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Tekkonnectpro IT Services: Implementing Quality Assured Services with Transparency

Vincent Dsouza,Founder

With a mission to accomplish industry recognition in providing the best Cloud service, Tekkonnectpro is helping small, medium, and large companies to explore the areas of benefits in Cloud computing. The company headquartered in Bengaluru has created a benchmark in the industry through its unique style of treatment and operations in consulting and assisting organizations in their Cloud journey. It is also the developer of the trending cloud-based email marketing platform ‘Tittu’. In an exclusive conversation, the architect of the establishment, Vincent Dsouza, talks about the services and vision of Tekkonnectpro.

In conversation with Vincent Dsouza, Founder, Tekkonnectpro IT Services

With Industry 4.0 taking a firm grip on global commerce, Cloud computation is fast heralding the digitization of industries worldwide, especially for SMEs. Tell us how Tekpro is positioned to deliver the best of Cloud services to SMEs?
We are a Cloud service and solutions specialist working closely with SMEs and startups where the understanding of Cloud is minimal. Our Cloud services are listed in three verticals, namely Cloud Design, Cloud Implementation and Migration, and Cloud Managed Services. Tekpro helps customers in

deciding what type of Cloud and services they want to host. This takes us to the second stage, which is implementation – if the application is new, or migration – if it is an existing application. In the third part, we manage the Cloud server and understand the flaws. We do not promote any cloud service but understand the business and application requirement, its criticality.

Before moving to the nuances of Cloud adoption, they must know how to make the full potential out of Cloud for an application

Brief us about your services in the Cloud domain and how you ensure security?
In our Cloud cost optimization processes, we help reduce the cost of cloud bills up to 80 percent. This is one of our key offerings meant for both IT and non-IT companies. Using my expertise in Cloud services, I have come up with an AI-powered email marketing platform called Tittu. It is designed to help business owners send a large number of emails on marketing and promotions to their customers. We are coming up with a second platform called workpatternz, which will help small and medium business owners hire skilled resources to work on an hourly basis.

We offer different types of architectures that are discussed with customers to ensure the security they prefer. The most secure environment is the three-tier architecture. Here, we have a database server and an application server in the private zone. Only the website is in the public zone, which makes it less vulnerable to hackers.

What kind of pain points do you think startups and SMEs currently face while looking at cloud adoption. And how do you address such issues?
There is a misconception among most of the SMEs that Cloud is expensive and is not secure. Before moving to the nuances of Cloud adoption, they must know how to make the full potential out of Cloud for an application. Most people have limited knowledge of what services they can use. Therefore, it is necessary to handhold them through their business journey and teach them to become independent. Our designs are composed in such a manner that SMEs don’t have to depend on us all the time since customers are no longer interested in staying vendor dependent.

Could you please quote one implementation story that Tekkonnectpro has initiated successfully?
Sure. We had a client who was into Fintech business having around 20 centers running with a single colocation center. The company was building up a bill of 4 lakhs for the workloads on the Cloud. We helped them in moving out of the colocation and granted them a much better secure environment. We helped them in cutting down the cost significantly by providing the same performance.

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What are your future innovation goals?
We are keeping updated with new developments happening in the cloud services domain. After observing the needs and demands of different industry players, we got to understand that people need solutions that benefit them. Therefore, we are centered on releasing more platforms that are more generic. These platforms with minimum or no coding will be integraing services published by cloud providers-this helps build more cost-effective platforms.

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