likewise presents extra security concerns in this present reality where information protection is progressively powerless. Samardha Infotech is one such organization providing the upcoming and trending technology solutions to the customers. Located in Gujarat, Samardha Infotech offers services such as Cloud Computing, IT Services & Solutions, Networking and Staffing. Pavan Pochampally, Founder of Samardha, further explains the cloud offerings and growth of Samardha as an organisation through the years.

In conversation with Pavan Pochampally, Founder, Samardha

Cloud is not going to recede in importance anytime soon; we're all dependent upon services distributed by clouds more than ever and virtually every time we use a connected device. Tell us how Samardha is positioned in this whole Cloud domain?
Samardha Infotech is two decades old

IT and ITES organization whose primary focus is to offer the best forthcoming and slanting innovations as a solution for our clients’ business. The principle point is to offer the types of assistance which are smart, cognizant and yield productive results for IT, which can be utilized by the Cloud Architecture model. This can be open as the administrations on the Private Networks and the Internet.

We have 100 plus man-years of involvement in the field of IT

Today's companies have to deal with exponential data growth. The companies also need to identify classic systems and storage that are not only fast and easy to manage but also cost effective. As a Cloud domain player what measures do you have in place to identify, understand and resolve business challenges for clients?
Individuals are prepared to acknowledge and adapt to the upcoming innovations and frameworks in the market, and they have understood how to put on a specific foundation in the marketplace. Heaps of framework integrators have gradually moved from selling an on stream infrastructure to Up cloud Infrastructure. On the off chance that any client is searching for huge information storage, there are different choices offered in cloud itself.

Tell us about your Cloud Computing offerings and the modes of delivering those services?
We have 100 plus man-years of involvement in the field of IT which have altogether upgraded authoritative organizational reach and market share through the use of robust methodologies, viable evaluations

and magnificent customer relationships. A client depending on us and us winning their confidence, is one of the significant advancements prompting our achievements over the years. We provide Cloud Computing, IT Services & Solutions, BPO/KPO, Networking and Staffing.

How do you ensure that these offerings are ingenious, coherent and profitable solutions for IT?
They are totally beneficial arrangements when you contrast an on stream infrastructure to a cloud infrastructure. These are indigenous in light of the fact that they are especially crafted according to client prerequisites.

Narrate a success story about one of your successful implementations?
We helped a pharmaceutical organization in the beginning of our journey in executing cloud. The task was effectively actualized by us that brought about a three year contract with the same organization. This was the absolute first example of overcoming adversity in the beginning of our establishment. Samardha Infotech is working toward a dream of employing specially-abled individuals for social reasons by giving them a stage to perform and exceed expectations throughout everyday life. IIM Ahmadabad has done a contextual investigation on the inclusive environment of the organizational.

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What are your future innovation goals?
In the forthcoming months we are planning to design & build a portal using cloud which will be more beneficial for SMEs than the large enterprises. The long term objective is to be the pivotal player in the market. As we work toward it, we are using cloud to build more applications that will help our clients in the future.

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