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Sankey Solutions: Solution Mindset Driven Approach for Business Transformation

Suhas Patil,Founder

Established in the year 2015, Sankey Solutions has evolved as a tech service company that offers advanced software solutions, data engineering solutions, and analytical solutions. The company follows a solution mindset approach to build right solutions and delivers technology based services that fit clients’ needs and requirements. Suhas Patil, Founder, walks us through the journey of the venture and the services it offers.

In conversation with Suhas Patil, Founder, Sankey Solutions

Every established company that we see today were once startups. Being a company in the tech domain, narrate the inception/ideation story of Sankey Solutions, and how has been the path so far.
Sankey Solution was founded in the late 2015 by me with my engineering classmate Sandeep Patil. While there were many technology companies around, I always believed in learning concepts across multiple disciplines and hence designed the organization. We set up the first office of Sankey in Thane, Mumbai with 6 people. Initially, we worked with some of the prime companies in India and later expanded to Asia and Europe geographies. In a very short period, we distinguished ourselves from other IT companies marking a growth of 300 percent YOY,

and has engaged with Fortune 500 to address their bugging problems.

High-growth startup companies are the lifeblood of the Technology industry. New and innovative business ideas are craving validation, new customers, and valuable resources. As a startup, how is Sankey Solutions positioned in the tech rich industry?
The organizational design and boxed talent mindset does not allow tech and analytics services companies to adapt with changing tech nology landscape. Sankey, with its solution mindset philosophy and T-shaped culture, is designed as a technology lab that potentially disrupts the traditional service models. By leveraging its unique learning approach and young talent, Sankey has created unmatched ability to leverage new-age technologies and data capabilities to solve business problems in most agile and innovative manner.

Sankey, with its solution mindset philosophy and T-shaped culture, is designed as a technology lab that potentially disrupts the traditional service models

In order to win customers’ trust and loyalty, startups need to work aggressively with a customer-centric philosophy. What kind of bottlenecks Sankey Solutions have had to overcome with respect to developing/ working for achieving a sustainable growth and progress?
As we believe in a generalist approach for learning the technology, motivating new employees to take an off the beat path was a biggest challenge. On the other hand, our solution mindset approach needed it to be engaged at the right level with leaders who are looking to improve their business. Sankey

evolved its engagement process which is suited for long-term partnership, and leverages new technologies. During the process, we have switched to an agile model, developed its own learning content, identified unique hiring process, and gained trust of some of the most reputed CIOs/CTOs of the industry.

It becomes crucial for startups to earn considerable reputation in order to pave way for future triumphs. Kindly share one success story that showcase how efficiently Sankey Solutions deliver its products & solutions.
We have been fortunate to work for major transformational projects and were able to create some real impact for businesses. In one of the cases, our team was hired to fix a failed project for building a data warehouse for a forecourt retailer. We modified their data architecture, fixed multiple data quality issues, and delivered a stable data warehouse that can report daily sales performance for 1000+ stores. Moreover, we also developed a long-term plan with client to drive their business from reactive measurement to actionable BI and predictive capabilities.

AI and other emerging technologies are not going to pull brake over transforming businesses in the coming years. Tell us about the future plans of the company in the years ahead.
Business transformation will continue with a longterm journey for all the businesses. We foresee to scale our services across 1000+ people companies in next 3 years, thereby contributing higher value through innovative technologies. Sankey will be expanding its presence in the existing markets of HK, Singapore, and UK, by building domain specific knowledge and advanced technology capabilities in cyber security, automation, and data intelligence. We have also planned to setup an R&D centre that focus on advancing new technologies and building new open source frameworks.

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