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Searce: Futurifying Businesses

Hardik Parekh,CEO

It’s no revelation that the growth and evolution of an organisation strongly rely on its aptitude to integrate technological innovations that come its way. More so, as popular beliefs go, to thrive in these fast changing markets, a company ought to adapt quickly. With its rapid pace, digital transformation has surprised many established businesses, and we’ve seen a few industry giants perish in recent years for the same reason.

Workplaces are met by Transformative Technologies at exponential speed, introducing the change businesses need to not only survive but thrive.

According to recent reports, that worldwide spending on the technologies and services that enable digital transformation is forecast to reach $2.3 trillion (£1.8 trillion) in 2023, with the period from 2019 to 2023 witnessing a steady expansion of digital spending to reach this figure. This implies that increasingly the digital transformation process is observed as a long-term investment, with initiatives set to take over a 50% share of worldwide technology investment by 2023, reflecting the global commitment to enterprise- wide digital transformation.

Amidst all kinds of transformational measures being introduced, placing data and analytics at the center of a digital transformation strategy should take prime position for businesses to get better at their decision making and building a strong customer portfolio.

Digital Transformation is the collective set of strategies adopted by enterprises to bring about new digital customer experiences. However, it does not limit to just that; it could be bring more agility into business and reduce total cost of ownership too. Moreover, today, the IT department of an enterprise carry a lot of responsibilities including blending digital & physical aspects of the business with customer experiences, and ensuring that the new model is improving operational efficiencies & organizational performance. Therefore, for an enterprise to adopt digital transformation, it is crucial for the IT team too, to act at a strategic level instead an operational level.

Now that IT teams have to focus on the strategic aspects of the business by working to establish competitive advantages using the code, IT has to most definitely stop sweating about some of the traditional operational responsibilities, like managing and provisioning of hardware. Cloud technologies have become a go-to option in the digital enterprises because its facilities empower IT teams to provision new application servers and infrastructure on the go. With cloud platforms like AWS, a digital business can commission and de-commission their IT infrastructure in minutes rather than months. By instilling this agility in IT infrastructure, AWS relieves the IT teams of the traditional business responsibility of managing the procurement process of hardware and software for the application infrastructure. That done, they can now focus on creating core business value through coding.

Question is, not every AWS platform enabler can leave with to-the-mark efficiencies. Not every enabler is Searce. Below is an excerpt of our

conversation with the CEO, Hardik Parekh. He has exceptionally elaborated on the Searce’s advancements and offerings in the AWS domain.

In conversation with Hardik Parekh, CEO, Searce

While AWS has found a place in every organization today, the differential factor lies in the comprehensively of the provider. How Searce is placed as a partner in this unique domain of AWS solution providers in India?
Searce is an advanced AWS consulting partner specialized in niche cloud consulting, data engineering, and AI & ML technology. Our offer includes a comprehensive and advanced portfolio of compute services that help to develop, deploy, run, and scale the applications and workloads of digital natives and enterprises alike in a secure Cloud environment. By designing secure and scalable enterprise-grade architecture, we work in conjunction with clients and handhold them in their path to onboarding processes.

We use our hybrid cloud platform expertise to assist organizations to transform their legacy applications

In today’s world, most of business enterprises use AWS applications and DevOps cloud native services among many others. Brief us about the nature of various AWS Services rendered by Searce in the fields of DevOps, Cloud Computing and Data Analytics.
Having a broad understanding in DevOps practices on AWS, we assist customers in implementing continuous integration and delivery methods coupled with automating infrastructure provisioning and management. Searce’s service/product offerings include App and Infra Modernization as a Service, and DataOps as a Service. Furthermore, we provide Cloud Wellness service to customers that automate the Well Architected Framework Review. We help organizations raise their legacy applications into a modern well-architected framework that guarantees high uptime, security, and optimization of costs. In the cloud computing domain, we cater Cloud Advisory, Cloud Engineering, Cloud Management, and Cloud Product Engineering services.

We use our hybrid cloud platform expertise to assist organizations to transform their legacy applications and build it into a modern well-architected framework to ensure high uptime, security, and optimizing costs.

What unique characteristics or features separate Searce from the rest of the AWS service providers? In what additional field or domain are you looking forward to expanding AWS related services?
We always try to identify better ways of execution of our services. Zeroing in on a data-centric approach, our designs are set to yield the maximum output and measurable outcomes.

Having laid our focus on tailor-made solutions, our efficient team pour in their prowess to help companies achieve their Data and Analytics goals by leveraging the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation that AWS provides. The additional domain knowledge in BFSI, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Retail/Ecommerce sector allows us to deliver results with clear outcomes. In addition to that, our Searce Data Labs initiative helps conservative regulatory industries to adopt and experiment advanced services like Kinesis, EMR, Elastic Search, and Athena in Data Analytics.

Having our knowledge capital on multi-cloud platforms speaks volumes of our value proposition while we solve business challenges for different industry verticals.

Throw some light on one of Searce’s extremely successful client ventures.
Sure. Not long ago, for a leading insurance company, we deployed an automated software development lifecycle within a conservative regulatory framework as a part of their advanced technology adoption initiatives. The business requirement was to change and improve their approach to software development and deployment. The client was interested to automate and simplify their constant development processes and reduce their operational costs. Precisely, the client sought expertise to configure their CI/CD pipeline to establish a consistent and automated way to build, package, and test applications. They approached us and we, exercising our domain knowledge, deployed a DevOps strategy to automate the current build and deployment process. During this venture, our team built a robust DevOps governance program with measurable KPIs. We introduced a test environment to replace the older manual, ad-hoc approach to testing. Now eventually through continuous integration (CI), the client’s team was able to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Added to the advantages of having this strategy implemented, the teams were now empowered to detect errors quickly, and locate them and eliminating them easily. Continuous delivery (CD) helped teams produce software in shorter & automated cycles. At the same time, it also helped reduce the risk of delivering changes by facilitating incremental updates to applications in production.

One other success story I would like to quote is in the real estate industry. One of the growing sub-industries in real estate defines its business segment of co-living space for professionals and students. Initially, this customer did not have any data management platform and had multiple data sources that generated structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Silos of data were only making it difficult to derive insights that were essential to meet their business-critical objectives. What they required was to build a cloud-based data management solution based on a single data lake environment that triggers role-based access to the defined set of business users, which in turn would empower them to derive data insights on demand. We brainstormed! Connected the dots, to understand the current set up and proposed a cloudbased Big Data Analytics solution backed by a robust, flexible, and scalable Data Warehouse. Now this solution was a complete package offering data discovery, analytics discovery, tool and technology discovery, infrastructure discovery, and implementation. The new data lake system enabled this co-living space provider to correlate certain customer data for the first time, providing a much more holistic view of business performance and customer behavior. AWS QuickSight is an advanced reporting/dashboarding tool, providing greater control to individual business stakeholders, empowering self-service reporting, and analytics. The platform we offered enabled the use of this tool too.

So, to summarize, we were prompt in identifying the problems and given our industry knowhow, we narrowed down on some of the most effective solutions that were the best fit for the clients, every time.

What is the future road map that lies ahead? How is Searce gearing up for the future?
We are looking forward to continue focus on innovation and partner with clients to devise sophisticated and scalable solutions. Our global presence across USA, UK, India, and the Asia-Pacific market is one of our key strengths that assist businesses with international clients to avail our services. As we are increasing our workforce rapidly, it will help us evolve as the most preferred born-in-cloud system integrator by AWS users.

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Searce: Futurifying Businesses