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TechNEXA Technologies: From Simple IT Assistance to Multi-cloud Managed Services

K.K. Kaushik,COO

A customer centric IT consulting service brand, having expertise in quality integrated services, cross platform skills and help business to transform them into technology driven enterprise. TechNEXA Technologies, offers high performance IT systems for organizations of all sizes and a wide range of industries. Based out of Gurugram, TechNEXA Technologies focuses on providing expert IT consulting, cloud computing solutions, cyber security services, managed services, storage solutions and IT business technology consulting to customers. K.K. Kaushik elaborates more on the inspiration and growth of TechNEXA in the growing market sector.

In conversation with K.K. Kaushik, COO, TechNEXA Technologies

The APN helps companies build, market, and sell their AWS offerings by providing valuable business, technical, and marketing support. How is TechNEXA Technologies positioned in the market and how are the technological changes acknowledged within TechNEXA?
The APN has been helpful in keeping us on track of all the certifications (business or technical), opportunities and marketing support. We are currently an Advanced Consulting Partner and on-track to achieve premier level partnership. As a team, we have a healthy competition to make sure we attend all AWS events (in-person or remotely) and stay updated to their latest releases. With over 200 service offerings, the APN newsletters,

announcements and training’s really help us stay updated. The marketing collateral available on the portal also helps us make our campaigns and mailers and help roll them out quickly. The templates provided make life a lot easier for our marketing team.

AWS is separated into different services and each can be configured in different ways based on the user's needs. What are the unique services offered by TechNEXA Technologies to the customers?
The overall beauty of the cloud domain is that it's not a one size that fits all solutions. While, we like to use services like cloud formation to ease our deployment, we have seen desires from customers within a similar domain asking for unique requests. We have been able to stitch various services in the right manner to solve complex issues and helping customers take the path towards digitization. Additionally, in a lot of cases, we have also helped them optimize their setup and also improved their productivity in enabling them to invest more in technology.

We have been able to stitch various services in the right manner to solve complex issues and helping customers take the path towards digitization

A developer can take advantage of AWS command-line tools and software development kits to deploy and manage applications and services. What are some of the challenges faced by TechNEXA Technologies to meet the expectation in the business?
We faced some challenges in the beginning when we started our cloud journey. However, with the course of time our team of experts has become more fluent with the environment. With our added dev-ops expertise, we have been able to automate a lot of processes which reduced the chances of error. Our team uses these skills to manage complex applications/

customer environments. The only challenge we face is getting the right talent. To mitigate the same, we have built a strong internal knowledge base and training material for new joiners and beginners.

Tell us about the cloud and managed service team of your organization and also what are the measures taken for the growth and development of the organization to stand ahead in the growing competitive digital world?
We have a growing cloud and managed services team that is competent to handle large scale migrations, complex dev-ops cases and helping customers to get enabled on new-age technologies (AI, ML, Analytics, etc). We are always seeking new talent and we ensure that our existing team members get equal growth and learning opportunities. We welcome new innovations and invest heavily in the growth of our resources such as training & certifications.

Share one of the success stories of TechNEXA Technology which have made the organization well received in the market?
One of our recent successes came when we migrated the infra for a leading mobile company. This was a complex migration since we had limited information from the customer as they did not have any support team. Right at the starting of the discovery phase, the customer reported a crypto mining attack. We managed to fight the attack, secure the environment and concentrated on the migration part. It took a lot of deep-dive to bring all the applications to live and ensure there is no business loss due to migration and cyber-attack. For this accomplishment, we received the “Overall Enterprise Cloud Security Solution Provider of the Year 2019”.

What outlook have you conceived for TechNEXA Technologies for the years to come?
We see ourselves as a true ‘brand agnostic’ trusted technology solution provider and advisor for the new age world. We will continue our focus on building the brand and our technology competencies to always stay at the edge.

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